The pounding wouldn't couldn't stop, as I Janelle Tompson is and always will be a Physic Vampire. Yea. Think about it! I'm not really a vampire, I just feed off of others Energy, so that my Physic powers can grow and by Energy I mean that crap that keeps you alive! And well me being stuck with these so called 'blessings' I am Telepathic and I can see into the future. Telepathy, is where you can read other's thoughts. Pretty cool, huh? Yea, not really!

"Janelle, hey! Wait up." cried my bestfriend, Amy. I turnt to her, smilling as we entered Mr. Tubic's class for Bio, my favorite subject! "So what's up with you and Jake?" I asked her, sitting down at my desk. To fixated on my Amy then to see that there was a mysterious stranger right infront of me.

Amy sighed, running a mocha colored hand through her Raven black hair, as she golden eyes closed automaticlly. Her and Jake have been dating for a year now, and she just recently found out that he cheated on her with the school's most biggest ho EVER!

"Well, we've um...ya know...b-been around..." she told me flustered at the thought of me knowing, she tried to regain her focus back on the teacher. "Attention class, we have a new student. Who'se name is..." Mr. Tubic paused shortly to look down at the role call paper he held in his chalky white hand. "Mr. Gabriel Jackson, everyone. I hope you have a wonderful time here at Burbell High." Mr. T said smilling joyfully at the new guy, "You seat is right next to Janelle Tompson." he said sitting back down, and graded papers.

Gabriel walked carefully over to me as if he were waiting for me to run, or for something bad to happen. Once seated we stared at eachother in the eye, or what felt soul! Wow, that's so cliché. I thought to myself, as he sat down. I let my Copper red hair fall over my eyes just so he wouldn't see me.

While hidden by my hair I decided to read his mind. I closed my eyes, breathing lightly through my nose and out my mouth, concentrating on nothing but him. Only him. What's she doing? Is she Pyhsic, too? Great, just great that little piece of s- I have had enough, I snapped my head up towards him in anger and hurt.

"What?" he asked, his's like an angel came by and took me to heaven. I quickly concentrated back on him, "Nothing, thought I heard you say something. Sorry." I muttered turning back to the lesson that clearly wasn't interesting seems how two girls I just loved were making plans to get Gabriel to fall in love with one of them, and those two girls would be..."Serenity, Haven do you two have something to share with the class?" Mr. T asked, eyeing them down with his twitchy eye. "No!" they said, staring at Gabriel.

The final bell rung. Now I can get away from him! What's with him anyway? Staring at well me-like that. Like he knew me... I was pulled away once more from my thoughts as Haven and Serenity came up to me, arms locked with Gabriels. "Hey Janelle, wanna join us I mean we are friends after all, aren't we? I mean everything that happened is long join us?" Serenity asked, I searched her mind looking for something so that I'd know it was a trick. But there was none! I looked back into her Emerald green eyes that were shaded by her fake blonde hair. Nope. Nothing. Wait is that hope I see? "Sure," I nodded, locking arms with Haven as we headed out to Gabriels car.