"I can't believe you two are leaving already. Your visits are never long enough," Maggie cried, hugging her daughters.

"Well, you could visit me in Nashville and Sarah in Haiti once in a while," Melissa pointed out.

"I do have access to a private jet now," Maggie said, her eyes twinkling at Victor.

"I'm sure we can work something out," Victor said.

"Mom, it was good to see you. I'm happy we could talk about things," Sarah said.

"Me, too, sweetheart. I love you so much," Maggie kissed her daughter.

"Mom, I love you. Please don't start dating Stefano in my absent," Melissa said, teasingly.

"I don't think Victor will let me. Sarah, make sure you stay safe."

"I will, Mom. But we really need to go," Sarah grabbed her bags. Melissa followed her sister out to the car. Maggie closed the door behind them, sighing.

"It's nice when they visit but it's also nice when they leave," Maggie said, smiling at Victor. Victor simply looked at Maggie, with a glint in his eye.

"What are you thinking?" Maggie asked, suspiciously.

"Well, two things actually. One, we're alone and well, you know what I usually think when we're alone," Victor said, ducking down for a quick kiss.

"Yes, I do," Maggie laughed. She led Victor to the couch where she snuggled in her lover's arms. "The second thing?"

"I was wondering if you want to go ring shopping today."

"I thought you already bought our rings," Maggie said, confused.

"Well, I did but I was thinking maybe you would like input. Actually I would like to have rings made," Victor said.

"We can do that?" Maggie was intrigued.

"I'm Victor Kiriakis. I can do anything, remember?"

"Anything?" Maggie asked.

Victor merely smiled and kissed Maggie.

"You just called a guy and now I'm playing with rubies. Dating you has its peaks," Maggie mused.

"It does. But you should probably stop playing. It's bad form, darling," Victor said.

"O.k. It's just fun," Maggie grinned.

"First time?" Robert asked.

"Yeah," Victor smiled indulgently.

"After looking at the design you gave me, I think I can make something suitable. I must say, Victor, your fiancé this time is a lot more subtle. It's a nice change from the ostentatious designs your fiancées usually required," Robert said.

Maggie smirked at Victor, who merely shrugged.

"We can do the ivy in silver and then filled in the rest with diamonds and rubies. Do you need an engagement ring?"

"He actually never proposes seriously. Are you going to do that?" Maggie asked.

"I propose every month. You never accept. But I assume you will eventually, right?" Victor said.

"Maybe. But honey, I don't need engagement ring. Just a wedding band is enough for me," Maggie said.

"When is the wedding?" Robert asked.

Victor looked at Maggie, who seemed surprised at the question.

"We haven't set the date yet. But I might just whisk her off to Greece one day and marry her," Victor said.

"I might let you," Maggie said.

This time Victor was surprised and grinned.

"Well, we'll call you when the rings are ready. Congratulations," Robert said.

Victor sat down in Maggie's kitchen and smiled at Maggie as she made coffee.

"What?" Maggie asked.

"I believe you agreed to marry me. I get to be happy about that," Victor said.

"You do? Well, I suppose you can be. But I want a small wedding," Maggie warned.

"Just you and me, couple dozen Hortons, my sons and grandchildren…" Victor mused.

"In Greece…." Maggie said.

"Greece?" Victor asked.

"You mentioned Greece today and the more I think about it, I just want to elope and go on a honeymoon," Maggie said.

"So when are you thinking of this vacation?" Victor asked.

"Summer in two years," Maggie said. Victor made a face.

"Two years? But I thought we would be married before that," Victor asked.

"Honey, I want to let things settle down some. The girls need time to adjust to you and I want to enjoy being engaged. But I'm saying yes," Maggie said.

"Yes, you'll marry me. I guess that's the important part," Victor said.

"Mmm-mmm. And you know we can start enjoying being engaged anytime you want," Maggie grinned.

"Like right now?"

"Like right now…" Maggie agreed, before kissing Victor.

"I think I'm going to enjoy being engaged," Victor said, as Maggie led him upstairs.

Maggie's laugh was his only answer.