Chapter 20: The Sword of Gryffindor

Ella walked step by step to Professor Dumbledore's office. It was only down the hallway, near the Transfiguration classroom, for he was the teacher of that class. She was not too confident in knowing that Dumbledore would give her any knowledge of the sword, that he might suspect Tom having something to do with this.

She knocked on the door three times and waited.

"Come in." A voice from the other side of the door.

The door creaked open as Ella stepped inside. The room was grand, and lofty. There were different artifacts and paintings along the walls, those filled with various persons that walked about - moving. Some left, some listened.

"Good evening, Professor." Ella said as the Dumbledore turned around and motioned for her to take a seat on one of the large red and gold plush chairs.

"Good evening to you as well, Miss, what do you call yourself now, Black?" He asked her as she nodded. "To what do I owe the pleasure?" He asked.

"The pleasure is all mine, Professor. I just...I have a question for you, Sir." She asked.

"And what is that question, dear?"

"It's about Hogwarts...You know, the history of it. I was never raised by wizards, and so I do not know much. But I have heard rumours of the four founder's treasures. And I would just like to know if one of them, was in Hogwarts?"

Dumbledore paused and thought about her question. "There have been many rumours about the four founder's treasures. Slytherin's locket. Hufflepuff's cup. Ravenclaw's diadem. And of course...the Sword of Gryffindor. If one of them were in Hogwarts, I think the headmaster would know." He said as he quickly turned away. Ella could tell; of all people, Dumbledore was lying. He knew where one of them was, or maybe even more.

"How about the sword?" She asked before he could say another word.

"The Sword of Gryffindor...The sword is rumoured to present itself to those in need. Now it's getting late, I'm sure you'll need to get back to your House." Dumbledore said before rushing her out of the office. It was strange, she thought. For Dumbledore to be acting that way over a fabled object.

"I think he knows where it is. No, let me say that again...I know he knows where it is. But he wouldn't tell me about it."

"Even under your powers?" Tom asked her.

"He has a strong mind, Tom. Like you, his is hard to penetrate - almost impossible. The only helpful information he gave me was - 'The sword is rumoured to present itself to those in need.' But what could that mean?" She asked him.

"Dumbledore is strange. But he is intelligent. He knew better than to tell you." Tom told her.

"To tell me?"

"He knows. He knows that you are aligned with me, that you helped me. He knows that you are powerful, and he doesn't like you."

"How do you know he doesn't like me? That is a very mean thing to say, Tom."

"It's not that, it's just that he doesn't reward power. He doesn't like me - he doesn't reward my intelligence and magical ability. He doesn't even know half the things I can do."

"He doesn't. But I think you may need to be more careful around him, Tom. Dumbledore is a wise man."

"But he is foolish! How can he not praise me? For excelling beyond any other student he has ever seen? Why, no! Dumbledore does not see the potential in me. He does not care, Ella."

"But everyone else knows, Tom. People are afraid of you. They know you are special...I know you're special." She told him as she looked into his eyes.

"If you want me to care, I do." Tom told her.

"Care about me? No. I do not wish for you to care, Tom. My father is gone - he does not wish for me to be with him. My mother is dead, and she won't come back. Me? All I have left is you. Whether you care or not Tom, you're all I have." Ella told him before heading off to bed.

"Wait-" Tom protested as she turned around. "He said that 'The sword is rumoured to present itself to those in need' right? Well maybe we just need to find a situation where we need the sword..."

"You'll figure it out, Tom Riddle. You're a smart boy."


The next morning Ella joined Tom at the Slytherin table as usual. But someone was missing.

"Where's Lestrange?" Ella asked Tom. She knew something was up. Lestrange only listened to one person, and one person only. And that was none other than Tom Riddle, of course.

"Lets just say...I didn't give him any reason to want you." Tom smirked.

"Want me? What did you do, Tom?"

"Oh nothing. He'll be fine."

"He is okay, is he?"

"Of course, Ella. Trust me." Tom smiled evilly. Ella agreed, for she truly trusted the boy.

They ate the breakfast as usual, and headed up to their first class - charms. Charms was always fun because the headmaster was their professor. Dippet usually praised Tom for having an impeccable memory for Charms. Tom smiled as though he was supposed to get all of the attention. Ella sat with him, as usual, as their completed the assignment.

"Now class, as you know, you and your partner must know all of the protection charms and their counter-charms for Year Six by Monday. I want a two foot essay for the both of you. This will count as a part of your OWLs and I hope you do well." Dippet explaned as Ella and Tom got to work.

"Oh, Tom...This is terrible. I don't know much about these types of charms...except for what little we learned last year. We were so caught up in the chamber that I forgot to study..." She told him.

"I can handle this. But I want you to look for more information on the founder's lost treasures. If I can find one..."

"Of course, I'll help you, Tom. But before you forget - I have to remind you that I require your help on finding my father. Whether he wants to see me or not, Abbadon Hazard-Black will pay."

Tom stood up a bit in shock. Pay? Why does she want her father to pay?, Tom thought. "Why do you want him to pay, Ella?"

"For what he did to me. For what he did to my mother. He ruined me. He ruined us. I mean, look at my mum, Tom! She's dead...I cannot feel any distaste towards anyone than I do for him."

"So it's revenge, isn't it?" He asked.

"I do not call it that. He deserves to get what he did to my mother." Ella glared at Tom. "You do understand, don't you?" She asked with wide eyes.

"I do. And I promise you, Ella. You'll get all the revenge in the world on your father...if you listen to me. Put your trust in me - And you will be rewarded. I just need your help first."

"Why can't you tell me what you want with the founder's lost treasures then?" She asked.

"Because that is part of my plan. When it is ready...I will tell you everything."

"Okay Tom." She agreed.

But only Tom knew what he wanted. And that was horcruxes. He wanted power. And he wanted glory.

But most of all, Tom wanted immortality - To live forever.

AN: If you don't remember, Tom had created two horcruxes, Marvolo Gaunt's ring - the summer that Ella came to Wool's orphanage, and the diary, which Tom had created in chapter 16: Release. He does not yet take the appearance of Voldemort- though he is changed.