The luau was just a mere hour away and Cody had everything he needed to see Van's downfall, he had Van's current girlfriends a two guys who think Van is the biggest prick on the planet! The plan was foolproof.

"I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees us!" exclaimed Marina

"He's gonna be so humiliated" added Savannah

"I can't wait!" squealed Skye

"We'll make him regret being born!" exclaimed Summer

"His voice is so angelic" said Roxy

The other four girls were cross;

"You know he's the enemy right?" exclaimed Savannah

"Um...of course" said Roxy nervously

"Well then he's going down!" exclaimed Summer

"Um...right! DOWN WITH VAN!" exclaimed Roxy

"Much better" added Skye


Van was prepping for the luau and Lani was watching;

"I can't wait to hear you sing" said Lani

"I know, then after the luau maybe we could sit, have a [nonalcoholic] drink and maybe one thing could lead to another" smiled Van

Lani chuckled and shook her head in agreement as Van went back to practice with his band mates;

"Alright guys from the top" said Van

Van and his band resumed practice and unknown to Van he was about to be in a world of trouble.


"Well, the luau is in fifteen minutes we should head there" said Cody

"Yep, that punk won't know what hit him!" exclaimed Isaac

"Well...I don't want to see him too hurt" said Roxy shyly

This really ticked the other girls off;

"Roxy! Do you have coral where your brains should be? Van's a bastard!" exclaimed Savannah

"Yeah, if he loved any of us don't you think he'd be with us?" added Skye

"I agree, he deserves to be punished!" added Summer

"What do you still see in him?" asked Marina

"Well...I don't know, he told me himself he loved me" replied Roxy

"He told that to all of us, he played us all for fools and now we're gonna expose him for the cheater he really is" replied Marina

"Yeah, besides he's a loser and you deserve better" added Savanna

Roxy began to cry a little bit but she had her girlfriends there to cheer her up, and she was in with the plan!

"All right, well let's go" said Brodie

They all did so, the time was near...Van was going down!


It was time for the luau, there was partying and dancing, eating and music! Van wasn't scheduled to go on stage for a half hour, so he figured he'd try and sweet talk Lani a little more;

"Just like old times" said Van

"I know, I'm getting the chills!" exclaimed Lani

"You? I feel as nervous as I did when we first met" joked Van

"You'll be fine, besides I can't wait to hear that angelic voice" replied Lani

"You always know how to make me feel good" chuckled Van as he gave Lani a kiss

"So what song are you gonna sing first?" asked Lani

"Kokomo is gonna be the main event" replied Van

"Oh, you're singing it last?" asked Lani

"Well yeah, I figure a special song for a special lady deserves to be hyped" replied Van

"Oh Van, such a flatterer" chuckled Lani


"Finally after a five year hiatus, they're back...give it up for Van and the Beach Heads!" exclaimed the announcer

"Well, wish me luck" said Van as he kissed Lani on the cheek, grabbed his guitar and headed on stage where his band mates awaited him

"Hey everybody...gosh five years go by quick, well...I've kept you waiting, so I got a little song for you!" exclaimed Van as he began to sing "Wouldn't It Be Nice?"

Lani was so excited to hear him sing...but little did Van know that Cody, Brodie, Isaac and his five current girlfriends were in the vicinity!

"He's up on stage" said Cody as he noticed Van on stage

"Oh that voice..." said Roxy but she got cut off by Skye

"Roxy, if you compliment him one more time so help me I will pound you into the sand with your board!" exclaimed Skye

"I was gonna say his voice sounds like garbage, not how I remember it" replied Roxy

"Much better" replied Skye

"Alright so we all know what to do right? Once he finishes..." but Cody got cut off by Savannah

"Cody, relax we have the plan down cold" said Savannah

"Yeah, don't worry all you need to do is sit back and relax" added Marina


Van had finished "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" and had finished singing "Surfing USA" now it was time for the big finale..."Kokomo"

Van began to sing and it was just as Lani remembered it, and just as promised every time Van sang the line "pretty mama" he looked right at Lani.

"Still the dreamboat I remember" Lani thought to herself

Meanwhile...Savannah, Skye, Summer, Marina and Roxy were sneaking through the crowd to get backstage because after Van was done they were gonna expose him! Unknown to Van...his five girlfriends were about to ruin him for good! Well Van had finished the song and the girls had gotten on stage...when Van looked to his left and saw them, his jaw hit the ground! The whole crowd grew silent;

"Happy to see us baby?" said Skye sarcastically

"Baby?" Lani thought to herself confused

"Yeah Van...didn't you miss us?" added Savannah

Lani was confused;

"Van...who are they?" asked Lani

"Um...uh...nobody! Just friends!" stuttered a panicky Van

"Oh really? So I was just your friend when you sang Kokomo to me last year?" exclaimed Marina

"Or me five months ago?" exclaimed Summer

"Or me last month?" exclaimed Roxy

Lani was getting angry at Van;

"Van! Wasn't Kokomo our song?" exclaimed Lani

Van stuttered on stage, he was nervous as all heck!
" see...I" stuttered Van

Lani had climbed up on stage to confront him;

"You know what? I thought you had changed, I thought you wanted me back! To think I broke it off with Cody just to be with you...I regret that decision and Van as far as I'm concerned, you and I...ARE THROUGH!" exclaimed Lani as she slapped Van across his face in front of a whole crowd...who got a kick out of Van's humiliation!

Cody, Brodie and Isaac had approached the stage and Lani noticed Cody;

"Cody! I was a fool...could you ever forgive me?" pleaded Lani

"You know it" replied Cody as him and Lani shared a kiss

"Oh V-a-a-a-a-n!" taunted his five current girlfriends

"Oh crud!" Van exclaimed as he ran off in humiliation

"THIS AIN'T OVER!" exclaimed Van running off the stage with the girls in hot pursuit!


(A/N) Well looks like Van got his comeuppance after all and Cody and Lani are back together! But what did Van mean by..."This ain't over"? I wonder! Also "Kokomo" "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" and "Surfing USA" are all songs owned by the Beach Boys...the only things I own in this story are; Van, Brodie, Isaac, Skye, Savannah, Summer, Marina and Roxy! Well thanks for reading and I hope you review rock!