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"Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time ever, allow me to introduce Rebecca and Brian Potter!"

Loud applause rang throughout the atrium, as the bride and groom entered to Bruno Mars's Marry You. Kurt stood off to the side of the DJ's table, wearing his best D&G charcoal suit and watching the bridal party introduction come to a close with a huge smile on his face. Becca (he had finally caved in and agreed to call her that as part of his and Dave's wedding gift) was a beautiful woman under any circumstances, but today she was positively incandescent. Brian picked her up and swung her around, giving her a deep kiss that resulted in even louder cheers and whoops from the wedding guests. Kurt touched his pocket, feeling the solid shape of Brian's iPhone. That morning, when Kurt had popped into the groom's dressing room to see if the guys needed anything, Brian had handed it to him. "Take this," he said to Kurt, holding it out. "I want you to promise me that I won't get it back until tomorrow afternoon." Kurt had been more than happy to comply.

Right on schedule, the DJ announced that the bride and groom would have their first dance together, and Nora Jones began to sing The Nearness Of You as they went into each other's arms blissfully. Kurt watched them fondly, starting to get a little choked up. They were just so perfect for each other, and so amazingly in love it squeezed Kurt's heart. He noticed movement at his side, and turned to see that Dave had come to stand next to him, looking better in a tux than any man had a right to. "What are you doing?" whispered Kurt. "We went over this. You're supposed to stay over there with the bridal party, not attach yourself to the hired help."

Dave slipped his arm around Kurt. "I still say you should have handed everything over to Darlene for the day, and just come as a guest," he said. He tilted his head so that it rested just a little against Kurt's.

"I wanted both of us on site for this one. Everything has to be perfect for those two." He turned, though Dave's arm still remained around his waist. "Besides, you know me," he said, arching an eyebrow. "Even if I'd tried to come as a guest, I'd be running all over the place handling things anyway. Its better this way, believe me." He leaned up and kissed Dave's smooth cheek. "Now go back over to the wedding party where you're supposed to be." He shook his head, chuckling as Dave made his way back across the room.

More applause came as Becca and Brian's dance came to an end, with Brian dipping Becca down low and kissing her enthusiastically when he brought her back up. Kurt made a mental note to remind Becca to reapply her lipstick once that dancing was done; at this rate, she wouldn't have any left on, eight hour lip sealer or no.

The DJ spoke again. "And now, the bridal party will join our bride and groom for the next song." Because Becca had chosen to have Dave as her Best Man in lieu of a Maid of Honor (she delighted in referring to him in conversation as her "Bro of Honor"), and Brian's brother Joe was his Best Man, they had decided that the mothers of the bride and groom would partner the Best Men. To his credit, Joe had offered to dance with Dave, but was clearly not excited about the idea. He didn't even really feel comfortable dancing with women, let alone an enormous gay ex-hockey player.

The music began, and Kurt's professional demeanor snapped into place immediately. What the… he thought. That's not the right song, it's supposed to be Lean on Me, the Bonnie Tyler version. "Goddammit," he muttered under his breath, looking accusingly at Darlene. She was supposed to have double-checked everything with the DJ while they were waiting for the wedding party to arrive. Kurt was surprised, because Darlene had turned out to be just as great at on-site coordination as he had expected, and a big mistake like this so early in the reception was not like her at all. And her reaction to his death stare was unexpected too; instead of looking alarmed or worried, or taking off to confront the DJ and fix the problem, she stayed on her side of the room and shrugged her dark plum, suit jacketed shouders. Fine, he'd just do it himself. What the hell was this song, anyway? It was a ballad, but with a strong rock feel to it. It even sounded a little familiar, but his mind was occupied with much more pressing matters to think about it much. He stepped forward to approach the DJ, who was about to lose Kurt as a client forever, when he found himself stopped in his tracks by a very large chest. Looking up, he was shocked to see Dave standing there. "Get out of my way," Kurt hissed, in a low whisper. "I have to see the DJ, he's playing the wrong frigging song."

"No, he's not," said Dave. He stepped back a little, and held out his hand to Kurt. "There's been a change of plans, Fancy. Dance with me."

Kurt stared at Dave's hand, then looked up, completely confused. "What? What are you talking about?" He looked over to see that the bridal party was dancing to the song that was playing. All of them, including Becca and Brian, were looking at the two of them with knowing smiles. Totally befuddled, he allowed Dave to take his hand and lead him onto the dance floor. How had he lost control of the perfectly laid out wedding reception so soon? He went dazedly into Dave's arms and began to dance on auto-pilot with him, allowing Dave to lead as thoughts whirled through his head. He was so used to being on top of everything at events, the departure from his plans had him completely discombobulated. Slowly though, the words of the song began to penetrate his haze.

Believe in me, I know you've waited for so long
Believe in me, sometimes the weak become the strong
Believe in me, this life's not always what it seems
Believe in me, 'cause I was made for chasing dreams

Its my life, its my choice
Hear my words, hear my voice
And just believe…

Kurt looked up at Dave, who was smiling and gazing at him so tenderly, he thought his heart might stop in his chest. They continued to dance, and for the first time ever at a wedding, Kurt Hummel completely lost track of everything and everyone around him.

I sit alone and watch the clock, trying to collect my thoughts
And all I think about is you

If you Believe in me, life 's not always what it seems
Believe in me, 'cause I was made for chasing dreams

If you believe in me, I know you've waited for so long
Believe in me, sometimes the weak become the strong
Believe in me, this life's not always what it seems
Believe in me, 'cause I was made for chasing dreams

The song drew to an end, the guitar riff fading out as Dave and Kurt stopped dancing, and just stood there for a moment looking at each other. The room was quiet, except for some low and excited murmurings from the guests. Dave touched Kurt's cheek, and started to drop down to the floor. Kurt immediately associated the movement with the beginning of a blow job, and blushed furiously. What the hell…? He looked down at Dave, and felt a little dizzy as he realized that Dave wasn't on both of his knees, as was customary when he serviced Kurt. He was on one knee.

Before Kurt's astonished eyes, he pulled a small black velvet box out of the back pocket of his tux. He flipped the top open, revealing a white gold beveled men's ring, with three beautifully set, discrete diamonds. Kurt's jaw dropped, mouth hanging open and staring at the ring in total shock. Gasps and giggles rose all around him, but he heard none of it. He brought his eyes from the ring to Dave's face, disbelievingly. Dave was smiling adorably, more pleased then Kurt had ever seen him. He took Kurt's hand with the hand not holding the ring. "I think you know where I might be going with this," he said with a wink. "You know an awful lot about weddings, after all." The guests laughed uproariously, and Kurt's pale face flushed with pink. But then Dave's face grew serious, as the laughter drifted off. He cleared his throat, then looked right into Kurt's eyes. "I love you so much, Kurt Hummel. Will you marry me?"

Kurt felt a buzzing in his ears, and sweat broke out on his forehead. He actually thought he might faint, or throw up, or maybe both. Kurt had heard so many amazing proposal stories over the years, but until this moment had never really understood what an incredible moment it could be. To have Dave, the person he loved most in the world down on his knees in front of a room full of people, asking Kurt to be his partner for the rest of their lives? It was beyond anything Kurt could have ever imagined. It was romantic. It was earth-shatteringly beautiful. It was perfect.

He must have been lost in thought for a while, because he suddenly realized Dave looked a little nervous, and could hear the guests starting to whisper. Kurt smiled, tears coming to his eyes, and he sank to his knees in front of Dave. He brought his free hand to Dave's cheek, hoping that his face and voice could adequately communicate the fathomless love and joy in his heart. "Yes," he said simply, watching as Dave's face broke out in a euphoric expression at the single word. Dave grabbed his shoulders and brought their lips together for a deep, enthusiastic kiss, as the room erupted in applause and cheers. Kurt smiled into the kiss as he heard the DJ begin to play I Was Born To Love You by Queen.

Kurt would later swear that it took him at last five minutes before he started thinking about plans for his own wedding. But it was really more like three.

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