Chapter One: Innocence

The phone dropped from her hand as it fell to the floor. Elladora could only think about one thing. Why would she do this? Did she ever think about me? She was alone, with no one left. The people came twenty minutes later. This isn't fair. She never wanted me, she never thought about what it would do to her... Ella thought as a woman in a grey dress with a tight, strict face came to the door. She was holding some papers in her hands. Ella started to cry. The tears of agony, pain, hope, and loss flooded through her.

Ella sighed as she opened the door. She had tried to hide her tears, but they would not go away.

"Miss St. Clair?" The woman asked. Ella nodded. " I am Mrs. Cole. Sorry for your loss, but you are to be taken to Wool's Orphanage." She said as she motioned for me to go pack, then leave. The woman had said the words "I'm so for your loss." with so much carelessness, Ella thought that the woman might have said that on a regular basis. Ella packed slowly, trying to accept the fact that her mother had just killed herself and left Ella alone. Ella didn't even care what she packed. She didn't even want to care for herself anymore.

The police were also there. They explained to Ella that they would have to search her house, then leave it in their care until Ella was of age to have it. They were saying too much. They were overwhelming her with so much information that she just wanted to give up. To give up on life. And to give up on love. On everything. It was over. All of it. Her life. Her friends. Her boyfriend. It was all gone. And all of this happened in the last half hour.

"Right this way." Mrs. Cole said. The taxi ride to the orphanage was terrible. It was raining, and all Ella could think about was her mother. Jumping off a building in London, maybe just a few blocks away even. The thoughts were too much to bear for Ella, for she was too overwhelmed at this point.

The orphanage itself looked run-down. It was a square building surrounded by high railings, probably so the children couldn't escape. The ends of the railings were sharp- tipped, and there was no way that anyone would even think to be skewered by one of those things. Mrs. Cole led Elladora into the orphanage. It seemed like it was a dark, gloomy place to live, compared to the house that Ella had lived in. Ella wasn't rich, nor poor, she had lived in a tiny, but cozy home with her mother, Aria St. Clair, where she had a life filled with agonizing pain from the threats from her mother. But never would Ella think that her mother would actually do it.

Mrs. Cole led Ella down a hallway. She motioned for me to come to another room, which Ella could tell, was occupied.

"Well, I think you better know your new...neighbour." She said as she knocked on the door. "Tom? Thomas, I'd like you to meet someone."

Tom Riddle did not like new people. Or maybe he did, so that he could torture them all the more. Tom was sitting in his room, reading Defence Against the Dark Arts : Volume Five. Tom wasn't just a regular boy, no. He was a wizard, if you would call it that. He didn't like being normal, he liked being special, and he wanted to keep it that way. All of the children in the orphanage had feared Tom. When the other kids teased him, he would make them hurt. He would make their pain so agonizing that they would want to kill themselves. Tom had grown up this way, in Wool's Orphanage, since he could remember. The only thing that made him happy was Hogwarts, the school for young wizards and witches. He would go there during the school year, and return, like he was now, for the summer at Wool's.

All of a sudden, he heard someone knock on his door. It was Mrs. Cole, he could sense it. "Tom? Thomas, I'd like you to meet someone."

"Don't come in." He replied.

"Tom, this is someone your age who has just lost everything. Please introduce yourself." Mrs. Cole asked.

Tom thought about this for a second. There were not many kids at the orphanage who were near Tom's age. Everyone had adopted kids under that age because they were cute, funny, smart. Nobody wanted a fifteen year old boy, a boy who hated everyone and was different. This new person might be just the thing he needs...someone that could follow him...make him superior. Tom opened the door. And it wasn't what he had expected.

In front of him was a girl, a beautiful girl in fact. She had long brown hair in ringlets and blue eyes the colour of the ocean. She was crying, if it wasn't already obvious, as her lavender coloured dress was stained with tears. She looked at Tom, in a daze, then went back to look away.

"This is Elladora St. Clair. Please make her feel welcome, Tom." Mrs. Cole said. "Elladora, this is Tom Riddle, your room is next to his." She explained.

Fine. Tom thought. She didn't look like much. Just another regular, useless, powerless muggle girl who would be too fragile for any wizard... He thought. Tom grimaced and shut the door, he didn't want to see them. Only two more weeks till Hogwarts... He thought, for when he was at Hogwarts, he was with other young wizards who understood him. Or who thought that they understood him. Tom Riddle was not a regular boy. Not even a regular wizard boy. He was truly special. But no one would understand one.

Ella walked into her room, crying, as the boy, Tom, and Mrs. Cole watched from Tom's room. Mrs. Cole had walked away, but Tom stared. Tom hadn't stared at the girl for nothing, he had stared at her room because somehow...she had closed it without her hands. The knob had turned on it's own, as Ella walked into the small, cramped room.

Ella stayed in her room for the rest of the day. She did not eat. She did not sleep. She only thought...thought about what happened and what she could've done. She didn't even care about the boy, the one next door, Tom Riddle. Yes, she thought that he was handsome with his dark brown hair, and eyes...but she didn't want to think about boys right now...she probably would never think about boys. Ever.

Mrs. Cole thought that the girl was quite stubborn. Yes, she had lost everything, but she had been given a place to stay, not just thrown out on the street. She should at least be grateful and come out of the cramped room. Two days later, Mrs. Cole was not just upset, or even questioning...but angry. She had it. Either that girl get out of that damned room or I'll break it down! She thought.

"Ella...Can you please come out of your room? It's been a day and-"

Ella opened the door. "What?" She asked.

"Can you please come out?" She repeated.

"Why? What for." Ella asked.

"Because it's not healthy to stay in a small, cramped room for so long. Don't you want to play with the other children?" She asked.

"No." Ella replied.

"Please, Ella...I know it's hard...but you have to."

"Fine." She replied without another word. It was sunny outside, so Ella took out a book with her and sat in a corner of the playground. The children were playing. This surprised Ella, for she didn't think that these parent-less children would be happy. Much less playing on the lousy excuse of a playground. Ella continued to read her book. You couldn't call it reading. She was just staring at the letters...watching the other children. Even though she tried to read and focus on something else, she couldn't think. The letters didn't make any sense to her anymore. So she sat, in agony. Waiting for Mrs. Cole to let her back into her room.

Before she knew it, the boy who Mrs. Cole introduced her to, Tim? Was it? Tom. Yes, it was Tom came up to her. She hadn't noticed, for she was leaning against the wall, with her hand gripping her head as if it was hurting.

"Hello." Tom said.

Ella looked up at him.

"What are you reading?" He asked her in wonder. Yes, it had said The Jungle Boy on the front, but he had just asked to be polite. Tom may be twisted and careless as ever, but on the outside he was a very polite gentleman.

"Nothing. Why do you care?" She asked.

"Because..." He was going to ask her if she was a witch...but that wouldn't be too kind for an introduction. "I think we could be friends."

"I don't know you. And I'm getting out of here as soon as I can so-"

"It's impossible to get out of here." He explained.

"Fine. You don't know anything about me. And It'd be better for you if you didn't." She warned him. Tom thought about this. Why? She is just the same as me.

"I think that's where you're wrong. I saw you. I saw you close the door without touching it." He noted. Ella panicked. She was always different. When someone picked on her at school, she would make them hurt. When she wanted something, it was almost like she was compelling them to do so. And when she was angry...Fire broke out.

"I- I closed it! T- That was nothing! Don't talk to me!" She yelled.

"I'm very sorry, Miss St. Clair. I didn't mean to accuse you of anything." He apologized.

"Whatever. And if you're going to call me something, don't call me 'Miss St. Clair'. It's Ella." She spat at him.

"Very well, Ella. But if you have anything to talk about..." He offered.

"I'm fine on my own. And don't you go telling on me, Riddle, if I get out of this dungeon." She told him as she walked away and sat on a partially broken swing, away from the others.