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Years later

Like my mother before me the threads of life wove together to make a beautiful life for me and Jacob. After fully maturing I was no longer able to conceive but we had Bleaz and Tala and they're perfect. Our future with them is still uncertain; how mortal they are, if their human side is stronger than either their vampire or wolf. They're growing faster then a normal human, although no where near as fast as I did, which gives me hope they too will live forever.

Seth and Erin

Seth and Erin are now part of our forever family.

Not long after Erin gave birth to their son, Harry, we were at the mall and Stephanie, trying to hit me, ran her over with her car. She was in rough shape. Aunti Alice rushed her to the hospital and they hooked up all kinds of tubes and machines to keep her alive. Grandpa came in one day and informed us the internal damage was too great and that she wouldn't make it. Seth was a mess, you could see the burning man in his eyes trying to figure out how he could end his own life. Dad stayed with him for support and to make sure he didn't do anything drastic.

"I want to go home and lay in our bed to die," Erin said with tears streaming down her face. "In your arms where I belong."

Seth with nothing more then pure agony on his face turned to look to his best friend. "I'll talk to Carlisle," Dad told them before slipping out the door to find his father.

Grandpa made all the arrangements and within hours she was in their bed in Seth's arms where she wanted to be. I never left her side but stayed out of the way unless I was needed. The pack mourned for her and the inevitable loss of their brother. I made sure Harry was with his mother as much as possible and Aunti Alice and Aunti Rose took thousands of pictures so Harry would always have them. So he could see just how much she had loved him… they had loved him.

At about three o'clock in the morning Seth jumped out of bed and screamed for Carlisle. I could still hear Erin's heart beating so I wasn't sure what was going on. Grandpa quickly popped into the room. "Yes?" he asked as confused as I was.

"Change her," he pleaded. "Make her one of you. I can't lose her. Harry needs his Mommy."

I held my breath waiting for Grandpa's reply. "That should be her choice, Seth," He said, "but of course if she does want to be changed I can do it with no danger to her."

"Erin, baby," Seth whispered shaking her gently awake. "I know how to save you."

"Hmmm?" she asked. "How?"

"A vampire," he beamed. "Carlisle can change you. You can live forever."

"What? Are you… I mean?" She looked into his eyes. "Won't you hate me after...?"

"I could never hate you," he kissed her. "No matter what."

She nodded, "Okay then." Looking at Carlisle she asked, "Will you?"

"Of course but I want you to understand there are a few things you should know."

"When?" She interrupted.

"Soon, you don't have much longer… but first..."

"Now?" She pleaded.

He sighed, "We should get some morphine for you first, it really seemed to help Bella."

Mom took a startled breath, "Uhmm, Carlisle there's something I need to confess." She looked at my father quickly before turning back to my grandfather, "The morphine did… I mean it burned away so quickly… I… it didn't work."

"How could that be?" he asked. "You were so still?"

"I knew every time I screamed or jolted in pain it would hurt Edward so I just didn't." She grabbed my dad's hand. "Forgive me?"

"You are always so worried about me," he kissed her forehead. "There is nothing to forgive. You are by far to good to me."

"Very well," Grandpa said, looking disappointed. "We will need to make moving arrangements within the next couple of days. Erin you may not be able to be around Harry for a while."

"I know," she said sadly. "But I will be able to eventually which is way better than if I'm dead."

"That's very true," he agreed.

"Everyone out," Dad said ushering everyone to the door. "Let's give Seth and Erin a few minutes alone."

Aunti Alice took Harry to stay with Emily and Sam until Erin was changed and we knew where we were heading. Erin cried, kissed her son and told him she loved him before he was taken away.

"You never know," mom smiled at Erin, "You may have super control like I did when Edward changed me."

"Maybe," she said doubtfully.

I hugged her, "I'll be downstairs if you need me."

She grabbed my hand, "Can you stay?"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jake stiffen, "Uhm, I would love to but blood still runs in my veins and…" I shrugged.

"Right, I'm sorry I wasn't thinking."

I hugged her again, "No worries, see you in a few days." Erin nodded and I headed downstairs.

About half an hour later Grandpa joined the rest of the family in the dining room to discuss the impending move. A lot of places had been thrown into the hat, Alaska, the Amazon, even Isle Esme. "I still say we need to go north not south," Aunti Rose insisted.

"You have to remember we're not a family full of only vampires anymore. We're not sure how resilient Tala and Bleaz are to human frailties and we will also have Harry who is completely human," Dad reminded her. "He can't live inside forever."

"People live up north Edward," she said rolling her eyes at him.

He nodded, "True but not as far North as we'll have to go to help Erin avoid the temptation of human blood."

"I love the idea of Isle Esme," I told everyone. "It's completely secluded and the kids could be themselves there."

Grandma Esme smiled at me, "It's a wonderful idea but there really isn't anything to hunt there. Parrots are a little hard to catch and they're not very appetizing."

"I never really thought of that," I admitted. "So I guess the Amazon is our only choice."

"If everyone agrees then I'm going to go upstairs and sit with Seth for a while," Dad said standing from the table. "It wasn't that long ago I was in his shoes and he'll probably need a friend before it's all over."

"I'll come too," Mom said joining him. "He may need food or something." And then both of them disappeared.

Erin burned for four days. Every once in a while we'd hear her scream, whimper and once even cry but soon silenced. On the fourth day Sam showed up to take the twins back to La Push with him and our family, with me in the back and Seth front and centre, crowded into their bedroom waiting for her to awaken. My heart almost stopped when her eyes finally opened. Her movements were fast and sharp. "Oh my goodness Seth, everything is so different," she said in her new bell like voice.

"How do you feel?" Grandpa asked.

'My throat burns a little… okay a lot," she laughed. "But I don't feel out of control."

"Edward, Bella and Jasper are going to take you hunting," Seth said taking her hand. "I'll be right here when you get back."

"Okay," she released his hand. "Let's go."

While the babies were in La Push and the others were out hunting the rest of us got busy packing up our house and covering up what could be until the next time we returned. We decided to drive south. Grandma Esme got in touch with Zafrina who had said she'd have a place for us to stay when we got there and promised it would be far away from civilization.

Jacob, Tala, Bleaz, Harry and I traveled in an RV we'd bought for this trip, while Erin and Seth traveled with Mom and Dad, we were still keeping the kids away from Erin for the most part as to not tempt her too much, and the rest of the family traveled in different vehicles with their significant others. Uncle Jasper drove sporadically for Jake so he could sleep and eat. The idea was we'd only have to stop for gas if we had a house on wheels. On occasion when we'd stop to fill up Seth would leave Erin and come and spend time with Harry. It was hard on her to know he was right there and she couldn't hold him but she also knew in the end it was for the best.

After a long drive and several very long days we finally entered Brazil. Grandpa got in touch with Zafrina and we met her just outside the rainforest.

Our house was rustic and everything I thought a house in the middle of the rainforest would look like. After settling in we started to live our lives. It turns out Erin had super restraint like my mother, however not quite as strong. She knew the burn and could hold her breath; hand Harry to someone and runaway without harming anyone. She didn't lose her mind to the thirst and her life with Seth was perfect. They married on the one year anniversary of her rebirth. It was a beautiful ceremony conducted by my grandfather who was ordained just for the occasion. I was the maid of honour and my dad was the best man. The day went along flawlessly and most of the wolves came down for it; even Grandma Sue, Grandpa Charlie and Billy. Everyone knows Seth will never age and will stay with Erin as part of our forever family.

We're not sure what will come of their son Harry when he is fully grown. If he will someday phase like his ancestors before him, choose to be changed by either Erin or Grandpa Carlisle or live out the rest of his days completely human and eventually leave us. But we all know it's his decision to make and I guess only time will tell.

Leah and William

Two people that joined our forever family, who in all honestly I never expected, were Leah and William. After the imprint Leah resisted, or I should say tried to resist it. She refused to talk to him, Jacob or Seth knowing her 'brothers' would persuade her to at least try to get to know him and she wouldn't talk to William knowing the imprint would take over and she'd give in to the connection. However her pull to him was to strong and everyone started to notice her presence more and more at my grandparents house until one day Jake and I walked into a heavy make out session between the two of them. Not everyone was okay with this relationship. One of my most shocking memories is the one when Sam found out about Leah and William.

"How do you think Sam's going to handle this?" Seth asked Jake as we all sat around the dinner table.

Leah snorted, "Who freakin' cares?"

"I mean the packs are at peace and… I mean do you think this could become a thing?" Seth asked a little concerned.

"Nah," Jake assured him. "Sam knows better then most that we have no control over this stuff."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Seth agreed while rubbing Erin's ever swelling belly.

"Who's going to tell him?" I asked.

"I think Jake should," Leah said. "There's really no point in making a trip all the way to La Push just to tell him and Jake can do it the next time he and Sam are both in wolf form at the same time."

Conversations after the decision was made broke out around the table about the twins, the upcoming birth of Seth and Erin's baby, WIlliam and Leah's wedding plans and several other topics.

A few days later Jake let everyone know he'd told Sam and there was still peace between the packs. "I told him, he said okay and then phased out."

"Cool," said Seth a little relieved.

"WHERE THE FUCK IS HE," Sam's voice boomed as he Paul and Jared crashed through our front door?

"Who?" I asked a little startled as Erin and I watched the twins playing around on the floor.

"Jacob," he growled. "WHERE THE FUCK IS HE!"

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Jacob said eerily calm. "Storming into my home where Nessie and my children are yelling and swearing at the top of your lungs." By this point my entire family and Seth had flanked Jake on the stairs. "Now what do you want?"

"How the hell did you let this happen?" he snarled.

Jake looked at him confused, "What happen?"

"Allowing Leah to imprint on a blood sucker."

Jake turned to our family, "It's all good, I'm sorry, please go back to whatever you were doing." Dad raised his eyebrow and when Jake again assured him it was okay with a nod of his head he turned and followed the rest of my family upstairs.

"First of all," Jake said coming into the living room. "Please come in. Now you know as well as, if not better then anyone else no one has control over imprinting and as far as blood suckers go you are not to refer to my family…"

"WHERE THE HELL IS HE!" Leah yelled as she barged into the living room.

"Right here," Jake replied to her.

"You have a lot of nerve buddy," Leah growled poking Sam in the chest. "You have imprinted on Emily, left me alone, allowed her to ask me to be her maid of honour, married her, had children with her and now I have the chance of pure happiness and you storm into my home and insult my family." She huffed exasperatedly, "You really are a bastard aren't you?" This was the first time Leah had ever referred to us as her family.

Sam stood there opening and closing his mouth resembling a very large trout when Leah finally finished shouting. "I… I…"

She pointed to the door, "Now get the fuck out!"

Sam turned with his tail between his legs and headed for the door when it opened and William was standing there, "If you ever hurt her you're a dead man."

"I thought hurting her was what you do," William shot back before stepping aside and allowing the three men to pass. "Have a nice day,"

Sam eventually came to terms with the fact Leah and William where a forever thing and even came to their wedding. She was beautiful in a floor length gown. Her vail was longer then her dress and flowed beautifully in the wind. She chose not to get married in La Push but opted for a mountain wedding close to an area where our family frequently hunted. Seth gave her away while Sue sat in the front row grasping my grandfathers hand as tears streamed down her face. Rosalie stood beside her as her maid of honour and you could tell just how happy she was for her best friend. William was dashing with his brother at his side. After their vows it was time to party and party everyone did. With no neighbours around we blasted music and everyone danced the night away.

After their wedding Leah and William went on their honeymoon and traveled the world together. No one heard from them except for Jacob who would on occasion be phased at the same time Leah was. He would report to the rest of the family they were safe and all was well but would never go into any detail, telling us that was for them to share. They returned just in time for the birth of, Erin and Seth's, little Harry and with surprising news of their own.

"I think I'm pregnant," she had told us while sitting in the make shift delivery room grandpa had set up for Erin. "I mean I know we thought it was impossible but I feel off."

"Nothing is impossible in this family," Mom told her. "I mean look at what Edward and I created," she gestured toward me. "And then to have Jake imprint on her and give us two beautiful grandchildren."

"I guess," she laughed. "Even the imprint between William and I should have been impossible but here we are."

"Why don't you talk to grandpa," I suggested. "Erin has a while to go yet." With some encouragement from all of us in the room she finally sought him out. We waited for what felt like forever for both Harry to be born and Leah to return.

When she finally did her eyes were brimmed red and she had a huge smile across her face, "I'm… I'm pregnant."

Leah's pregnancy was as fast as my mother's however her shapeshifter body faired by far better then my mother's had and in one month she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She had jet black hair and blue eyes. They named her Heaven Leigh. Heaven was very quickly followed by William Jr (we call him Will), Rayne second and last was little Stephan. They all grew as fast as I did but we all got to watch this new breed of hybrid. It was assumed which ever of the children phased would join Jake's pack. He would soon have the strongest pack to ever walk the earth.

They decided they only wanted four children and when they were done having them Leah gave Aunti Rosalie the most precious gift any woman can give another. She with help from Grandpa Carlisle gave her and Uncle Emmett a baby. How you ask well, Uncle Emmett gave his sperm to Grandpa who inserted it into an egg from a human donor with Aunti Rosalie's characteristics. When there was a viable embryo Grandpa inserted it into Leah who carried the baby for them. And one month later my first and only cousin was born. A little boy with dark curly hair and dimples the only thing he got of his mothers features was her blue eyes and she couldn't be any happier with that. They named him Liam Christopher Cullen and he is adored by his parents.

The Cullen family is now complete. Grandma didn't need a baby to be happy she adopted my Auntis and Uncles along with my parents and it filled her void. My parents had me and I was the baby they never knew they wanted until I was here and now they have two beautiful grandchildren as well. Aunti Alice is content with being the Aunti and getting to spoil and shop for all the new members of our family and Uncle Jasper is happy loving Alice. Aunti Rosalie now no longer has any ill feelings about being a vampire. Liam along with Uncle Emmett made all her dreams come true. For the first time since the beginning of its formation our entire family is complete and happy. There is no regret.

The Children

Our fears for Tala and Blaez ceased when at fourteen they too stopped aging. Unlike my parents however I did not fair as well as they did. My two beautiful babies now look older then I do. "I'm glad you had the decency to stop aging when you looked sixteen," my Dad said one day watching as Jake and the kids worked on a car they'd bought as a project to do together. "The three of them look like they should be hanging out together; however you look like their little tag along or something."

"Thanks Dad," I laughed. It used to bother me that the twins now looked in their very late teens or early twenties while I was stuck at sixteen, but after a few months I came to terms with it and I'm now completely okay with it. I'm still their mother and they're still my babies.

Tala was imprinted on by Leah and Williams son Rayne right after he phased for the first time. Jake and Leah had been in the woods teaching him how to calm himself so he could phase back and on their way back to the house she was coming in from a shopping trip with Aunti Alice when they bumped into each other. Their eyes locked, his expressions were blank and they have been inseparable ever since. Jake having to watch his baby girl's relationship blossom and change has been a great justice as far as my father in concerned. "Now he knows how I felt… actually still feel, when you two display affection for each other in front of me." I just smile knowing my daughter will be loved more then life its self and will never have her heart broken by some boy.

Blaez, Harry and Will are as close as brothers. They're pack mates, friends and family, always looking out for each other and always ready to go the extra mile to look out for each other. None of them have imprinted as of yet but they love to play the field. Blaez has confided in me he feels a strong pull towards La Push so you never know maybe his perfect match is there waiting for him. We plan on making a visit very soon because we're afraid if we don't Blaez will go without us and all though he may be ready for that I'm not quite there yet.

Liam and Stephan are the male versions of Aunti Rose and Leah. They go for perfectly fine to pissed beyond belief in only seconds. Even though they get along with the others they prefer to play video games and football then chase girls so very often they stay home when the rest go out.

Heaven returned to La Push for a visit about seven months ago and met Sam and the rest of the old pack. She returned only three weeks ago and when she did she had Embry with her. It turns out they imprinted on each other when Sam introduced them. Both Seth and Jake had to get between Leah and Embry when Heaven spilled the news. It took about week and a lot of talking between myself, Erin and her to get her to come around but of course she did and is now able to be left in a room with Leah alone without someone worrying about her killing him. Embry asked William if he could marry his daughter as soon as he was given the okay by Leah. William of course handled it well and gave his blessing. Now we're all waiting with baited breath for him to propose. He showed Jake and I the ring and its beautiful. They have a romantic date planned for this weekend and unless he chickens out he should be asking her then.

Jacob and Renesmee

Our lives are complete. We have two beautiful children and I fall more in love with my husband every day. Jake asked me to marry him when our twins were six months old. Mom and Dad had agreed to babysit and we went to a little spot we'd found one night when out hunting. There was a ledge that looked onto a waterfall and stream surrounded by huge trees. It is no doubt the most beautiful place I've ever seen. He packed us a picnic lunch and spread out a blanket for us to sit on. It was very simple but everything I ever asked for.

We were married months later in La Push on first beach. Jake and I both wore traditional buckskin cloths. I had a beautiful with dress with tassels and blue beads while Jake look the part of a warrior with his buckskin pants and eagle feather in his hair. He even grew his hair out for the occasion. My hair was divided in half and braided. The only untraditional thing I wore was the comb my Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Renee had given my mother on her wedding day. Billy performed the ceremony and after we were married we danced and ate the night away.

When I first found out Blaez and Tala were going to be our only children I fell into a deep depression worrying Jake would eventually hate me for not being able to give him more children. But Jake being Jake assured me was perfectly happy with the two we had and couldn't ask for any more than what he already had. At first I didn't believe him but as time passed he proved to me he wasn't going anywhere.

We still have to move around and now our 'family' dynamics have to change as far as the public eye is concerned. Some of us now go to school while others hide and only come from out of town to 'visit'. Jake and I enjoy being the visiting relatives; we get to spend more of those years lounging around and just enjoying being together.

My Grandpa Carlisle heard from the Volturi once after our meeting in the field just outside of Forks and he assured them if they left us alone we'd leave them alone. He later that same year traveled to meet up with them and from what I understand Aro took his hand saw he was serious about not wanting to over throw them and then he returned home. We all know he now knows about the new hybrids we have but Aunti Alice feels he won't do anything about it in fear of being humiliated again. Knowing they get to stay in power is more important then collecting it, I guess.

My life is complete. I have Jacob, Tala, Blaez, and the rest of my family and nothing else matters. I love them with all of my being and in return I receive the same love from them.