When I was sixteen I fell in love with the most amazing girl I have ever met. Most of my other relationships didn't work like I wanted them too. There was something about her that made me so damn happy and grateful that I met her. Her brown hair, blue-green eyes, pink lips… April was perfect.

On Christmas eve we were planning on spending it together. I wanted to spend it alone with her, but she thought it was a good idea to introduce her to my mom. My dad's no longer with us… but fortunately my mom has found someone that will be there for her and love her after 10 years of mourning. It was raining, April was on her way to my house. I waited and waited but she never came.

The next day I called her and it went straight to her voice-mail, April's sweet voice…was so intoxicating, I adore it. The cops came to my doorstep and knocked on the door. I was confused at first and told myself that it was a dream. I ran to my room. I called her again and again for hours… The cops told me she had died in a car accident. A drunk driver crashed into her car and she didn't make it.. I looked at the ceiling for hours, tears running slowly down my face. I couldn't believe it. She's dead… I would've stopped at nothing for her.