Ciel Phantomhive must've had a million things on his mind right now. He had an Indian price and his body guard living in his house against his will, the case of all the missing girls to solve, a few business men wanting to sign a partnership deal with him, and on top of all that, some useless studies that needed to be finished. So he wondered how he was able to remember the words of that transsexual reaper, over and over again.

"Even a kiss? With tongue?"

While he'd been searching for Elizabeth in the doll maker's castle, he'd ordered Grelle Sutcliff to protect him from the murderous puppets. In exchange for the young master's safety, Grelle was promised a day with Sebastian, in which he could do anything with the poor devil. The shinigami had brought up kissing…and now the image of Sebastian taking the young Earl's hands and kissing him was replaying over and over in Ciel's mind. The fact that Sebastian had said he could twist a sakura branch into a butterfly knot with his tongue was only making it worse.

But Ciel had to admit; he was curious as to what it was like to kiss a demon. There had been many questionable-almost romantic- moments between the butler and his master, but never before when Sebastian's ruby eyes were locked on his own, and their faces so close their breath mingled, had he ever fantasized such immoral things. And it was all thanks to that flamboyant, soul-snatching excuse for a death god.

Ciel ran a hand through his hair, trying hard to focus on the papers in front of him. He couldn't afford to waste his brain power on such stupid things. Lizzie had been retrieved, but all the other girls abducted were still missing. Her majesty wanted the case solved and the girls back with their families. He would rather die than disappoint the queen and disgrace the Phantomhive name.

A knock on the door made him jump. His face was sore from scowling so much, but he tried his best to look like his normal melancholic self.

"Come in," he called out, also trying to look engrossed in his work as the shuffled through the papers on his desk.

"Young Master," Sebastian said as he poked his head inside.

Ciel had known it would be him behind the door, but he had been hoping for someone else.

"It's terribly late," the tall, pale and ridiculously handsome butler continued as he crossed the room towards his master. "If you stay up too long, you could get sick."

Ciel tried to look him in the eyes instead of at his mouth without looking like he was trying. "I know. I just wanted to finish up before I retire." He started to scoop the papers back into a pile, but he knew Sebastian was watching, and he prayed he wouldn't notice the lack of writing and notes on the sheets.

"Very well. Shall I prepare something to help you stay awake?"

"No, I think I'll turn in for the night. The rest can be finished up tomorrow."

Sebastian smiled at him. "Yes, Young Master."

Once again Ciel's gaze moved down to those smirking lips, wondering how they'd feel against his own. He'd only been kissed on the cheek and forehead before. Why should the lips be any different?

He stood and left his office, knowing Sebastian was following behind him. What would Sebastian do if he knew what was on Ciel's mind right now? If he could see the fantasies he starred in, or know the young master's curiosity? Of course, Ciel could always order him to forget it, or order him not to tell anyone or bring it up ever again. But then, he could also order him to kiss him once, with no questioning. He had to fight hard to keep down the blush that threatened to bloom on his pale cheeks. He was growing tired of all this kissing nonsense. Maybe a good night's sleep would make him forget all about it.

He entered his room and went to sit on his bed while Sebastian fetched his night shirt. Oh, he did not think of that. Sebastian had always dressed him, and it had never bothered him before. Now, though, with his mind in the state it was in…could he really get that close to Sebastian without acting out one of those frightening fantasies? Maybe if he held his breath and closed his eyes…

"Young Master, are you feeling alright?"

Sebastian's gloved hand touched his forehead. Had he not already been so flustered, he would've been startled by the sudden contact. "You're warm and flushed. Have you come down with something?"

Ciel moved away, biting back the smart remark he had. He ran a hand through his hair again, sighing. "No. I'm just…thinking."

"Oh?" Sebastian smiled as he removed his master's eye patch. "What could you possibly be thinking of to turn your face such a color, I wonder?"

Ciel didn't like it when people mocked him, but even more so when Sebastian did it. He had a sly, indirect way of poking fun at his master that really got under the pre-teen's skin. But Ciel ignored the remark, having no real comeback snappy enough for his own taste.

He got up and stepped out of his shoes, closing his eyes as Sebastian reached for him. Would his butler notice this odd behavior, and would he really care as much as Ciel worried he would?

It wasn't until his shirt was half way off that Sebastian spoke. "Are you sure you feel well, Young Master? You are not your usual self tonight."

Ciel was nowhere near being his normal self that night. "I am quite tired, is all," he lied. Sebastian paused halfway through undoing a button. Did he realize it was a lie? Ciel caught his breath as he waited for an accusation.

"You've been stressed lately. A restful night should refresh you."

Ciel nodded. The only thing he could do at this point. He'd just noticed how delectable Sebastian smelled. Like an entire dessert tray, chocolate and vanilla and mint. Why had he never noticed before? Maybe it was just his newfound curiosity. It was making him notice the more charming parts of his servant. Like how the usually evil shade of red his eyes were looked calm in the moonlight, and how pale his skin looked against the milky glow, and how soft his raven hair looked. Now he could see where his aunt and Grelle and all of Sebastian's other admirers came from. He was defiantly the most beautiful man Ciel had ever seen.

Well, demon…

He slid his arms into his night shirt, letting Sebastian free it when it caught on his hips. He'd never thought about it before, but now he had to wonder if Sebastian ever got tired of dressing him and taking care of him. Not to mention keeping him out of harm's way. But then again, it didn't really matter. He was a demon and his servant. He shouldn't worry himself with such things.

Sebastian collected his clothes and took them to the wardrobe, leaving Ciel to sit back in bed and wait until Sebastian left. Except he wasn't sure is he even wanted him to leave. At least, not yet.

"Something's troubling you, Young Master."

Sebastian's sudden statement pulled him out of his reverie. Had he known all along, or did he just figure it out?

"You could say that," Ciel replied, not knowing how else to respond. If he said too much, Sebastian would know, and then he'd be too ashamed to ever call himself a Phantomhive again.

"If I may ask, what is it?"

Ciel sighed. "Many things."

"Remember that I am always here to lighten the load."

If he only knew. "I remember. But I can solve this problem myself." Could he?

"Very well." Sebastian tucked the sheets around Ciel's tiny frame, letting his hands linger on the boy longer than necessary. Or was it just Ciel's imagination?

Sebastian picked up the candle from the bedside table and began to leave. Ciel was almost sad to see him go, and thoroughly tempted to call him back and have him stay until he fell asleep. Maybe if he did that, he could try and work up the courage to ask for a kiss.

Sebastian's hand was on the doorknob.

"Sebastian," Ciel said, sitting up in bed. The butler seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then turned to his master.

"I've been wondering when you would cave in." He turned around, that cat-eyed smirk that made Ciel's blood boil firmly in place.


"You've been acting strange. As though you want to ask something of me." He placed his right hand on his chest and bowed his head. "I hope I can provide and acceptable answer."

So the bastard had known all along. Why didn't he say something earlier? Damn him.

So now what was he supposed to do? He couldn't come up with a convincing lie on the spot like this, could he? And he wanted nothing more than to keep the truth hidden.

Sebastian waited patiently, watching him leisurely with those scarlet eyes. Ciel turned away.

"I…" he began, then felt like a fool for hesitating. Why was he so embarrassed just asking a question? Damn it, he was a Phantomhive. He wouldn't let his emotions get between him and what he wanted.

"What's it like…kissing a demon?"

Sebastian didn't react the way Ciel thought he would. All he did was smile and step closer to the bed. "Why the sudden interest? Have you been seeing that Grelle fellow behind my back?"

"Of course not. I'm just… curious, is all."

"I see." The air was thick with the echoes of a question Ciel wished he'd never asked. Sebastian didn't seem to notice the obvious unease in his master as he sat down the candle again and kneeled before the young prodigy. "Young Master, we demons are the embodiment of all human sin and temptation. We're vial creatures who feed from mortal immorality. Why would you ever want to know what it's like kissing such a being?"

"I just want to know."

There was a short pause.

"Is that an order?"

Another pause, this one longer. Ciel wanted to know, and Sebastian seemed to be content with showing him. Why let this chance pass? He took a deep breath, then looked at his butler. "It is."

The most normal smile Ciel had ever seen Sebastian smile appeared as the devil bowed to him. "Yes, my Lord."

He looked almost human.

He was there by Ciel in a second, his gloved hand taking his chin and tilting his head upwards. He was looking at the object of his –love? desire? what? - the next moment, those indifferent red eyes and pale lips.

His eyes slid closed as those lips hesitantly met his own. Sebastian was hesitant? He'd never let him live that down.

The kiss was short and lacked emotion, and Ciel had to admit he was disappointed as Sebastian pulled away. He'd imagined a heart-pounding first kiss that made him smile like a fool for the rest of the day. But this?

"Is that it?" Ciel asked, making Sebastian chuckle.

"Yes, Young Master, that's it."

How very disappointing.

"One more," Ciel said suddenly, surprising himself. Sebastian raised his eyebrow. "Just one more. Only this time, use your tongue."

Picturing it was bad enough. Saying it out loud was just twice as horrid.

An evil gleam lit Sebastian's eyes.

Before Ciel knew it, he was on his back with his fists to either side of him, Sebastian looming over him with glowing eyes. Maybe this was not a good idea. Sebastian looked wild now…almost like his true form.

And then they were kissing again. It started like the other, but then Ciel felt Sebastian's hot tongue slip between his lips. Something in his lower stomach tightened, electing a moan from the Phantomhive head. His hands raised and his fingers threaded into Sebastian's hair, which he found to be just as soft as it looked.

Sebastian ran his tongue over Ciel's slowly, coaxing it into action. The two muscles fought and twisted together, rubbed against the other and licked at the other. Ciel arched his back and squirmed under the older man, feeling something strange and hot rise inside him. He liked it, and he wanted more.

He ran his hands over Sebastian's chest, finding the buttons on his vest and quickly popping them. They moved up and shakily untied the man's tie, his knuckles brushing his neck every now and then. His skin was so soft and unexpectedly cold. He wanted to feel it underneath his fingers, feel it slide against him.

Sebastian's hands seized his, stopping him there. The boy made a whine of protest as his butler pulled away, then a sort of growl when he started to get up.

"Really, Young Master, such noises are most unbecoming."

Ciel glared at him. "Why did you stop?"

"Things were starting to go too far. All you asked for was a kiss."

Ciel's glare turned into a thoughtful scowl. "And if I asked for everything?"

"Then I would have to comply."

Ciel contemplated this for a moment. His curiosity had been satisfied, but now he wanted more. And that something more was within his grasp. He could have it all, just with a few little words. He opened his mouth to give the order, but stopped. Why rush it? He had until he completed his goal, didn't he? He owned Sebastian until death, and then he'd still be there to escort him to the gates of hell. They had all eternity.

Ciel turned away from his butler, slipping under the blankets. "Not tonight. I'm far too tired."

He could almost hear Sebastian smirk. "Goodnight, Young Master," he said, blowing out the candle flame and leaving the young Phantomhive in the dark.

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