Second Fic! Hope you like.

Had the idea for a while, and am glad that I am finally able to get it up.

Just wanna state here a little detail that will only be hinted out there, and that is that this is taking place in the future of Ichigo's world is brought to an apocalypse and is then brought to that of ancient Greek.

Has all of the material from the manga and some of the anime's filler episodes.

I may not be able to do quick updates since I am gonna have to brush up my history with God of War 3 and the Greek mythology and culture, since it has been years.

Be sure to check out my other story, The True World, when you can. Ensures blood and lots of violence!

Story start

I'm sure you all have heard of the Titanomachy, the Great War, the war between the Gods and the Titans.

The War itself was spectacular, showing that the Gods were the beings that could utterly defeat the Titans, clearly the most powerful in this world, next to that of the Sisters of Fate. Beings that none could fight, let alone beat or survive.

But there was a story that was lost in time, so old that all but a few forgot. A story of a being that was even more powerful than the Titans, and possibly, the Gods.

Not only was this being was this being powerful, but old, too old, older than the Titans, older than even the Sisters of Fate. The fact that this being was here before than even them is more than enough to terrify them, since they do not hold his thread. There was none for them to collect, just there, a being that they do not know... that they cannot stop. The being though, cannot go to the Sisters of Fate, for he cannot change his fate without his thread.

Before the time of the Gods, there was a feud between three Titans Coeus, Atlas, and Astraeus, upon who of the three were stronger, and on the verge of a devastating battle. Two other Titans, Eos and Leto, tried to stop the possible fight, but could not hold off the other Titans, and could only wait for Gaia to arrive and break the fight.

While the conflict began to escalate, a figure appeared, the size of a typical human, wearing a cloak that covered his entire figure and half his face(the one Ichigo has when he saves Rukia from the execution), and an odd, cone shaped hat made of straw. He also seemed to have a very large sword, covered in bandages, on his back. He walked upon the group, as though that he was walking towards a group of bickering children.

Atlas caught the figure walking towards them and warned, "Turn back mortal, I do not wish for you to be harmed". Although a great being, he cared to not harm those who were not involved.

The others noticed the Being's appearance as it merely stood there, looking at them, It's face in a shadow.

Coeus, arrogant of his power and his superiority over the mortals, then threatened, " You should listen, mortal, this no such place for a creature like you to even be in our presence", his voice booming, shaking the vary ground with it's strength.

The Being, in annoyance, yelled out, "I came here to tell you all to shut the hell up! You all fighting is getting on my God damned nerves!", It's voice echoing throughout the silence the great giants held, shocked that such an inferior being addressed them in such a way.

" Why you insolent Whelp! I could crush you without even an effort!", Coeus roared, anger driving every fiber of his being.

The Being scoffed, "Heh, I like to see you try!" It yelled out, as if mockingly, taking of the weapon on his back, and stabbing it into the ground.

Coeus, not being able to take the mortals insults, lifted his hand into the air, and bringing it over the Being. He grasped the Being in his fist, crushing the ground below. He brought his fist the front of his face, looking down at the Being who had his arms to his body, in the grasp of the Titan, only leaving his head and shoulders visible, still wearing the odd straw hat. Coeus then began to growl as he tightened his grip, supposedly crushing the mortal.

To his great surprise, the Being was somehow resisting his grip. The figures head rose, allowing Coeus to see under the hat, only to see a great grin. The being then seemed to disappear from his grasp, only to reappear in an instant later, right in front of his face, with It's leg cocked back. The being unleashed a devastating kick to the Titans cheek, lifting him of the ground and o fly off and skip on the ground a few times, before rolling to a stop, a few miles from where the group was, seemingly unconscious.

Atlas, shocked to see such a thing, to even know such a thing has just happened, looked to the Being, as he fell from the air, and land on the ground, far too high for any mortal to survive, unfazed. He realized this Thing just harmed one of his own, so he took action. He rushed the being from his left, raised one of his four arms, and slammed a fist with all of his strength onto the Being.

Atlas felt nothing but the ground buckle and shatter as his fist met the ground. Dust was kicked up and obscured his view of what the outcome of the attack was. But he was pretty sure that the Being was killed with the attack, being one of the Titans with great physical strength. There was no way that the Being could survive such a thing. That was when he felt a sudden pressure on one of his knuckles.

He then was lifted off of the ground, swung over where his fist was, and slammed, head first, into the ground, before being lifted again, and throne over the group of now three Titans. He landed hard, and was also knocked out cold.

The three remaining Titans looked to each other, then to the Being, who stood there, in the middle of the crater that Atlas created with his attack, unharmed. They looked back to each other, and decided. The Titans may have their differences, but they were all still family,and seeing the other two Titans in there current status, they simply could not stand for that. So they charged.


Gaia made her way to where the group of Titans were, the fight would inevitably start. As she rounded the mountain, shock filled her form at the sight before her. Three Titans were lying prone, still, around a very large crater, with the sight of two other Titans in the distance. She was wondering what happened, how that all five Titans were unconscious and not one awake. That is when she saw HIM.

He was standing in the middle of the crater, reaching out to grab what looked like a very large sword out of the ground, and placed it upon his back. She could not see what he looked like, because he was wearing a large cloak and some odd hat of sorts. The Being then turned to her.

She was worried for her children, and prepared to rush at the supposed assailant. That is before he seemed to disappear from sight, confusing her, until she heard a voice from her shoulder.

"It's okay, Gaia. I did not harm them too much, just knocked them out cold. Don't really like killing either way" the last part was muttered. Gaia noticed though, that his voice was filled with kindness.

She calmed a bit, but still on edge, sense he did defeat the five Titans in front of her. "Why did you do this to them?" she asked, turning her head to look to her shoulder, seeing the figure there with his arms crossed.

"Because their bickering was getting on my frigging nerves" the figure responded, turning his head to the bodies that laid. His voice was filled with annoyance, but took note of a hint of amusement.

She looked at the figure with a curious look. He decided to get into a fight with Titans over them annoying him? She couldn't believe it. "Who are you?", she asked, wanting to know who this strange warrior was, if his carrying a weapon and skill determined anything.

She was beginning to grow a little more comfortable with the figure on her shoulder, knowing that he would not decide to attack her out of the blue. She was known to be the kindest of all the Titans, holding a somewhat, motherly attitude towards all things, whether Titan or mortal, sense she was the Titan of the planet and housed all that lived.

The figure looked at Gaia with a some thing akin to shock, before turning away, looking slightly down. Gaia though that she made a mistake, asking for his name, before she heard him reply with a short laugh, "Heh, the names Ichigo".

Gaia noticed that his voice was filled with what she would consider joy. She wondered why? She didn't get a chance to ask.

"I'm happy we met," he stated in a friendly voice. She noticed that it was pretty mature, but had a slight scratchiness to it, as though he was still an adolescent. "It's been far too long since somewhat asked my name".

As she stared at the now, she dubbed, strange man, the figure raised his head to look off into the sky, giving her a glimpse of a smile that he was giving off. His skin was fairly tan, but not overly so, and that his skin looked that of a teen, or, if she remembered correctly, early adult. He seemed young.

The figure turned his back to the Titan, putting his hands up and behind his head, under the wide-brimmed, straw hat that he had no intention of ever taking off. "Guess I'll see you some other time, eh" he sounded off, waving a hand over his head with only a couple of fingers present, before disappearing one last time to appear on the ground to her left. He looked in either direction and, to Gaia's guess, shrugged, and picked a random direction and started walking.

She watched, bemused, before letting the strange being walk off, before turning towards the other Titans who were still lying on the ground. As she walked towards the nearest one, she noticed he was awake, and seemed to be staring off into space. It was Atlas.

"An interesting being he is," Atlas stated, before looking to Gaia with a stoic look, "I woke up after the fight, and he was just standing there, looking me in the eye, and asked if I was okay."

Gaia found this interesting, but not to her surprise, as it seemed to be expected for some odd reason.

"Ichigo... I do hope we meet again. The look in your eyes, one should not live a life of loneliness, not like how you do" the four armed Titan stated, surprising Gaia. She decided not to question him on it though.

From then Atlas and Gaia gained a new friend.


"Wooow", the child muttered, amazed of the story, while her friends stared, as though they were in some trance.

"What happened to Ichigo" another child asked in wonderment, a little disappointed that the story ended too soon for his liking.

"Ah," the old man said, as though he just remembered a fact that he had soon forgot. The old man was bald, while he did have large sideburns going down the sides of his face, and forming a large, gray beard. His attire were of white robes, which were a little dirty, and a gray sash, that rang from his right shoulder that split and went down to his left hip and left arm. He had a short, old looking staff which rested on his left leg as he sat on some steps to the side of the road so he could tell his story to the children.

"Well, the two Titans met with Ichigo while he was on his travels, but not much is known what they did from there. But one day, Ichigo just seemed to disappear. Some believe that he died, but I have my doubts, so I think he just went into hiding. You see, the other Titans didn't look to fondly of him, and when ever one crossed paths with him, they would try to kill him. Ichigo didn't like the fact that he had to continue the senseless fighting, to continue hurting the giants, so he just hid".

The children where still awestruck of such a being existing. Being able to defeat Titans, single handed no less. The Gods themselves were hard pressed to fight the Titans, and sometimes had to at least double-team them to take them down. It was just incredible.

"You all should get going now, I think that you're mothers are preparing you're supper if the light is anything to go by" the old man stated, watching as the kids sped off onto the street, playing whatever games kids play. He sighed, youth, such a wonderful thing that he missed. He began walking down the street, soon blending into the crowds of people of the great city Athens.

None realized the large, Eagle like bird, that was perched on the roof. It seemed to have listened to the entire story the elder had to tell. It quickly spread out it's wings and took to the sky, moving at incredible speeds. As it flew, a thought ran through it's mind, 'It can't be. What he said couldn't have been true. Just probably some fairy tail story' it dismissed the idea, but doubt a steadily creeping in.

Story End

Had this idea for a while now, so let me no what you all think so far.

For those who were wondering who the heck the bird was, I just have one thing to say: wow... . I honestly don't know what to say to that. If you really don't know, then you must have never played God of War II, or you haven't played in years, or just bad memory.

I was wondering if I should pair Ichigo up with anyone. If I should, I was thinking that maybe a good one is with Poseidon's princess, but instead of her being Poseidon's lover, she is his daughter or something. Let me know what you all think and maybe some ideas.