Video Game Survivor Zombie Island Episode 1

Jeff: We are here in Zombie Island on the planet Pandora…no not the planet from Avatar. The island is filled with Zombies but thanks to our negotiations the Zombies promised to leave us alone in exchange that they are part of our crew.

*Shot of Zombie trying to eat the camera*

Zombie: Nom nom nom

Jeff: Here 20 contestants 14 are which are from video games, 1 from a TV show, and 5 former survivors will battle against the weather, hostile wild life, and each other. 39 days, 20 contestants, 1 survivor.

*A shot of the survivors sitting in a boat which is heading to the island*

Jeff: First impressions are important and could make early alliances or targets.

*Tychus a middle aged fat but very muscular and tall man wearing a orange prison shirt and orange prison pants is looking at Brick a muscular bald guy wearing a white muscle shirt*

Tychus's Confession: I see this guy across from me and he reminded me of myself 10 years ago before all that prison food got to me. But still I need to get him out. He could be a huge threat.

*Russell H from Samoa is staring at Gir the small robot from Invader Zim*

Russell's Confession: I am the best Survivor eva. And seeing some people around me I know I can control them. This one little robot I know is a dumbass and he would make the perfect ally for me to control until I don't need him anymore.

Jeff: There are four teams. The Fallout Tribe which has Colin a saloon owner from Megaton.

*Colin Moriarty is seen wearing a white shirt and leather vest. He has gray hair and a gray beard*

Jeff: Clover a bodyguard from Paradise Falls

*An Asian woman wearing a dress*

Jeff: Moira Brown a shopkeeper from Megaton

*Moira is seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt*

Moira's Confession: Oh Survivor is nice. We get to sight see, compete in team building exercises, and I get to meet new people. It's like a dream come true.

Jeff: Cross a Brotherhood of Steel knight.

*Cross is an African American woman wearing the off duty Brotherhood of Steel uniform*

Jeff: And Colonel Autumn an officer of the enclave.

*Autumn a human male is seen wearing his uniform and glaring at Cross*

Autumn's Confession: I see next to me is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. Those traitors should not even exist. I will do anything in my power to get her off.

Jeff: On the Borderland's tribe is Brick the brawler

*Brick is seen again*

Jeff: Roland the solider

*An African American male who is muscular but not as much as Brick wearing his in game outfit is seen*

Roland's Confession: I am out here to win. But I can not do it alone. I will look for people who I know I can trust and hope they have my back.

Jeff: Lilith the Siren

*Lilith is seen in her outfit*

Jeff: Mordecai or Mord for short a hunter.

*A thin man is wearing a hood with goggles*

Jeff: Finally Claptrap. A robot.

*A small robot with a tire for movement is sitting and looking around*

Claptrap's Confession: Greetings! My name is Claptrap and I will be winning this game. I may seem small and nice but I have an evil side. *Claptrap puts on a fake mustache* See! A mustache. Soooo evil!

Jeff: The next tribe is the Random tribe. Featuring Gir from Invader Zim

Gir's Confession: I like Tacos! What am I suppose to do? Oh yeah. ZIM TOLD ME TO COME HERE SO I CAN LEAVE HIM ALONE! YAY! This will be FUN!

Jeff: Tychus from Starcraft 2

*Tychus is seem again*

Jeff: Mengsk emperor of the Dominion from Starcraft 1 and 2

*An older man with a full beard is seen*

Mengsk's Confession: This game is like being emperor. I will run this game like I ran my empire. Anyone gets in my way and you will disappear.

Jeff: Also Arbiter and Master Chief from Halo

*Arbiter and Master Chief are sitting next to each other. They are wearing their armor*

Jeff: Finally we have the Kota Tribe which has Russell from Samoa and Heroes Versus Villains. Lisi from Survivor Fiji.

Lisi's Confession: I was shown as a racist, whiney quitter in my season. I am back to show everyone that I am not.

Jeff: Jonny Fairplay from Pearl Islands.

Jon's Confession: I am back and this time I will win. No one will be voting Fairplay off this time. And I have a few lies made up for later that do not involve my grandmother.

Jeff: Zoe from season 4 and Rocky from Fiji.

*The boat stops just outside of a town*

Jeff: Welcome to Zombie Island. Over there is a town filled with Zombie villagers and that is where we will start our first challenge. I have four bags with $50 in them. Your job is to go and gather supplies using the money to buy and barter. You have four hours until you have to go to your camp. So who wants the money?

Colin: I will take it.

Roland: I will take the money for my tribe.

Gir: MONEY BUYS PIZZA! I will take it.

Russell: I will take the money.

Jeff: Ok, just jump off the ship and head out to the village.

*The survivors start to jump off the ship. Master Chief lands in the water and sinks*

Master Chief's Confession: My armor weighs a ton so I don't swim. Luckily my suit can enable me to breathe underwater. So I slowly made my way to the village.

Tychus: Did that green armor guy drown?

Arbiter: No, he is underwater walking.

Tychus: *rolling eyes* Great

*The Fallout Tribe gathers at the shore*

Colin: We need fire, food, shelter, and anything we need to survive.

Moira: You can't buy fire.

Clover: He meant stuff to buy fire with.

Moira: Ohhhh

Colin's Confession: I know Moira from Megaton. How is she a writer, doctor, and a shopkeeper? I can't decide if she is an idiot, crazy, naive, or a genius trying to pass off as an idiot.

*The Fallout tribe starts to buy stuff*

Zombie: That will be 10 dollars for that tarp.

Colin: Throw in that machete and tool set and you got a deal.

Zombie: Fine.

*Colin exits with the stuff*

Cross: Wow you got a good deal there.

Colin: I know how to barter.

Cross's Confession: We are really kicking ass here. Colin easily got a few good deals. Moira got flint and some matches, Autumn pretty much argued with the zombies.

Autumn: I am telling you that I want that bag of rice for two dollars.

Zombie: 5 dollars.

Autumn: You little freak.

Zombie: Get out of my store!

*Clover comes in*

Clover: How about four dollars?

Zombie: That is acceptable.

Autumn: I do not negotiate with non humans.

Clover: Just pay the *beep*ing zombie ok.

Autumn: Fine.

*The Borderlands Tribe splits up and heads to different stores*

Mord's Confession: We split up to find our prey. Roland was looking for shelter supplies, Brick has food, Lilith has water, I have comfort, and Claptrap…has fire.

Roland: Hey! I got a machete, a tarp, and some nails.

Lilith: I bought a pot, and a couple of water jugs filled with fresh water.

Claptrap: And I have fire! Ow! *Claptrap is holding a flaming log*

Brick: We meant matches, lighters, flint.

Claptrap: Oh…..

Lilith's Confession: Claptrap doesn't fit in with our group at all. We are all serious adventurers and he's a silly robot. Still he could have some use around here. He is very energetic.

Claptrap: Look at me I'm dancing!

*Claptrap bounces around before falling into the water*

Claptrap: Help I can't swim!

Brick: You idiot you are in a foot of water.

Claptrap: Oh.

*The Borderlands Tribe gather's their stuff and heads to camp*

Roland's Confession: We were in and out of that town within an hour. We did very well and got some kickass deals too. The zombies are nicer when they aren't trying to kill us.

*The random tribe had some trouble*

Mengsk: Listen I am an Emperor I demand a discount.

Zombie: Ok, instead of 5 dollars its 10 dollars.

Mengsk: That is a rip off!

Zombie: Hey I need to make a profit.

Mengsk: You little.

Zombie: 15 dollars.

*Gir comes in*

Gir: Can we have it for 7 dollars…please. *Gir starts to cry*

Zombie: Aww ok. 7 dollars.

Mengsk's Confession: These zombies are so unreasonable with me. They keep trying to rip me off. I am an Emperor I demand respect.

*The Arbiter goes into a store*

Zombie: Ahh an alien! Run!

Arbiter: I am just here to…

*The zombie runs away*

Arbiter's Confession: People are scared of me because I am an alien but Master Chief on the other hand is popular here. I think this village is full of Master Chief fans.

*All the zombies are around Master Chief and asking for his autograph*

Zombie: Sign my shirt!

Zombie #2: Sign my brains!

Master Chief: I just came in to look for supplies.

Zombie: We give you supplies!

Master Chief: How much can I get for $50. I will pay a fair price.

Tychus's Confession: Master Chief is a very good negotiator I mean we got all of our supplies because everyone here is a Halo Fan. Well fans of the first Halo Game.

*The Kota Tribe are going around trying to get supplies but Russell was keeping them at one store*

Rocky: Hey just give us some money so we can get supplies.

Russell: I am making a good deal here.

Jon: The guy won't go below 2 dollars.

Rocky's Confession: Russell pretty much horded the money and started procrastinating. We got flint, a machete, a pot, and a tarp in three hours! I wanted to punch him in the face.

Lisi: Russell give us 15 dollars.

Russell: Here is 10.

Russell's Confession: I wanted to buy as few items as possible to keep my tribe weak. They are too stupid to get any good deals anyways.

Jon: I got beer!

Rocky: Yes!

Zoe: I got some fishing supplies.

Lisi: Oh my god thank you.

Russell: Hey guys I've spent the rest of the money on kitchen utensils.

Lisi's Confession: Russell is an idiot to try and sabotage our tribe. He just put a huge target on his back. Luckily Zoe got some fishing supplies so we aren't doomed. Yet, Russell spend the last 30 dollars on rusty utensils.

*The Kota Tribe heads off to camp*

Fallout Tribe Day 1

*The tribe arrives at their camp*

Autumn: Since I am the only one with leadership experience I will take charge.

Cross: Why don't we have an election?

Autumn: Now little miss that is a fantasy here. I am the only one with leadership experience. Something the Brotherhood of Steel doesn't have.

Cross: At least we aren't ran by a computer.

Autumn: Until he started being weak willed he did very well.

Clover's Confession: Great we've been here for five minutes and the two military people started to argue. I don't want to deal with that *beep*. I want to get the shelter started before it got dark.

Clover: Listen, Colin and Moira we need to start on the shelter.

Colin: Good idea.

Moira: How will we build the shelter? We have no metal.

Colin: We can use wood.

Moira: Ohhhh

*The three started to build the shelter as Autumn and Cross argue*

Cross's Confession: Autumn insulted my faction and I had to stick up for them. Unfortunately it really hindered our production at camp.

Cross: Lets stop fighting and help them build the shelter.

Autumn: Giving up so soon?

Cross: No, we need to set up camp.

Autumn's Confession: Cross is my first target here and I will do everything to get her off. I think I can get the other three to join me.

*Cross goes over to start fire as Autumn goes over to the other three who are building shelter*

Autumn: Listen, would you three be interested in taking out Cross.

Clover: As long as it ain't me I don't give a *beep*.

Colin: Yeah whatever. Can you get that tarp and get it ready.

Autumn: Good.

*Autumn walks away*

Colin: I really hate those two.

Clover: Yeah

Moira: I don't get why they fight. They would make a great couple.

*Colin and Clover stares at Moria*

Colin: How about us three in an alliance.

Clover: Hell yeah I am in.

Moira: Ok.

Colin's Confession: My plan is to get a bunch of weak minded people on my side. Moira is great to have but Clover is not so much. She maybe a threat later but for now I just want numbers. No one will see me coming.

Borderlands Tribe Day 1

*The tribe gets to camp*

Roland: Lets start on the shelter. Claptrap can you start the fire.

Claptrap: Yes sir!

*Claptrap goes off*

Roland: I say us four in an alliance?

Brick: Sounds good.

Mord: Hehe sure.

Lilith: Yeah, I figure Claptrap is the first one to go anyways.

Roland: Good lets start on the shelter.

Lilith's Confession: I pretty much gave the leadership position to Roland. He has experience with this sort of stuff anyways. Plus if we lose a second immunity it will be on his shoulders.

*The tribe starts to quickly build the shelter*

Brick's Confession: We got the puny shelter built before dark. Hehe it was pretty easy. We are all good with sleeping under the stars but we rather have a roof.

*Claptrap is trying to start a fire*

Claptrap: Come on come on. *A spark came from the flint* Ah ha! *Smoke emerges and fire soon starts* I have made fire!

Claptrap's Confession: I have made fire. Everyone will fear me! They will bow down to me since I have made fire!

Roland: Can you get some water?

Claptrap: Sir, yes sir *Claptrap salutes and runs off*

Roland: He's not so bad.

Brick: He is dumb.

Roland: Give him time.

Roland's Confession: I feel a good vibe coming from this tribe. We work well together and even Claptrap is working hard. I actually do like him but he just doesn't fit in.

Random Tribe Day 1

Mengsk: So I guess we work on shelter.

Arbiter: That sounds fair.

Mengsk: We also need a leader. I nominate myself.

Master Chief: I will throw my hat in.

Arbiter: I will vote for Master Chief

Tychus: Me too.

Gir: I vote for the guy who is the color of salad. I like him.

Arbiter: Then it's settled. Master Chief is our new leader.

Arbiter's Confession: I wanted to give Master Chief leadership because I don't want it and he's much better than Mengsk.

Tychus: So what now?

Master Chief: We work on shelter.

Tychus: Ok.

Gir: I am going to build a house so I can store my piggies when I find them.

Mengsk's Confession: Master Chief is a lousy leader. He barely says anything a real leader needs to be strong with words not muscles.

*The tribe started building the shelter pretty fast*

Mengsk: Whew I have to take a break.

Tychus: We've got to keep working.

Mengsk: Hey, I am not use to this.

Tychus: Maybe if you did more than sit around talking about how bad Raynor is you might get some endurance.

Mengsk: You big…


*They all look at Gir shocked*

Gir: I am going to find some piggies.

*Gir runs off*

Tychus's Confession: Mengsk needs to go. That guy is so arrogant that he just needs a good ass kicking. Gir on the other hand…I don't know what to make of him.

*Gir comes back with a Taco*

Arbiter: Gir where did you get that?

Gir: I found it.

Arbiter: Really?

Gir: It was on a table in another camp.

Arbiter: You stole it?

Gir: I did not steal it. It called to me.

*Gir eats it*


Kota Tribe Day 1

*The tribe is building the shelter as Russell goes around*

Russell's Confession: I am going to make my dumbass girl alliance again. I think Lisi and Zoe will go with me. I mean they are dumbass girls.

*Russell approaches Lisi*

Russell: How about you and me in a two person alliance?

Lisi: How dumb do you think I am?

Russell: Very.

Lisi: Ok, fine I am with you.

Russell: Good.

Lisi's Confession: Russell is a freaking idiot man! He goes off and used the same strategy a third time. Hey stupid! If it did not work the first two times it won't work a third time.

*Russell approaches Zoe*

Russell: So you and me can easily outsmart these other three.

Zoe: Ok, whatever.

Russell: Good.

*Russell walks away*

Zoe: Why is he using that strategy again.

*Zoe goes up to Rocky and Jon*

Zoe: Russell needs to go.

Rocky: She's a smart one.

Jon: We already targeted him.

Rocky: You want to join our alliance?

Zoe: Sure

Jon: Great!

Jon's Confession: I am the better villain here compared to Russell. I have an alliance with Rocky and Zoe and we will take Russell out first.

Zoe: So we are leaving Lisi out of the alliance?

Rocky: Yeah, I know her from Fiji. She kept crying and wanting to quit.

Jon: Plus she is a liability.

Zoe: Ok.

Fallout Tribe Day 2

*Moira was wandering around*

Cross: What are you doing?

Moira: Looking for the Wereskag.

Cross: What is a Wereskag?

Moira: A human turned into a Skag.

Cross: What is a Skag?

Moira: An animal that is native to this place. Think of a scaly dog with a mouth that can open wide.

Cross: Umm ok.

Cross's Confession: Moira is a little weird but I guess that's what makes her fun to be around. She is smarter than she seems I mean she knows how to heal people who are half dead and dying from radiation sickness and she wrote the wasteland survival guide.

Cross: Your book seems a little flawed.

Moira: My information gatherer had first hand experience.

Cross: Well I guess some information is useful.

Moira: Yeah

Moira's Confession: I like Cross. She is actually nice when that meanie Autumn is not around. She works with someone named Steel and is part of a Brotherhood but it's weird because she is a woman like me.

*Autumn watches the two girls talk*

Autumn's Confession: Cross is talking with the stupid one. I don't know her name but she is becoming a threat rather than an annoyance. I am hoping that Colin will be with me.

Borderlands Tribe Day 2

*Mord took something out of his pack*

Roland: What is that?

Mord: A doll that a Zombie gave me yesterday. It came free with the tarp.

Roland: Wanna shoot some rocks at it.

Mord: Sure

Mord's Confession: A Zombie gave this doll to me and me and Roland figured we can use it for target practice.

*Roland hit it with a rock*

Mord: Nice shot

*At Random Tribe*

Tychus: Ah, what the hell?

*Mord throws a rock and hits the doll's head*

*At random tribe*

Tychus: Ahh my head. What the hell is with all these pains?

Arbiter: Beats me. Maybe it's the sun.

*Roland throws the doll to Mord*

*At Random Tribe Tychus is thrown into the air*

Tychus: AHHHHH

Arbiter: That is something I don't see everyday.

*Mord and Roland continue to toss the doll back and fourth*

*At Random tribe Tychus is being tossed into the air back and fourth*

Tychus: I think this place is cursed!

Gir: Looks like fun!

Roland's Confession: After a day of work and building the shelter me and Mord just love to unwind and enjoy ourselves.

Roland: So Mord you want to have a two person alliance?

Mord: Sure.

Roland: You seem trustworthy.

Mord: So do you. I think we can make it. We just need to keep our heads in the game.

Roland: There maybe a tribe switch before we have to vote out Brick or Lilith.

Mord: I hope so too,

Roland's Confession Continued: Mord is a fun guy to hang around. I mean he isn't as loud as Brick or noticeable as Lilith but he's very cool.

Random Tribe Day 2

*Arbiter was finishing the shelter with Master Chief and Tychus.*

Arbiter: So I was thinking that us three form an alliance. For safe measures.

Tychus: As long as it ain't me I am ffine.

Master Chief: I am in too.

Arbiter: Great

Arbiter's Confession: I am in an alliance with Master Chief and Tychus. If we get down to three than Tychus will be gone because I have worked with Master Chief and I trust him completely.

*Tychus goes over to Gir*

Tychus: Gir, would you like to be in a two person alliance?

Gir: Do a little dance.

Tychus: Do I have to?

Gir: Yes

*Tychus starts to dance*

Gir: Ok I am in your alliance.

Tychus: Great.

Tychus's Confession: There is no way I am going to be the third wheel of Arbiter's alliance. Once it gets down to four I will cause a tie with Gir. I am not lying back and getting voted out. I will fight for it.

Tychus: Welcome to the alliance Gir.

Gir: Lets celebrate with Tacos!

Tyhcus: We don't have Tacos.

Gir: I made one out of dirt!

*Gir hands Tychus a dirt Taco*

Tychus: No thanks.

Gir: *Gir's eyes go red* Eat it.

Gir's Confession: I am in an alliance with big fat Tychus. Yay! He's very fun. I like him….ohh look a fish!

Kota Tribe Day 2

*Russell takes the machete*

Jon: Don't you go burying it.

Russell: I am not going to bury it.

Jon: Fine but if you come back without it you are out of here.

Jon's Confession: Russell has been under close watch from all of us. He will try to sabotage us for *beep*s and giggles. Not even I would do that and I lied about my dead grandmother.

Lisi: This sucks man. I got no sleep.

Rocky: This is survivor.

Lisi: Still it sucked.

Rocky: Try being in the Have-Nots tribe the entire time like me.

Lisi: I was in the have nots.

Rocky: For six days.

Lisi: Whatever my mind is starting to check out.

Lisi's Confession: I am cold, hungry, tired, and pissed off. Rocky's attitude doesn't help me at all. I was put on a tribe of Villains and Zoe. At least Zoe is cool.

Zoe: Lisi we need you in the game.

Lisi: I can't focus. I might be a liability.

Zoe: We need you more than we need Russell. Just stick with us and you will be fine. The first week is the toughest.

Lisi: Ok, I will stick with you guys.

Rocky's Confession: Do I care about Lisi quitting? No, that is one less person for me to deal with but on the other hand we do need her for the numbers later in the game. She just better not quit on us.

Fallout Tribe Day 3

Clover: Tree mail.

Colin: What does it say?

Clover: We have to push people off a platform.

Moira: Oh those poor people.

Cross: Relax its safe.

Colin's Confession: I feel confident that we can do well. If not than either Autumn or Cross will be gone. Neither one I really care for.

Immunity Challenge Day 3

Jeff: Come on in guys! *All the tribes walk in* Welcome so lets get to today's immunity challenge. It's a favorite of mine. One person from each tribe will be on that platform. *He points to the platform over the lake* Your job is try to push the other tribe members off the platform. Last person left wins a point for their tribe. First Tribe that reaches 5 points wins immunity and reward. The reward is a cooler full of food and drinks.

Jon: Alright.

Roland: Yeah!

Jeff: After the first tribe wins we will keep playing until two other tribes get to 5 points. Last tribe that does not get 5 points gets to visit me at Tribal Council. Ok, let's get started.

*Minutes later*

Jeff: Ok, Autumn is up for Fallout Tribe, Lilith for Borderlands Tribe, Tychus for Random tribe, and Fairplay for Kota Tribe.

Tychus: This is too easy.

Jeff: Survivor's ready…go!

*Lilith runs to the center as Tychus rushes at her. Lilith suddenly phases and Tychus runs right through her*

Tychus: What the hell?

Jon: Whoa that's new.

Autumn: What…

*Lilith sends out a shockwave that knocks the three guys off the platform*

Jeff: Lilith wins a point for Borderlands Tribe.

Tychus: That's not fair!

Jeff: We discussed it before the game begins. She is allowed to do that. Bowser was allowed his fire breath remember.

Tychus: Damn I wanted that beer.

Arbiter: We can still catch up!

Jeff: Next four up are Cross, Mord, Gir, and Rocky.

Rocky: Time to kick some ass!

Jeff: Go!

*Rocky tries to put Cross but Cross just throws him off*

Rocky: Damn it!

*Mord then runs up to Cross. Cross tries to grab him but he jumps back*

Mord: The hunter knows its prey.

*Cross tries to grab him but he grabs her arm and throws her off the platform. Mord then looks at Gir*

Mord: Gir jump off.

Gir: OK!

*Gir jumps off*

Jeff: Borderlands score their second point! Next up are Clover, Roland, Arbiter, and Zoe…go!

*Arbiter attacks Roland but Roland kicks Arbiter off the platform. Clover shoves Zoe off. Roland charges at Clover.*

Clover: Bring it on.

*Roland stops in front of Clover. Clover grins and tries to grab Roland but he ducks and sweeps the feet right from under her making her fall off*

Jeff: Borderlands score their third point! Next four up are Colin, Mengsk, Claptrap, and Lisi…go!

*Colin shoves Lisi off, Mengsk goes after Colin and manages to trip him before pushing him off. Mengsk then chases after Claptrap.*

Claptrap: AHHHHHH

Mengsk: Get back here.

*Several minutes later Mengsk is still chasing Claptrap but due to exhaustion Mengsk falls off. Claptrap then pushes Mengsk off*

Claptrap: Ah ha!

Jeff: Borderlands Tribe scores their fourth point! Next up are Moira, Brick, Master Chief, and Russell…go!


*Brick runs over and shoves Master Chief off followed by Moira and Russell.*

Jeff: Borderlands wins…


*Brick shoves Jeff over and then attacks the camera crew*

Zombie: Help!

Roland: Brick calm down!

*Minutes later Brick is tied to a tree*

Jeff: Like I said Borderlands Tribe wins immunity and reward. I am going to change the rules a little first two teams to 3 points wins immunity. Anyone wants to volunteer?

Russell: I will go.

Tychus: Me too.

Russell: *beep*

Colin: I will go.

Jeff: Ok, go!

*Tychus shoves Russell off. Colin tries to take down Tychus but Tychus throws Colin off.

Jeff: Random Tribe scores a point! Next round. Cross, Fairplay, and Arbiter…go!

*Cross and Arbiter struggle to take each other out. Fairplay sits back laughing suddenly the two rammed into him taking Fairplay out. Cross then shoved the Arbiter off*

Jeff: Fallout Tribe scores a point! Next three to volunteer are Autumn, Master Chief, and Rocky.

Rocky: Bring it on.

Jeff: Go!

*Master Chief knocks Rocky off quickly. Autumn runs into Master Chief and bounces off the platform*

Cross: Ha!

Jeff: Random scores their second point! Next three are Moira, Zoe, and Gir…go!

*Zoe and Moira tussle as Gir walks up to the two girls*

Gir: HI!

*Both girls are surprised and fall over*

Jeff: Random tribe wins immunity!

Tychus: Wow I don't believe it.

Arbiter: Good job Gir!

Jeff: Next two up are Clover and Lisi.

Lisi: I will kick your Asian butt.

Clover: Not likely.

Jeff: Go!

*Lisi charges at Clover but Clover grabs her and tosses her off*

Jeff: Fallout gets their second point! They need one more to win. Next round…Cross against Russell…go!

*Russell and Cross collide in the center. Russell goes down and Cross rolls him off the platform*

Jeff: Fallout Tribe wins immunity!

Colin: Yeah!

Moira: Yay!

Jeff: Kota Tribe I am sorry to say but I will see you at Tribal Council tonight. Everyone head back to camp.

Borderlands Tribe Day 3

Brick: Yeah! We got beer and food.

Roland: Let's open this baby up!

*They open up the cooler*

Lilith: Sandwich meat, bread, beer, water, and soda.

Mord: Cool

Lilith's Confession: We kicked ass in reward. We were 5 for 5 and easily defeated our opponents. Even Claptrap won his round. I have a good vibe coming from this tribe.

Claptrap: Did you see me in the challenge?

Brick: I saw you running.

Mord: Yeah but it was hilarious with that one guy flopping over like he had a heart attack.

Kota Tribe Day 3

Jon: That sucked.

Lisi: It did.

Rocky: Those guys were huge.

Russell's Confession: My tribe sucked at that challenge. Why was I put on a tribe full of weak people? Jon is a little girl in challenges, Zoe and Lisi are old. Rocky is a little punk. So we had no chance against them.

Rocky: So Russell is going home?

Lisi: To be honest I don't want to stay here.

Jon: Are you *beep*ing kidding me?

Lisi: I am not. I can't do this man. I am not built for this.

Lisi's Confession: Why did I come back to this game? I hated it the first time and this time it sucks even more. Our tribe is weaker than the others. If Russell goes first than I am the next one to go. I rather leave on my own terms.

*Rocky, Jon, and Zoe talk*

Zoe: This stinks. I wanted Russell gone.

Jon: Me too.

Rocky: Lisi did this before. If she did not get voted out in Fiji it would have been Dreamz going home and Lisi would have gotten Boo and Stacey back. So it may not be as wise as a decision to vote her out. If we have a tribal switch. Russell could be dangerous.

Zoe: He could. So we take Russell out first and then Lisi?

Jon: Sounds like a plan.

Rocky's Confession: I don't want Lisi to go. I want Russell to go but Lisi might actually quit if we don't vote her off. It's a tough choice for our alliance.

*The tribe packs up and heads to Tribal Council*

Jon's Confession: Either we take out Russell and prove that I am a better survivor than him or we take out Lisi and strengthen our tribe because Russell is pretty strong and Lisi is not. What would Fairplay do? Probably take out Russell but that is just me.

Tribal Council #1

Jeff: Welcome Kota Tribe. Please take a torch and we can begin. So Lisi how is camp life?

Lisi: It sucks. I am tired and hungry the reward did not do *beep* since Russell wasted our money.

Russell: I am a business man I try to make good deals.

Lisi: But you wasted our money on rusty utensils that we threw out anyways.

Russell: They were a risk I could take.

Jeff: Jon what do you think about Russell?

Jon: He's trying to sabotage us. Plain and simple.

Russell: I am not. I am trying to preserve my title of best Survivor eva.

Jon: A title you gave yourself and your retarded fans.

Russell: I could have you voted out.

Jon: I like to see you try.

Jeff: Rocky, what went wrong in the challenge?

Rocky: We stunk. They had stronger members than us and they moped the floor with us. But it's one challenge and we can let go of some dead weight.

Jeff: Zoe, are there any alliances this early in the game?

Zoe: Yeah, Russell came up to me and Lisi and wanted us in an alliance with him.

Jeff: Lisi, anything you want to say before we get to the vote?

Lisi: Yeah, this sucks and I don't want to be here anymore.

Jeff: It is time to vote. Russell you are up first.

*Russell votes*


Russell: I am the better survivor. You came to play with fire and you got burned.

*Jon votes*

*Lisi votes*


Lisi: Just in case the tribes wants your fat ass gone instead of mine.

*Zoe votes*

*Rocky votes*

Jeff: I will read the votes. *Jeff gets the urn* First vote…




1 vote Jon 1 vote Russell 1 vote Lisi


First person voted out of Survivor


Lisi: Thank you.

*Lisi walks over with her torch*

Jeff: Lisi the tribe has spoken. *he snuffs her torch*

Lisi: I am out of here.

Jeff: This will only going to get tougher. Head back to camp.

Lisi's Final Words: I don't know why I came back but it sucked even more. I only really liked Zoe here and I hope Russell leaves right after me.

Next Time on Survivor

Russell hunts for the hidden immunity idol but someone else at another camp finds one. And someone makes a risky move at Tribal Council.