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Lines on Paper

By Emberlyn Ealise

On another day, in another crowded lunchroom, sits another young girl. This room has no windows to stare out and few enough occupants that she doesn't look secluded just because she's sitting alone. On her table lies a familiar looking notebook which she fills with lines and dots but no words. And behind me I can hear the gossiping of the kitchen staff.

I'll have to pick a better seat tomorrow.

"Is that who I think it is?"

"Do you really have to ask? He's been all over the news for months."

"I heard he killed somebody."

"Try two somebodies."


"Yeah, beating his brother to death with one of his mom's knick-knacks is what got him locked up in the first place."

"I think I caught part of that on the news. It was over some girl or something, right?"

"Sort of, he was in an accident that caused some brain damage that no one caught. I think they skimmed over it since there were no visible signs of trauma. I'm not really sure but from what I've seen of his file he had hallucinations, thought that his brother's fiance was his."

I hear the audible gasp of one of the twits.

"Yeah, then he catches the two of them in passionate embrace and thinks that his brother is raping her so he attacks. The girl got away physically unharmed but his brother didn't stand a chance."

"That's terrible."

"Could you imagine being the girl? Knowing that your fiancé died that night and you just ran? And that he was killed because of you?"

"I'm surprised she didn't end up in a mental hospital."

"Straight from the pages of the devil's book, he is."

"Then what happened?"

"I guess his parents couldn't live with people thinking their son was a murderer so they had him examined and locked up it some minimum security hospital in Washington saying that he wasn't a danger as long as he was medicated."

"I guess he proved them wrong."

"That's the understatement of the year."

They both laugh awkwardly at my expense.

"I know some of the story after that. He met that Swan girl who was like a mixture of schizophrenic and a pathological liar or something, right? Then they started dated and she filled him with all kinds of ideas until he killed her."

"Where do you get this stuff from? Internet blogs."

A grin spreads across my lips just in time for the dark haired Bree Tanner to look up at me from her notebook.

"You're right on all counts but you miss all the juicy details. So, Masen was in therapy with Dr. Cullen because he was being haunted by his brothers ghost-"

"That's the doctor he attacked, right?"

"The very same. Now, Swan was also seeing Dr. Cullen but she was in denial. She was sure that she wasn't sick, blamed everything on everyone else including Masen. When Cullen tried to come between them Swan started accusing him of taking a 'hands on' approach to her."

"So, once again, Masen thought he was protecting her."

"Mhmm. When he went to confront Cullen there was another patient in the office who ran for help but made a pit stop at Swan's room so she was the first on the scene."

One of them scoffs. "That seems reasonable. My doctor's being pummeled by a patient, I should go get the psycho's girlfriend."

"If their brains worked like ours did they wouldn't be here." They stop gossiping for a minute but then got right back to it. "No one knows for sure how the switch was made since all Masen would say was that she lied but somehow the doctor ended up passed out on the floor and Swan was dead, her whole throat crushed."

"It's kind of a twisted Romeo & Juliet, is it not?"

"If they only knew," whispers the beautiful angel at my side.

She's been with me ever since the day; she even made amends with Emmett. Their silent war was really getting on my nerves but things have gotten much better. She laughs at his jokes; he makes fun of her drawings. It's like we're a family now.

"How long do you think it'll take for the newness to wear off? We've been here for over a month now," I ask her wondering when I can return to blending into the scenery.

She laughs, "Enjoy it now, Masen. You're a hot commodity." Her laugh is as enticing as ever.

We like this school much better despite everyone looking at us like we're the rapists in a debtor's prison. There are no one-on-one sessions with a doctor, though it also eliminates the chances of us ever getting out, and there aren't any classes or group sessions of any kind. There's a gym to work out and a library to read as well as movie to watch but no one is required to do anything. I think of it as a lockbox they've put us in to wait until we die. What's the sense in educating or regulating people who will never get out?

Still, we prefer it this way. Everything we ever wanted is here, my brother, my love, mystery meatloaf.

Bella is doodling away next to me providing me with an excellent view of her work at the same time. It's an athletic version of Emmett, complete with shoulder pads and grass stains, alongside a cheerleader version of Bree and her 'pom-poms'. Currently Emmett is laying on every line in the book to get her to crack a smile but to no avail. She's as impervious too him as Suicide Girl was though without the steroid using boyfriend.

He returns to us dragging his wounded pride behind him.

"Struck out?" I ask, unable to hide my smirk.

"Edward," Bella chides but it's already out there.

"She's one of those musically types," he grumbles, "At least, that's the kind of stuff she working on now," he huffs pooping into the seat next to me sandwiching my body between he and Bella's. I know he misses Suicide Girl but I'd hoped Bree would be to him what Bella is to me. I even mused myself into thinking she was an artist too.

I turn to Bella. "I guess it was wishful thinking to believe she could be like you."

She smiles up at me beautifully. "She could be." All three of us turn our eyes to the unsuspecting girl causing her to blush furiously before going back to her notebook. "After all, they're just lines on paper."

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