"You saw a what?"

Tommy glared at his phone as Merton's voice filtered loudly through it and timidly put it back to his head and mumbled, "Unicorn."

"As in, a horse with a protruding horn coming from-approximately- the middle of it's head? That what I'm gettin' from ya?"

"Yeah. I..I guess." Tommy confirmed, being the first one to not want to accept what he'd seen.

"On a beach. That beach. Your beach, the one your vacationing on?" Merton's voice grew steadily more excited as each word toppled out from between his darkly painted lips.

"Yes Merton," Tommy rolled his eyes in annoyance and looked through the large hotel lobby doors and out onto the beach. The creature wasn't in sight and the teen breathed a sigh of relief. "But, um, that's not all. It's hairless."

"Hairless?" Merton sounded suddenly confused and Tommy knew even though he couldn't see his friend that he was making that twisted up little curious face he often made, "Like, bald?"

"Yes Mert. Bald."

"So, let me get this straight. There's a hairless unicorn...on a beach. Hairless. Unicorn. On a beach."

"Yes. Also it seems to be invisible to everyone but me."

"I'll be right there."

"No way!" Tommy suddenly shouted then stopped and looked around at the confused passerby. He offered them one of his winning apologetic-shy-jock smiles. "No Mert." Quieter this time he hissed, "I'm supposed to be on vacation with my folks. If you randomly show up, they'll know something weird is going on for sure."

Merton looked at the phone and pressed his lips out in a pout before sighing, shaking his head, and replying, "Fine, fine! I'll stay here and...research. In the meantime don't worry. If nobody else can see it there's no risk of exposure and standard unicorn lore suggests that their standardly very friendly creatures. Naked or not, it should be safe."

"Thanks buddy. Let me know if you find anything," Tommy sighed with relief and turned once more to gaze out the glass doors to the beach. The smile on his face quickly dwindled as there, staring back at him, looking a little more than hostile, was the hairless unicorn. It's red eyes appeared to be half hidden beneath not-quite eyebrows as it glared intently at the werewolf on the other side of the glass. Tommy swallowed thickly and pressed his back nervously to the service desk. "And Merton?"

"Yeah pal?"

"Be quick about it."

My first BWOC fic! Not what I had originally planned. But today's prompt from my dear Sin was (guess what?) "Hairless Unicorn..on a Beach".
I HAD to use these two. I hope everyone else can read Merton's dialog the way I intended it. He's so expressive it's hard to put in words. But I tried. I love this thing despite it's stupid. Read and Review if you desire. Also I'm doing 500 words a day and I need prompts. So feel free to give me those too :)