You can't go home again

Maggie's daughter, Sarah, comes home for the first time in fifteen years. Maggie isn't sure how to merge her past and present lives, including her affair with Victor.

I don't own anyone from Days. I also don't really know the character of Sarah, so any feedback would be helpful.

"Maggie-"Victor murmured in his sleep, reaching for his girlfriend of four months. Not finding her, he woke up, annoyed. Victor sighed and threw on a robe.

"Maggie?" Victor walked into the kitchen, where Maggie was cleaning the oven. "Is the gas on? Because I know you're nervous about this…"

"Don't even go there. I couldn't sleep," Maggie said.

"I noticed. I woke up, cold and lonely. Come back to bed." Victor sat down.

"Mmmm…." Maggie sat on Victor's lap. She kissed him. Victor smiled.

"We're alone."

"Which we won't be tomorrow. So, Mr. Kiriakis, do you have any ideas?" Maggie asked softly.

"Do you want to go back to bed?" Victor asked.

"I see no need."

"Maggie, we need to get softer kitchen chairs if you want to get adventurous again," Victor groaned.

"I know. So we did the kitchen, the bedroom, the den…."

"….bathroom, living room, and office. I think we are doing good on your quest on making love in each room."

"Thank you for joining me on the quest. It's more fun with you."

Victor laughed. "I hope so."

"Should we go back to bed?" Maggie asked.

"Sounds good."

"Maggie, you need to get up. You have to open Chez Rouge in two hours," Victor shook his lover awake.

"Mmm, no."

"Mmmm, yes. Get up because Sarah will be here for lunch at noon," Victor reminded Maggie.

"Ah. I have that today. I'm sick," Maggie pulled the covers over her head.

"Margaret Elizabeth Horton. You cannot be serious. If I have to go to have dessert with your estranged daughter, you're coming."

"We can just go to some Greek island and get marry instead," Maggie offered.



"Sure, honey. We'll hop on a jet and be in Greece tonight, planning to be married by tomorrow. Then tomorrow morning when you wake up and have the same issues about us getting married, we'll come home tomorrow night, still not married. Get dress. We have things to do today."

"You are the most frustrating man," Maggie said.

"And you love me," Victor reminded Maggie. Maggie laughed and kissed Victor.

"I do love you."

A slender red head entered the restaurant and scanned the room for her mother. She spoke to the maître, who pointed her towards a table near the back.

"Mother! Hello."

"Sarah, honey, how are you?" Maggie said, smiling.

"Good. It's good to be backing home. So, this is Chez Rouge?"

"Yeah, this is the restaurant. Let me show you around," Maggie said.

"So," Sarah said, opening a menu, "is the Greek joining us?"

"Yes, Victor will be joining us for dessert, darling," Maggie said.

"Great." Sarah smiled although fake.

"Sarah, I know Victor has done some things in the past, but I love him. Hopefully you can eventually accept that," Maggie said.

"It's just so unexpected. Are you sure the grief from Dad and Grandma didn't impair your sense of judgment?" Sarah asked.

"Sarah, I know what I'm doing. I also know my life over the past four years has changed," Maggie said.

"And I haven't been around," Sarah said.

"I didn't say that," Maggie said.

"You didn't have to. What are your future plans with Victor?" Sarah asked bluntly.

"I don't know."

"Are you going to marry him?"

Maggie laughed. "That is the million dollar question. But no, not right now. We're fine being not married. We might consider co-habitation but with our track records, I don't think we would get married. Unless I might be force to testify against him in court."

"Well, considering his history…" Sarah murmured.

"What about my history?" Victor asked.

"Sarah thinks I might marry you in order to avoid testify against you," Maggie explained.

"Well, that's a tactic I haven't considered yet. Hello, you must be Sarah," Victor said.

"You must be the Greek, I mean, Victor," Sarah said.

"I've been called worse. Often by your mother," Victor said.

"Victor…" Maggie warned. "Would you like to sit down?"

Victor flashed on the morning's earlier activities and smirked. "Of course."

Maggie could only pray she would get though the meal.

"You're doing better on the baklava, Maggie," Victor complimented her.

"Must be your cooking classes, Victor," Maggie said.

Sarah bit back a rude remark.

"So in your travels, have you gotten to Greece yet?" Victor asked.

"No, I seemed to miss that country," Sarah said, which confused Maggie.

"Sarah, you were there in 2006 for the conference on AIDS. Sarah works for the World Health Organization," Maggie said.

"I'm sorry. I need to leave," Sarah said, overwhelmed.

"Uh, o.k. I'll see you later," Maggie said, confused.

After her daughter left, Maggie turned to Victor.

"That went well."

"Honey, give her time," Victor comforted her.

"She was her daddy's girl. Mickey might've not been her biological father but Sarah adored him," Maggie said, sadly.

"Must've been nice," Victor said, wistfully, thinking of Isabella.

"She was so crushed at his funeral. And now…"

"The Greek is dating her mother," Victor said.

"Yeah, we're not using the nickname."

"But I like it."

Maggie rolled her eyes. "You give me enough to deal with."