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Harry had a son named Henry by a woman named Rose by giving him her sperm when her family was killed during a Death Eater raid. After a night together, Draco became pregnant with Harry's baby but neglected to tell him for a while. Yes, this is a mpreg fic.

The Things We Do_ Chapter 1,

by DraconisPotter

Harry walked into the bathroom adjoined to their bedroom to find Draco soaking in a bath.

Harry stood rigid, holding his breath and waited…

"Well…?" Draco dragged the word staring at Harry purposely.

"Well what?" Harry bit out irritably. It might have seemed cruel to be snapping at the man currently carrying his child, but Harry had gone through this ritual every time he had come home, with a different outcome every time.

The paranoia of his lover's reaction to his presence was really grating on his nerves.

Draco's eyes suddenly flooded with tears at Harry's tone. Then the tears vanished and a frown creased Draco's brow and his lips thinned into an almost invisible line. Then he just looked confused.

"Do you want to shag?" Draco finally asked.

Harry stared, slack jawed in amazement at the sudden mood swings. Then he shrugged, "Yeah."

Like every morning since they had started sharing the same bed, Draco woke to the feeling of Harry rubbing his stomach. His touch was so calm and soothing, barely even there, that Draco found himself drifting back to sleep because of it. But lately he would resist the temptation because Harry had begun talking to their unborn son.

"And when you're old enough," Harry murmured, obviously thinking Draco was still asleep, "I'm going to get you a little bike, one just like I always wanted as a kid. And I'm going to teach you how to ride, just like I always wanted to." Draco had no idea what a "bike" was but he could tell by the tone of Harry's voice that it something really important to him.

"You're granddad Malfoy is going to be more than a little miffed that I'm teaching you so many muggle things, so that will make it so much more fun, won't it little man?" Draco smiled into his pillow when he heard this. He supposed he should have been a little more upset that his husband and father did not get along but it was quite funny to see them sparing with each other sometimes. Besides, it was just a little bit of rivalry. Nothing like before when they had nothing but hatred for the other.

Husband, he liked calling Harry that. Molly and his mother had taught it unacceptable for their grandchild (even if, technically, Molly was only Harry's surrogate mother) to be born while he and Harry were unmarried; but Draco had refused to walk down the aisle in his current state, even if his condition could be hidden with Disillusionment charms (not that he was too fond of hiding his child, either). So they had all compromised by having a small bonding ceremony now (which only his and Harry's parents witnessed), to make things official. The great, big grand wedding was to be held after the baby's birth. At this point Draco couldn't have cared less; he had Henry, whom he considered his own, he had his and Harry's baby coming on the way, and, now, he had Harry. What did an official ceremony matter if he felt his life already complete?

"Draco." Draco was a little startled when Harry whispered into his ear. Maybe he had fallen asleep after all. When Harry received no response, he began to trail little kisses down Draco's neck, rubbing his sides gently, making Draco moan his gratitude.

"Harry…" Draco gasped when Harry gently squeezed his morning erection. Draco still marveled at the endurance this pregnancy had given his libido. Just the night before he and Harry had made love twice and here he was ready to go again. He pushed himself into his husband's touch, inviting more of Harry's caress.

"It's time to wake up love." Harry chuckled into his ear.

Draco groaned. "Tease." But got up with Harry anyway, it was time to wake Henry up.

"Daddy! Draco! Look what I did!" Henry bounced off his seat at the table, clutching his bowl full of cereal and shoving it towards Harry and Draco who had just entered the kitchen.

Draco gasped as he took in the scene of a tipped over cereal box that was still spilling some cereal onto the floor and an open milk with a puddle of the white substance pooled on the counter.

Apparently, Henry had made his own breakfast.

Draco looked down at little boy holding up the cereal bowl to him, his big green eyes shining with pride and his mouth curved up into a big grin, waiting for Draco's approval.

Draco melted instantly (a reaction that he always protested to Harry was the direct result of his pregnancy).

"Wow! That's… that's great!" Draco praised, ignoring his aching back to bend over and ruffle the tuft of wild, black hair that Henry had inherited from his father. "I'm really proud of you."

Harry, who was standing behind Draco, laughed then kneeled in front of the little boy. "I'm proud of you too, little man, and I know that you want to help out but how about, next time you let us make breakfast, okay?" When Henry's face dropped a little with a silent little, "Okay," Harry hastily added, "But you can help with cleaning up."

"Uh huh," Draco nodded along Harry, "that's much more grownup than making breakfast." The smile came back on Henry's face in a flash as he hurried back to the table to finish his breakfast. The faster he finished, the faster he could start helping.

Draco looked upon the boy fondly as Harry made his breakfast of fruits and juice (suggested by their mediwitch). Ever since they had sat Henry down and explained to him clearly what being a big brother entitled, Henry had been volunteering to help with everything, to show that he was "big brother material". It was the cutest thing he had ever seen and thinking about it always warmed his heart.

Actually, now that he thought about it, a lot of things warmed his heart these days. Watching Harry cater to him, as he was doing now. Molly and his mother coming over almost every day at lunch time with, either, new ideas for his and Harry's upcoming wedding, or little gifts for Henry or the coming baby. Even Lucius' rare visits in which (if can you believe it) Lucius would play in the backyard with Henry. Never would he forget the evening when Henry had run in the house, with a mud covered Lucius following, to show Draco the mud pies they had made.

Harry set a plate full of meticulously chopped fruit in front of him then kissed him on the forehead before beginning work on his own breakfast. That warm feeling welled up in Draco again and he discreetly swiped at his eyes with the sleeve of his pajamas before digging into his food.

He groaned inwardly, being around these two was turning him into a Hufflepuff!

Draco glanced at the picture of a perfectly formed "sandcastle", a muggle creation that he had just recently learned of, then turned to his own poorly constructed castle (if you could call it that) that sagged miserably. Pouting at his own inability to do something so seemingly simply, he snuck a glance at where Harry and Henry were collaborating to make their own just a few feet from him.

Why, oh why had agreed to enter a sandcastle building contest against the two brunettes? Pride, that's what it was. As soon as they had gotten on the beach Henry had started chattering about grandpa Weasley's stories about sandcastles (Draco cursed Weasleys and their muggle-loving ways!), which had led to Harry boasting about his own sandcastle building abilities. And, Draco couldn't let Harry show him up, now could he? So ignoring the fact that he knew next to nothing about sandcastles (why anyone would want a castle made out of sand, was beyond him), he had challenged Harry to a contest, exclaiming with false confidence that he could win even against Henry and Harry put together.

Besides, it was just a matter of arranging sand together in a shape of a building, right? How hard could that be?

Looking at his mess of a castle, Draco realized how hard it was, indeed.

His pout became more pronounced as he reflected on what had even led to him sitting on a beach in Spain.

Although Blaise was usually the one that handled most of the details concerning their club, the Masquerade, Draco was the majority financial provider; therefore it was inevitable that Draco would hold some responsibilities. Which was why Draco had invited Blaise over for dinner, bringing the work to Draco rather than the blond going to the office (which Harry had insisted that he not do during the pregnancy).

"What have you been up to, Hen?" Blaise asked Henry, who was sitting next to him, concentrating fiercely on cutting his meat himself. Like everyone else who had come encounter with the boy, Blaise had been unable to resist the boy's charm.

After successfully slicing an appropriately sized piece of meat and popping it into his mouth then making a big show of swallowing it (because grownups don't talk with food in their mouth), Henry turned to his "Uncle Blaise" and began delving all the adult things that he had been doing lately.

Blaise listened to the little boys rambling dutifully, making mock-shocked faces at all the boy's accomplishments. He waited until Henry turned back to his meal then turned to Draco. "And what about you, Draco? Did you think about what I said?"

"Oh, come off it, Blaise!" Draco rolled his eyes, obviously exasperated.

Harry who had only been half listening, half eating, raised his head.

"What were you two talking about?" Harry darted his eyes between the two of them then narrowed his eyes at Blaise suspiciously. Even though it had been months since the Prophet published a photo of Draco and Blaise making out, Harry was still suspicious of the two's close relationship. Draco was more than a little surprised of Harry's jealous side but it pleased him to no end- not that he would ever admit it.

"It's nothing," Draco answered dismissively, "Blaise has this ridiculous idea-"

"Actually," Blaise interrupted, scowling at Draco," I had a great idea that you two should go on a honeymoon, with Henry, of course."

Harry frowned, thinking on it. Blaise took this as encouragement and continued to explain.

"My family has a beach house in Spain, right next to the beach. It's beautiful and big- the perfect place for you two to relax and for little Henry to play. It's a good idea, is it not?"

Draco glanced at Harry and he could see his husband warming up to the idea. He felt a jolt of excitement course through him because even though he had told Blaise that the idea was completely ridiculous, the idea had begun to sound better the more Blaise raved about it. Besides, he loved Spain.

Draco hated Spain- with it's stupid beaches with uncooperative sand that refused to conform into the shape of castles and it's hot, young beach goers that aimed to entice innocent ex-Gryffindors from their poor pregnant husbands.

Harry had claimed that those little trollops hadn't fazed him in the least but Draco didn't care.

The pout that he had been wearing for the last hour since he had lost to Henry and Harry in the sand castle building contest became more pronounced as another hot little Spanish boy in nothing but tight swimming trunks walked past the balcony of Blaise's family beach house.

Whose stupid idea was it to building this house practically in the middle of the beach, anyway?

"Draco!" Draco heard Harry calling him, "Cocoa's ready!"

He turned away from his vigilance, temporarily distracted by the enticement hot chocolate provided. Draco padded into the living room, rubbing his now very prominent belly (a habit he had developed recently that, strangely, pleased Harry to no end). Harry greeted him with a kiss then placed a finger to his lips while handing Draco a steaming cup.

"Shh," Harry whispered and then turned, pointing his finger in the direction of the floor where Henry was sprawled, clinging to a blanket. "Isn't that cute?"

"Yeah," Draco smiled; it was one of the cutest things he had ever seen. This time he blamed the warm feeling welling up inside of him on the hot cocoa.


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