What's better than a little surf, sun and sand? In Cody Maverick's book...nothing! Today however was gonna be the one day that made Cody's life a living hell, now mind you it wasn't ankle snapper's or anything like that, it was more like who made Cody's life a living hell.

It all started on the beach one beautiful summer day, Cody and Lani were catching a few waves when Cody got axed and wiped out! He fell into the water but was OK.

"Are you all right?" asked Lani

"Yeah I'm good" replied Cody as he got back onto his board and began to row ashore

Cody stuck his board in the sand when he saw a penguin just staring at the sea, now this guy had a black surfboard, blond hair and a surfer necklace, Cody decided to approach him;

"Hey man, what ya staring at?" asked Cody

"The sea, it's beautiful" replied the penguin

"Yeah, it certainly is" replied Cody

"Oh, I'm Van by the way, what's your name?" asked Van

"My name's Cody" replied Cody

Cody and Van began to chat for a little bit when Lani had approached, her eyes lit up as soon as she recognized Van.

"VAN! Oh my goodness how long as it been?" exclaimed Lani as she gave Van a big hug

"Lani! Wow...strong greeting from the girl who said she never wanted to see me again" joked Van

"Oh, Van that's old history" chuckled Lani

"Am I missing something here?" chuckled Cody

"Well...Van and I dated at one point, then we had an argument and I vowed that I wouldn't want to see him again but I was angry" replied Lani

"What was the argument about if you don't mind me asking?" asked Cody

"If I could remember, I'd tell you" said Van

"HELP! I'M DROWNING!" yelled a voice

Lani, Van and Cody looked over to notice it was Arnold feigning drowning...yet again, Lani was annoyed.

"Arnold" she angrily thought to herself

"Guys...I'll be right back" said Lani as she went off to rescue Arnold

"Man...isn't she beautiful?" asked Cody

"Shut up" said Van

Cody was dumbfounded at what he had just heard, here he thought Van was a nice guy and he goes off and tells him to shut up!

"Whoa, what the heck is your problem?" exclaimed Cody

"You, you're my problem! I've already known you for five minutes and I don't even like you, don't even think of making any moves on Lani...she's gonna come right back to me!" exclaimed Van

"Hey guys, sorry about that!" exclaimed Lani as she rushed right back to the guys

"Hey, no prob Lani...always the caring type" smiled Van

"Van you're such a flatterer" joked Lani

Cody wanted to desperately say something but he just felt he couldn't because he thought Lani wouldn't believe him because her and Van had history together and such.

"So Van, what brought you here anyways?" asked Lani

"Just needed a new change of scenery" replied Van

"So may I ask, Lani are you and Cody...an item?" asked Van

"For six months now" smiled Lani

"Damn it!" Van angrily thought to himself though he just smiled and nodded

Van, Lani and Cody just walked an talked for a while and Van was putting on the whole "nice guy" act to Cody even though Van didn't like him. Now mind you the feeling wasn't yet mutual because Cody knew Van was trying to show off in front of Lani and Cody really didn't want to open his mouth.

"Hey guys I'll be right back, I gotta hit the bathroom" said Van as he walked away

This gave Cody an ample opportunity to try and talk to Lani about Van;

"So what did you ever see in him anyway?" asked Cody

"Well...when me and Van first met it was at a luau and he was on stage singing that song "Kokomo" boy did he have a voice, well after that he approached me and we began to talk...he was such a great listener and so sweet. Then one thing led to another and we began to date, but for some reason we had an argument and we split...I can't remember it though" said Lani

"So you don't remember why you guys split?" asked Cody

"Cody it was ages ago" chuckled Lani

Van had returned from his little bathroom break and saw Cody and Lani chatting

"So what're you two chatting about?" asked Van

"Oh nothing much, Cody was just asking about the first time we met" replied Lani

"Ah...what a night that luau was!" exclaimed Van

"Yeah, it was fun" replied Lani

"I'll bet it was" said Cody

"Dude just shut up!" Van angrily thought to himself

In his mind Van was destined to break Lani and Cody up, no matter what the cost...because in his mind Van always got his way!

(A/N) Hey guys I'm back! I was on hiatus for the new year, how's 2011 so far? Hope it's good and I just saw "Surf's Up" for the first time in a while and I decided to write this...I hope ya like it and there's more to come! AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A VERY HAPPY 2011!