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Summary: Madison and Taylor are best friends in their world. The one time they decide to take the train home; they get swept into the world of Narnia and a possible war. What happens when they meet Caspian Lucy and Edmund? How will they get home? Will they find love unexpectedly?

Pairings: Caspian/OC and Edmund/OC

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Narnia. I'm not that rich but I do own Madison, her family and Taylor.

Chapter 1

Madison Thomas looked in the mirror one last time before she left her room. Her light brown hair was up in a ponytail with her bangs off to the side. She was wearing a black long sleeved shirt with a lose fitting grey short sleeve shirt, a pair of dark blue shorts that went mid thigh, black socks and her black and white chucks. Madison grabbed her jewelry which was her silver heart necklace, her six bracelets which she had three on each wrist and her two rings. She grabbed her messenger bag and left her room.

Madison was seventeen years old and she was only 5'5 ½ inches tall. She has hazel green eyes and was an older sister to her two young siblings. She has the personality of getting along with mostly everyone but being in a new country for the past two years have changed that a bit. She only saw her mother, making breakfast and her father nowhere in sight. It figures that he must've left early for work again.

"You're not wearing that, aren't you?" her mother asked as she went into the kitchen.

"Mom, relax it's not like I'm going on a corner to pick up any guys or something" she replied.

"Can you not say that stuff in front of your sisters?"

She looked over at her younger sisters, Bianca and Heather who was five and ten. "Mom, don't worry, I don't think they know what it means yet" she said.

"I agree with her on this one" Heather spoke up.

Her mom rolled her eyes before tending to the younger girls as Madison got an apple and ate it after she cleaned it. She finished her apple and said goodbye to her mother and sisters as she headed off to school. She walked for a couple of blocks before she got to the bus stop which she takes to her school.

Madison and her family moved from Providence, Rhode Island to London, England because of her father's job as an advertisement specialist; transferred him there which he made the sacrifice to move to another country. This devastated Madison the most because she left all of her childhood friends; who they most likely forgot about her and her life she's known for thirteen years.

It's been two years since the move and her father was barely home and she's only made one friend, Taylor Smith who was the same age as her and she was the first person to meet at their school. Taylor had lived in London most of her life and she only has an older brother and younger sister.

"Madi!" Taylor called out. Taylor was 16 ½ years old, about to be seventeen in two months. She had long blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was the outgoing, hyper friend who got along with everyone and if she didn't like you, she would tell it like it is. She was wearing black boots, a pair of dark skinny jeans with a black and white tank top and black sweater.

"Taylor" she said.

"You look dreadful, is everything alright?" she asked.

"Same old crap at home" Madison replied.

"Well, it can't be that bad" she said as we got on the bus.

"It's the same thing every day. Dad leaves earlier and comes home later, I get stuck watching my sisters and my mom's main concern recently is what I wear to school so I won't be a bad influence" she said, rolling her eyes.

"I still don't get your mother" Taylor said, shaking her head.

"What can I say? She's my mom, I love her but we just don't see eye to eye" Madison said they boarded the bus.

"Now with World War II happened, which I think we know how it happened, what took control?"

Oh how Madi loathed history class. She gets the subject but doesn't understand the point of it. It happened once and that was it.

She listened as the student rambled on an answer as she carelessly doodled in her notebook. Her notes were still the same from a few minutes before. She made a mental note to herself to get the notes from Taylor later on.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the day. Madi breathed a sigh of relief as she grabbed her stuff. She was about to head out when her teacher called her to stay behind. She groaned internally before coming face to face with her history teacher.

"Ms. Thomas, we need to discuss this last test grade" her teacher, Mr. Grey said. He showed her test which had a D- written on it.

"Now I understand that the material may be hard but you were doing so well in the beginning of the term. What brought this on?" he asked.

"Just stuff at home. Nothing too personal" she replied.

"I see. Well with our next quiz is Friday. If you want to try and bump up your average it'll help however; if you fail this quiz, see me about extra credit" he said.

"Thanks Mr. Grey" with that said, she grabbed her test, shoved it in her bag and left the classroom, meeting up with Taylor.

On her way there, she ran into the popular clique. She despised them because they had made her life in school a living hell but Madi would always find a way to get back at them.

"Seriously, Thomas, that outfit looked like it came from a very old grudge magazine" Sara said.

Madi rolled her eyes and looked back at Sara and her little followers. "At least I have the decency to cover myself up and not look like little whores" she retorted back.

Her friends gasped as Sara tried to not roll her eyes. "Whatever Madison" she said.

"Yeah and by the way, at least I don't go out Friday nights trying to shag some hot guy" Madi said. "Have a nice day." With that said Madi spun on her heel and walked away.

"Morons" she muttered to herself.

The girls went down to the beach after school. It was their hangout ever since Madi moved. They would go there every day except when it was the winter months and whenever it was raining. They would sit on the beach and watched the horizon until it was near dusk.

They were heading towards the bus stop when something crept up Madi She had a weird feeling that she couldn't shake. They walked past a man who looked older than their age. He was looking right at Madi with an emotionless expression on his face which freaked Madi out.

"What is it?" Taylor asked.

"N-Nothing" Madi replied, turning towards her. By the time she looked back, the man was gone. "Damn creeper" she said to herself.

Both girls rushed down the street to catch their bus. By the time they got to their corner, the bus took off.

"Bugger. That was the last bus also" Taylor said.

"My parents aren't even home and they took my sisters to their after school stuff" Madi said.

"Neither are mine, what are we going to do?"Taylor asked. Madi looked around before spotting the old train station that was across the street.

"We could take the train" she said, pointing to the station across the street.

"Are you mad? You know how I feel about them" Taylor hissed.

"How do you suppose we get home? Walk?"

"Fine, but that's it" Taylor relucntly agreed. Both the girls looked both ways before jogging across the street passing the lion statue that was sitting outside.

By the time they got their tickets, the platform for the station was empty. Both girls stood around while they were waiting for the train. While they were waiting, Madi felt the weird feeling again. She looked around but saw nothing suspicious.

"What is with you?" Taylor asked.

"I keep having this feeling something's going to happen" she replied.


"I don't know" she said.

All of a sudden, a gust of wind flew past them and they saw that the lights were dimming on and off. They looked around to see where the wind was coming from. The wind blew around furiously now and they held on to each other as they tried to figure out what was going on. By the time Maddie looked up, she saw the train go by fast and the wall on the other side of the platform crumbling into pieces.

They closed their eyes as they braced for some kind of impact. By the time the wind stopped blowing, everything was at a standstill.

Both the girls opened their eyes and they weren't on the platform. They somehow got on the beach that the sands were sandy and the ocean was a clear as ever. The weather also felt warm too not to mention as a breeze flew by them.

"Madi, where are we?" Taylor asked.

"I-I don't know" she replied.

"This isn't home" she said, looking around. "I hardly doubt we came back to the beach so soon and this isn't our beach."

"No shit Sherlock, we got to get out of here" Madi said, looking around as well.

They looked around hoping to have some sort of sign to them, but it came with no avail. They were both scared and confused at their new surroundings.

"Look" Taylor said, picking up something. It looked like an old chess piece.

"I guess people lived here" Madi said.

"But who?"

"I don't know" Madi replied.

"You don't suppose we're on some stranded island, are we?"

"One way to find out" she said as she slipped her bag on her shoulder. "Up for an adventure?"

As the girls took off from the beach, making their way towards land, someone not afar watched them. He smiled to himself as he walked away, knowing that he managed to get them here and hopefully, they would be a help to the Kings and Queen of old.

"You don't suppose it worked?" the girl asked.

"Only one way to find out" the man said as he, the girl and the other man treaded into the forest.

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