So...hi. For those of you who are expecting something for Criminal Minds, I apoligize I'm working on revamping the story, and it'll be better and Ethan will most likely have a different name. Anyway, to the fanfic. I. LOVE. ZELDA. Unfortunately, I do not own this lovely lovely franchise of wonderful games.

This fanfiction was inspired by a very good friend I met while I was in the hospital, it's kind of a wedding gift to him I suppose. This story is not really canon but it sticks to the story line of Ocarina of Time pretty closely though I've made some changes:

-Speculation on why Link never talks

-Sheik is not Zelda and meets Link much ealier

-Dark Link is not just a mirror reflection of Link or a shadow really...more on that later...

Those are just some of the changes. I hope you all love this as much and I do.

The Day before Link was Summoned by the Deku Tree

The game went like this: You can't use your hands to move the ball, making a goal was two points and there could only be four people to a team. The game would be so much simpler had it not been for the fourth rule: Mido can change and the rules whenever he wanted. Of course that rule wasn't officially stated in the Know-It-All Brother's rulebook but no one tried to argue with Boss Mido anymore so when he changed the rules to benefit him, there were only a few muttered protests.

Boss Mido always won. By the Know-It-All Brother's records, the only person who'd ever beaten him, even with the twisted and unfair rule changing, was Link. Mido pulled out every stop he could on Link. He even declared that you can't win if you don't have a fairy. But not even the triplets, Mido's little worshipers, were buying that one. Link beat him by eight points. Due to his short stature, Link was able to get around Mido's rather brutish handling of the ball with the kind of stealth that the Kokiri Children had only heard when the fairies told them of the Sheikah. It was the only time that the other forest children, besides Saria ever seemed happy to see Link. They even cheered.

But the very next day, they all hated him again.

In spite of the fact that Mido was nothing but a mere bully, most of the Kokiri listened to him and never antagonized him. If anything, they respected him at the very least. On the side of that same rupee, Mido didn't really treat any of the Kokiri that badly, save for Link of course.

Without a fairy, Link was an outcast, ostracized by all of the immortal children of the Forest. All but Saria. Saria was not only Link's best friend but she was the one who kept him in check. Since Link wouldn't speak for himself, he tended to get his feelings across through other means. He'd shoved one of the Know-It-All Brothers last week for saying something particularly nasty but violence was just not the Kokiri way. To even think about it made Link even more of an outcast. Saria would never say it out loud, but as she watched her silent friend punch a nearby wall in a fit of frustration at Mido's constant teasing, she feared one day he'd actually hurt someone.

It wasn't like Link was a menacing person, in fact he was very affectionate. He loved hugs and always gave Saria one before leaving her house. Whenever some spoke kindly to him, he listened intently and never interrupted. He loved to read. If he wasn't in Saria's house, he was most likely at the Know-It-All Brothers' library. Whether he'd actually been let in could be left up to the imagination. Link was the King of Random Knowledge. With all the books and learning how to play the ocarina, Link absorbed everything he learned. What Saria loved the most was Link's love for all living things, save the ones who made fun of him. He could be angry and lash out with his temper, but Link was never directly angry at anyone who hadn't wronged him first. Still, there was that nagging fear that Link would snap.

Fortunately, when that day came, it wasn't as bad as her over active imagination had predicted.

Mido had made up another rule in the game. Since he was playing one against three against one with the Know-It-All Brothers, any goal the boy triplets made was only worth one point. So it was no surprise that Mido had won yet again. Saria was watching just like everyone else painting a newly made Ocarina. She decided that Link should have an ocarina of his own. He hadn't had his own for about a year since Mido and the others kept breaking them claiming that he "couldn't play if he didn't hold it right." It wasn't like Link could help it, he was left handed.

"...just scored against all three of them!" Saria was unaware the Mido had been talking to her.

"Huh?" She asked rather clumsily. The other tittered a little at the flustered expression Mido had on his face.

"Did you see that?" Mido blustered. "I just won the game against the Know-It-Alls!" He might as well have been whining.

"Oh that's...great." She said plastering a smile on her face. She wasn't surprised or proud of him like everyone else. Like Link, Saria was...different. But for Mido, that made Saria interesting not stupid like Link. Really things would have been so different if Link had just had a fairy. The irony of it all would sometime hit Saria in the middle of the night or while she was cleaning or something equally important. She stole a glance at Link as Mido continued to gloat and flex. He was over at his house using one of his stone little knives to carve something. From where she was sitting, it looked like another sign just in case Mido carved "No-Fairy" above "Link's House". She completely forgot about Mido and stood up in the middle of his rant.

If there was one thing Saria hated more than anything in the world, it was the sight of loneliness and she saw Link alone and left out everyday.

Saria was only partially aware of Mido whining after her when she strode over to Link who upon further examination, was carving something in the base of his house. A stick figure fighting...a dragon? Dragons never came to this side of Hyrule. The Kokiri knew of the outside, but had no desire to leave the forest. Ever. Any Kokiri who left, never returned. But Link claimed he'd seen places outside of the forest, that he'd seen the Princess and a horse. Saria knew what horses were but had never seen one. She'd never even seen a picture of the Princess, but she'd heard of her, the fairies were wise and knowledgeable. Whatever they didn't have in books, the fairies told them. Not to mention the Kokiri were infamous for stealing any cargo any unsuspecting travelers turned Stalchildren may have had.

"Link?" She asked tentatively. His carving was never so sloppy.

"Hm?" Link wasn't much for speaking. Saria knew that must be because of Mido too. Talking was the second largest vulnerable spot Link had besides his total lack of fairy so he'd just stopped talking altogether.

"Are you okay?" When she asked that, he turned to her with a sigh. He was rather pale and his dark circles hung around his eyes like sleeping bats. "You haven't been sleeping at all have you?" She had a feeling he wasn't and those suspicions were confirmed when he nodded sheepishly. "Maybe we should tell the Great Deku Tree that..." she sighed an thought better of what she was about to say. "...nevermind...maybe we should ask Calla to fix you some chamomile tonight. It might help." Link opened his mouth about to protest yet another tea related remedy until the ball from Mido's game suddenly collided with his face. Link reeled and hit his head on the back of the root of his house. Saria fussed over him as he nursed his now bruised right eye. As Mido marched over, however, Link's entire countenance changed. He even growled.

"You shouldn't keep Saria having fun with all the normal ones, No-Fairy." He declared. There was a general consensus among the group that had followed Mido. Saria huffed in irritation before she stood to her feet. Mido would never admit that she was taller than him.

"Leave him alone. He wasn't bothering me. He wasn't borrowing anyone." Saria said nodding firmly. Link just kept holding his eye and said nothing.

"Yes he was, his head got in the way of our ball!" The others laughed. They thought it was a joke. Saria didn't think he was funny.

"You stop it Mido." She said waggling a finger.

"I didn't do anything, it's his fault." Mido said making a toad-like face at Link. Link made one back. "What, No-Fairy? Do you want a rematch?" He said grabbing the ball and holding it. "You and me, let's go!" Link took the high road. Instead of taking him up on his challenge, Link stood to his feet, dusted himself off and went towards his ladder. " scared you might lose this time?" Link didn't stop but Saria intervened on his behalf.

"Mido, The Great Deku Tree doesn't approve of this behavior." She said firmly. It was no secret the Great Father of the Forest didn't like to see Link constantly beat down but for Mido it was too fun and all too easy.

"You just know he'll lose." He retorted crossing his arms.

"Mido, just stop it already! You're so impossible!" Saria insisted almost yelling at him.

"I'll stop when No-Fairy tells me to stop!" Link stopped in mid-climb on his ladder. After a brief moment, he hopped down as the other Kokiri who had gathered muttered "ooh" quietly under their breaths. He advanced on Mido dangerously. He really wasn't all that intimidating being shorter than Mido. "That's right. I want you to tell me to stop and I'll leave you alone for the whole day. I swear." The sneer made Saria doubt that he planned to do anything of the sort.

Slowly, Link bent his head. The Kokiri leaned forward. Saria even heard someone say "he's really gonna do it". Even Mido anticipated it. Link opened his mouth as if trying to think of what to say. Maybe if Saria hadn't been so caught up in waiting for Link to say something, she would've seen his hands balling up into fists on both sides of his body. Maybe if she had noticed, she might have been able to stop him from punching Mido in the face. It happened so quickly. Saria heard the "crack" before she even knew what had happened. One of the triplets screamed. Mido was knocked on flat on his back hand clamped over his bleeding and broken nose. Saria could only intervene after the fact.

"Link, no! That's not how we settle things here!" She cried hoilding him back from doing anymore damage as Mido barely manged to get to his feet before stomping over to his house.

"I'll get you for this No-Fairy! By the Three, I'll get you for this!" Mido's little triplet groupies helped him into his house so they could tend to his bloody nose. The rest of the Kokiri stood in stunned silence. Many of them had never even seen blood before. Saria only saw it once and that's because she cut herself on broken pottery. They looked back at Link frightened. The Fairy-less boy only turned on his heel and went into his house without a word, indication or sign that he regretted what he did.

That was the worst Link's temper ever got.

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