Act Four

Layla let out a breath before repeating what she just said. "Go out with me ... on a date." She said, more clearly this time.

Sora felt her jaws slacken as her eyes widen in bewilderment while staring at the blonde. And before she knew it, she found herself running away from the older girl.

Layla watched as Sora disappeared from her sight. "I guess I made the wrong move."She thought dejectedly as she recomposed herself to hide the pain that she felt when the love of her life runs away from her. Before she too, left the training room.

"God! I'm such an idiot!"Sora thought as she stopped running and started bashing her head on the wall when she realizes how stupid her action was. "Stupid, stupid..."

"Bashing your head on that wall is not the solution to your problem." Fool's voice said, jerking Sora away from the wall before she truly breaks her skull by continuously bashing her head on it.

"Fool!" Sora exclaimed in anger but let her herself relax as she rest her back against the wall and let out sigh. "I'm such an idiot..." she said and looked at the fairy floating in front of her.

"Indeed you are, Sora. What are you thinking running away like that after the girl of your dreams finally asked you out on a date?" Fool said as he crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head to show his confusion at the Japanese girl's action.

"I was surprised, alright. So I freaked out. I mean. Who wouldn't? Its Layla san and she's asking me out on a date."

"Is it really that surprising for Layla to ask you on a date?" asked Fool as he pulled out his cards and spread it all in front of the lilac haired girl. "Hmm... it looks like that not only the Sagittarius was suffering from conflicting emotions but the Leo as well." He said thoughtfully and eyed Sora inquisitively.

"I'm not suffering from anything, Fool." Sora said as she rolled her eyes and pushes herself away from the wall and walked towards the building's lobby. Unaware that someone was watching her from the very beginning.

"Interesting" Kalos thought as he rubs his chin.

"Morning everyone..." Sora greeted her friends as she joined them on their usual table in the cafeteria, after getting breakfast for herself.

"Whoa! What happened to you?" exclaimed May when she saw the dark circles around Sora's eyes.

"I didn't get much sleep last night." Said Sora and smiled meekly at the Chinese girl.

"Well that's not good. You should take good care of yourself! What will Layla san say if she sees you looking like this? And look at your skin. It's dry!" May continued to rant and started fussing around Sora as she feed the helpless Japanese girl with vegetables and fruits that she grabs out of nowhere. "Starting today, I am going to cook your meals!" she declared and scowled at Sora when the other girl looks at her in protest.

"I understand your concerns, May. But really I'm fine." Sora said to soothe the Chinese girl's worry after swallowing the spoonful of food that the other girl had shove into her mouth. "And I'm glad that you still cares for me after all the incidents that had happened between us." She said with a smile but instead of answering. May shove another spoonful of food into her mouth. She chewed on the food without any further protests when she saw the faint blush that had appeared on the Chinese girl's cheeks, a proof that the girl had change over the years. But her eventful breakfast is about to be cut when Ken entered the cafeteria looking for her.

"Thank goodness. I finally found you, Sora."

"You're looking for me?"

"Yes. Boss wants to see you ASAP."


"He didn't say. He just told me to find you and meet him in his office."

"Thank you for the meal, May." Sora thanked the Chinese girl as she stood up from her seat and walks out of the cafeteria followed by Ken.

Ken nervously looks around as he followed Sora down the hall way towards Kalos office while contemplating on how to ask the Kaleido star out on a date. True that they went out before in the past but that will never be considered as a date since the Japanese girl thought that it was just an outing between friends. They even got themselves involved in a bank robbery. Thankfully, Sora was able to persuade the robber to surrender by proving him that even if you fail in life, there still hope as long that you don't let go of your dreams and it only made him fall deeply for the girl. But luck is not on his side that day because when he finally gathered the courage he needed to ask the lilac girl. They already reached Kalos office and Sora wave's goodbye to him.


"You called me, Boss?" asked Sora as she entered Kalos office and stood right in front of the man's desk.

"Yes." Kalos said as he leans forward and entwined his fingers on top of his desk. "Changes have been made on our upcoming show." He said and motioned for the young star to take a seat.

"What kind of changes?" Sora asked and sat down on the couch.

"Sora Naegino will be on indefinite leave starting today."


"And Sebastian Guillem will replace her during her absence."

"Eh?" Brown eyes blink once, twice then thrice before a loud "EEEEHHHH?" can be heard from Kalos office. "Why?" she asked confused once she calmed herself down.

"Because you're not making any progress with your acting and we only got ten days left before Mia will release the official script for Kaleido stage's next production."

"But what reason am I going to tell the others about my sudden leave?"

"You don't have to worry about that. I will handle everything." Kalos said and waited for Sora to say anything and when the lilac girl didn't say a word, he continued. "Once you leave my office I want you to change into your Sebastian garb and find Sarah. I already informed her about Sora's absence and the move in of the new performer Sebastian Guillem. Sarah and the others don't know about Sebastian's real identity so it's still a secret between the three of us, you, Mia and me." He paused and looked warningly at the Japanese girl. "I don't want other people discovering that Sebastian Guillem was actually Sora Naegino. Do you understand me?"


"Good. Because if someone else's discovered who you are, consider yourself fired from Kaleido stage."

Sora looked at her Boss shocked and wanted to argue but when she saw the seriousness in his eyes, she relented silently and nodded. "Yes, Boss."


"Your Boss must have sense that you are having emotional turmoil lately." Fool said as he floats next to Sora while the Japanese girl stared at her reflection in the mirror inside her dressing room.

"I'm not having emotional turmoil." Sora denied as she comb her shoulder length lilac hair. "What do you think? Should I cut my hair short then dyed it?"

"Then why did you run away from Layla?" asked Fool with arched brow. "There's no need to cut your hair, since you can always use a wig to hide it. As for colouring your hair, I highly recommend it."

"Like I've said before I freak out." Sora said and avoided Fool's searching eyes. "But what colour should I use?"

Fool let out a sigh. "Why don't you try brown? It's the same colour with your wig." he said and sat down on Sora's shoulder. "Tell me, Sora. Are you in love with Layla?" he asked and found himself flying out of the room. "Wrong question...'

Once Fool was out of the room Sora stared at her reflection in the mirror quizzically. "Am I in live with Layla san?' she pondered and shook her head in denial. 'Not possible.' She answered and grabs the scissor on top of her dresser and started cutting her hair.

Every pair of eyes in the training room looked at Kalos as he entered the room. 'Gather up! I have announcement to make.' he said out-loud and waited as everyone gathered around in front of him. He looks around until his gaze settled on a boy with short brown hair. 'Sebastian, come here.' the boy step forward and stood next to him. 'I'm sure everyone in this room had already met Sebastian.' He said and everyone nodded. 'Good because Sora will not be joining us for awhile and Sebastian will be taking the role of one of the leads on our next production. So I want everyone to help him out.' He announced, causing a ruckus around except for Layla who was standing on the back impassively. He waited for everyone to quiet down before he spoke again. 'Sora will be back a week before our presentation.' He added and walked out of the room.

Layla went over to Sebastian once Kalos was out of sight. 'Are you available tonight?' she whispered and Sebastian looked at her surprised, 'are you?'


'Then meet me outside after practice.'


Layla didn't let Sebastian to finish his sentence and cuts him off. 'Come one we'll practice together. I'll see what you can do.' She said turning around and walk toward the metallic ladder.

Sebastian shook his head, breaking his reverie and followed Layla with excitement, casting off the worries for later to ponder. 'What do you want me to do, Layla san?'

'I want to test your stamina first before we try something else.' Layla replied as she climbed the ladder. Sebastian followed her lead silently and when they reached the top, she gestured for him to jump on one of the trapeze. 'I want you to hang down with one arm holding the trapeze.' She said and watched as Sebastian swing his body down in swift motion, proficiently. Sebastian then looked at her waiting for the next instruction. 'I'm going to jump at you so be ready to catch me.'

'Huh?' Sebastian voiced out in confusion and before his mind could process what Layla meant, the blonde jump off toward him, surprising him completely.

Layla wrapped her arms around Sebastian's neck as they fall when the boy's hold on the trapeze loosened and hit the waiting net.

'Ugh.' Sebastian gasped when his back hit the net and Layla's full weight lay on top of him.

'You didn't even hold on for a second.' Layla said, moving hastily away from Sebastian like she had been burned and ignored the curious eyes of other people looking at her.

'It's because you surprised me.' Sebastian replied.

'Excuses.' Layla said, scowling at the boy. 'Let's try it once again then.' She said, challenging.

'We shall.' Sebastian agreed, firmly and they both climbed off the net.

One hour later...

'Again!' Sebastian said, panting and covered with sweats. 'Let's do it again, Layla san.'

'Are you sure, Sebastian? You look already beat.' Mia asked, concerned.

'I'm not tired.' Sebastian replied.

And an amused smile was formed on Layla's lips at the stubbornness of Sebastian because it reminded her of one person, who's stubborn as he was when it comes to practices and performances. 'Are you sure?'

'Yes.' Sebastian replied, firmly.

'Stubborn as a Bull,' Layla thought.

Three hours later...

'Want to continue still?' Layla asked as she looked down on Sebastian, who remained unmoving on the net.

'No more. My arm hurts.'

'That's what you get for being so stubborn.'

'Maybe... but it's worth it.'

'How so?'

'I could practice with you.' Sebastian answered with a satisfied smile and closed his eyes, missing the look of bewilderment in Layla's blue orbs.

Layla cleared her throat and turned around. 'I'll see you outside,' she said and left.

Sebastian opened his eyes in panic as he turned on his side to cancel his meeting with Layla but the blonde was already gone. 'Oh no!' he moaned.

'If I were you, I'll start preparing for my date.' Fool said, looking down at him. 'A beautiful lady like Layla Hamilton shouldn't be kept waiting.'

'Leave me alone, Fool.' Sebastian grumbled and forced himself out of the net and looked around as his eyes found Mia. 'Need some help here.' he called out to the young director.

'You shouldn't have challenge Layla, Sora.' Mia whispered as she wrapped an arm around her friend's waist and sling Sora's arm around her shoulder. 'Are you sure you're okay?'

'I'm fine.'