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Chapter 35


Six months later….

Taylor took a deep breath as she sat on the beach in the afternoon. She was staring out into the ocean as she let her mind wander off as she heard the waves go back and forth on the shores of Narnia. The sun was shining brightly as she felt the sunrays go on her body.

It has been six months since Madi and Caspian got married and they're enjoying married life. Of course it came along with ruling a country and trying to keep the peace but they've been doing a good job with it along with Lucy and Edmund's help.

The girls manage to have some girl time with Lucy on some nights. Lucy has been writing to the man she met at Madi and Caspian's wedding named Robert, a nobleman from Archenland. They have become friends since that night and would exchange letters every week much to Edmund's dismay.

During the time she came back up until now, she and Edmund have been getting a lot closer ever since she came back. She remembered after the reception was over and that when Edmund was escorting her to her room, she told the story on how she came back to Narnia. After she told her story, he couldn't believe what happened to her and offered to stay with her for the night in her room in case she needed his company and they talked throughout the night almost.

"Enjoying the ocean?" Taylor heard Madi ask as she looked up to see the two queens heading in her direction.

"Yeah but my boots not so much" she replied.

"You could've taken them off" Lucy said.

"I know but after I cut on that stupid glass in my room a few days ago, I don't want to wet the bandage" she said.


"What are you guys doing here?" Taylor asked.

"We were sent to fetch you" Madi replied.

"Whatever for?"

"I don't know. Edmund told us to get you and you meet him up in the courtyard" Lucy replied.

"Do I have to change or something?"

"It's up to you" Madi replied.

"I'll just go like this" she said, gesturing her outfit which was a dark maroon shirt and black pants along with black boots she wore for dueling with Edmund today but he left early to take care a few matters.

"Whatever you got to do" Madi said.

Taylor headed off the beach and up the stairs. When she was far from them, Madi and Lucy sigh a breath of relief.

"Do you think she has a clue on what Edmund has planned?" Lucy asked.

"I don't think so I mean she would be stupid if she said no" Madi replied. "You want to get Caspian so we can spy?"

"Yeah he wouldn't want to miss this" Lucy agreed.

She strolled through the gardens and with some help from a centaur who was nearby ironically, she was making her way there when she stopped short in front of the courtyard. She looked around but didn't see him anywhere. Taylor looked up and saw that Edmund was standing behind her with a flower in his hand and was still in the outfit from before.

"You just got here?" she asked.

"For awhile" he replied. He pulled her towards him as he kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Are you alright?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" he replied.

"You look nervous" she replied.

"I'm not nervous" he said, convincingly. Deep down, he was petrified when he was planning for Taylor and he hoped that she would say yes to his question. She only raised her eyebrow as the continued to walk.

"So, what are we doing here?" she asked as they walked over towards a bench nearby.

"I just thought we would enjoy being out here" he replied.

"True after that duel I think it's nice to rest for a bit" she said.

"How's your foot doing love?"

"It's fine" she replied. "I'll check on it later."

He nodded as she leaned against him with her feet curled up on the bench as they sat together in the afternoon sun. Edmund looked over and saw that Taylor looked peaceful and content. He remembered the first few nights that he would be up on those nights, reading in the library and whenever he would go back to his room, he would hear Taylor's muffled cries or what he thought at the time were her crying. It wasn't until he wished her goodnight that he saw the red eyes and he immediately wanted to know what was wrong.

It took her awhile to get use to living here again and she was homesick at first so that's why she was crying herself to sleep at the time. Edmund stayed with her at night in case he was there to comfort her which he did. Though it has only been six months, she's getting used to everything now that she's back for good.

"Edmund?" she heard him call his name as he snapped out of his thoughts. "Are you sure you're okay? You seemed distracted" she said.

Here goes nothing he thought to himself.

"Taylor, do you remember the first day we met?" he asked.

"How can I forget?" she said, laughing a little. "You thought I was a crazy girl with weird clothes who was trying to find her friend."

"Yeah I do remember thinking that" he said.

"What brought this on?"

He stared into her eyes as he prepared to what would be a big change for both of them. "Taylor, when I met you I did admit that I've never seen someone wearing strange clothes to come to Narnia. As I got to you know more, I can see how you are as a person. You're the most beautiful, kind, caring and fun person. I know what you went through back out on seas was difficult but I wouldn't know what to do if something happened to you. I love you so much Taylor" he said.

"I love you too" she said.

"And also, I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

He's not doing what I think he's doing, is he? She thought to herself.

Edmund took a deep breath before he got up and knelt down in front of her, taking her left hand into his. He stared up into her shocked face as he saw tears brimming into her eyes.

Oh my god he is! Her thoughts screaming in her head as he opened up the ring box.

"Taylor Marie Smith, will you not only be Protector to Narnia, but will you be my wife?" he asked.

Taylor was in shocked as he took out the ring and held it. It was a ring that had a diamond in the middle and two sapphire diamonds on each side of it. She had tears in her eyes as she stared at the ring and up at Edmund's face with a shocked looked.

"Yes" she croaked out as tears fell down on her face with a smile on her face.

Edmund grinned widely as he swept Taylor off the bench and swung her around with her squealing as she told him to put her down. He did so as he slipped the ring on her fourth finger and kissed her. Taylor stared at it in awe as the ring shone in the sunlight.

"We're engaged!" she squealed.

"I know" he said, hugging her tightly.

"Ow, must you step on my dress!"

"I can't help it, Caspian takes up room."

"Will you two hush? They're probably going to hear us."

"Too late" Edmund said to the bush that was making the noises.

"You can come out now" Taylor said.

Lucy and Madi ran over towards them and pulled Taylor towards them so they can look at her ring. Caspian and Edmund shared a man hug as they looked over at the girls who were chatting away excitedly.

"You two knew?" Taylor asked.

"Of course we knew. Ed had to ask permission to propose to you" Madi replied.

Taylor looked over at her fiancé and smiled brightly. "Now we got a wedding to plan" she said.

"I know this is so exciting!" Lucy said in excitement.

The five of them talked about the engagement and they would make the announcement tomorrow. For now, Taylor and Edmund want to enjoy their moment of celebrating their engagement.

Madison and Taylor didn't know what to expect when they arrived in Narnia in those years ago. They never expected to find love or become rulers of Narnia. As long as they got each other and their friends with them, they knew for a fact that they got plenty of adventures that they'll be on.

Just maybe not as crazy as their first one but it'll be something they'll be able to deal with.

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