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"... another murder last night ..."

Shizuo's not really listening to the news report on the television; he's far too busy taking in every detail of Kasuka's blank face that he hasn't seen in far too long. It's been months since he's seen him, and he couldn't have been any happier when he received his brother's phone call earlier.

Earlier, he had been in mid-stomp, foot poised to land right on some indebted bastard's throat. Then the ringtone that was specifically assigned to his brother's number had drifted into his rage deafened ears.

"... could possibly be related to the ..."

He remembers thinking, Kasuka, you saved me again; because it's not like he really wants to stomp on some guy's throat until it's part of the pavement, but he can't really help the way his body moves before consulting his brain.

"Missed you, Kasuka. How have you been?"

Far too long, indeed, he thinks as he sees the slightest of shadows underneath his brother's eyes. There's no doubt that they're only there because he works so hard. He wishes he would take a day to relax.

"I've been fine, Aniki. How is your work going?"

"... gruesome scene, indeed ..."

Shizuo tells him, "Going alright, I guess. I haven't ... done any major harm, lately," and he thinks that they both know that he just told a boldfaced lie.

It doesn't matter, though. Not really. Not when he's content just sitting here in this ridiculously nice apartment with one of the few people he gives a flying fuck about.

"... giving their best efforts to catch ... "


To anyone else, his voice sounds flat, emotionless. To Shizuo, his voice sounds like a disapproving parent who caught their child sticking their hand in the cookie jar.

"Yeah, I should've known. You always could read me like a book..." He chuckles and loosens the small black bow tie around his neck.

"... pray it all ends soon."

Mayonaka does not bat one eyelash as wrinkled, paper bills flutter down to land on her bare torso. Instead, she lazily reaches over to the nightstand to grab her pack of cigarettes and lighter, still unblinking as the man that stands before her buttons up his expensive looking shirt.

"Great job as usual, Risa-chan..."

No response comes from her; it isn't her real name, after all, and she has just mentally clocked out from work anyway.

The man is now fully clothed, and she's still naked except for the rosary that lies on her chest. Even as he sits down next to her, she's silent, and she places a cigarette in between her dry lips.

The words old fuck flashes in her mind before she can even think about how that's not a nice thing to say or think. Not like it matters, because she's probably not considered a nice girl. Nice girls don't do what she does for a living.

"You know, it's kind of disheartening when you act like this-"

A hand settles on her thigh. "-when a few minutes ago, you were so very... animated."

What she does for money, nice girls do for love. At least, so she has been told. His sweaty hand slides further up her thigh, and she bats it away without flinching.

"Not until next time, Yamamoto-san." He reluctantly removes his hand from her body, and Mayonaka finally lights her cigarette. She's trying her best to ignore how her arm aches from earlier, when the (old fuck) man gripped it hard and held it against her back, had her face shoved against the pillow-

"Ah, yes. Of course." He stands up, clears his throat. "Same time, next week?"

"Yeah... you got it." She takes a drag of her cigarette and watches it swirl up to the grimy looking ceiling before it slowly dissipates.

The door opens, closes. Inhale, exhale. She stares at the ceiling and pretends she didn't just have sex with a man old enough to be her father.

Same routine as any other night, for her.


Kanra-san has joined the chat.

Tanaka Taro: Ah, good evening, Kanra-san.

Setton: Evening...

Kanra: Good evening indeed~ how is everybody doing tonight?

Tanaka Taro: Fine, thank you.

Setton: I was alright until this UFO special came on...

Kanra: Ah ha, Setton-san is such a scaredy cat!

Setton: I wouldn't be so scared if they weren't real!

Tanaka Taro: It's okay, Setton-san. I think you're safe...

Kanra: I don't know about that~ Haven't you heard the news reports?

Tanaka Taro: News reports?

Kanra: Mmhm! Another murder in Ikebukuro, apparently... which makes it-

Kanra: The third one this week?

Setton: That's horrible...

Tanaka Taro: I agree with Setton-san... do they have any idea of who did it?

Kanra: Not yet, nope~ Although I heard their head was bashed in. Scary, isn't it?

Setton: I hope they catch whoever it was soon.

Tanaka Taro: Yeah...

Kanra: They say it might be the same person committing the crimes,

Kanra: Since it's all been done in such a short time span.

Kanra: Though the causes of death are different for all three...

Kanra: Wah, Kanra-chan is scared!~ orz

Tanaka Taro: Could it be gang-related?

Tanaka Taro: -Ah, sorry, I have to go.

Setton: Same. They're about to reveal the aliens!

Kanra: Eh?

Kanra: No one will stay and comfort me in my time of need?

Tanaka Taro: Sorry, Kanra-san. Talk to you later, you two.

Tanaka Taro-san has left the chatroom.

Setton: ...Goodnight!

Setton-san has left the chatroom.

Kanra: How mean!

Kanra-san has left the chatroom.

He stretches his arms above his head as he too exits the chatroom, lightly pushing off the ground with his foot to spin around in his chair. Giggles escape his lips as he spins until he's dizzy, then he places his foot down to act as an anchor.

"It looks like things are getting interesting again."

There's no one else in the room, but this doesn't stop him from speaking to no one at all. He stands and looks out his window, pressing a slim hand to the glossy surface.

"Looks like I'll have to take a visit up to Ikebukuro soon. Things are getting interesting again..."

He can see his reflection in the window, surrounded by the dozens and dozens of bright, multi-colored city lights outside it. His lips curl up in a smirk in his anticipation, and his mirrored image does the same.

Izaya positively, absolutely cannot wait to see what kind of display his precious humans will show him this time.

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