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Chapter 3: Heart of Violence

Please me, Show me how it's done.
Trust me, You are the one.

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart.
I want to recognize your beauty's not just a mask.
I want to exorcise the demons from your past.
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart.


I almost felt sorry for the bastard – she was not worrying about showing him what she is capable of, despite the fact she is something more than just human yet still not quite something supernatural. All his desire for her had evaporated – replaced now by fear.

She poked at his ribs with a bare toe, "Look at me" she commanded him. Slowly, hesitantly his eyes traveled up her lush form to meet her eyes. I tested the air – still no desire. He is well and truly terrified of her – as he should be.

"Wh … wh … what are you?" He asked her in a quivering voice.

She smiled ferociously at him, "I'm not a vampire; I'm human, a telepath – but human; and of course there's all that vampire blood in my system. Much more, much fresher, and much more ancient than any you've ever had – and I got it given to me willingly, not just by Erik, but also by others where the youngest is five times older than him. Mentally, emotionally – I'm what you began to shape me into, and what they finished shaping me into."

She looked back at me, her eyes glittering, and then returned her gaze to him. "Crawl over to Erik." She instructed in a tone that allowed for no disobedience. Reluctantly he began moving in my direction.

- My Viking, did you still need to bond him again? –

- It would be best Lover –

She gazed at me, cocking her head – It is time then, no glamour –

In less than an instant I seized Trent, reseated myself, and had him on his knees before me. My fangs snicked out and I again slid them into his wrist – the pain spurred him into action. I tasted the first surge of adrenaline in his rather common blood when he managed to pull and twist away from me with enough force to rip his wrist out of my mouth. No matter, I have all I need to initialize a second bond – and I have no desire to create a third with this creature. Instead I slammed him facedown on the floor, pinning him while I forced my blood on him a second time. While he finished choking, it down I stood and held out my hand, inviting Magan to me.

She flew to me, and together we sank back onto the butter soft leather of the couch behind us. In order to prevent Trent from attempting escape again I planted one booted foot firmly between his shoulder blades before seizing Magan's lips with my own. She was already facing me, straddling my lap – the fabric of my jeans the only barrier between her throbbing need and my own.

Magan carefully licked the mixed blood off my fangs – wrinkling her nose at the taste of his as she yanked my shirt open. Immediately she began licking and nipping and kissing my chest, while with one hand she outlined the contours of my face – then swiftly punctured the tips of two of her fingers on my fangs. Grinning expectantly, I placed my hands on her waist – tracing the insides of her thighs with my thumbs while she used her legs to grip me and arched backwards – painting her body for me with her blood.

I slowly began cleaning her, alternating scrapes and nips with light licks. Her moans of desire told me how much she enjoyed my ministrations – then her mind slipped into mine and I felt just how excited she had become. We continued for a few moments more, spiraling higher and higher in our need.

- My Love let me take over now -

Trusting her, I retreated to a corner of my mind. Thru a red haze, I saw myself seize Trent with his back to me and roughly rip his shirt away. Simultaneously I sank my fangs into his shoulder to feed as Magan bit into my chest and began sucking my blood. Tangled in the bond with my mate were the feelings and emotions of her victim. Pain, fear, anger, conceit … and absolutely no remorse. The fool actually felt he held no responsibility in ending up as Magan's sacrifice. Then Trent's heat began slowing - panic set in, and Magan released him. She pulled out of my mind and I looked at her – curious.

In answer to my unsaid question she smiled viciously and said, "We can let him recover a bit and then repeat this. In the mean time, we can stash him in that soundproofed hidden storage room we added, let him stew about how he ended up here. Besides, don't we still need to talk to Alric about those FBI profilers who are showing up tomorrow afternoon?"

Several months later, 10 miles west of Shreveport, two figures stood silhouetted in the moonlight outside a pen. Inside a cluster of ancient reptiles fought for control of a male corpse.

Breaking the silence, I commented, "That is the last of our ends to tie up."

-To Chicago now My Love? –

-To Chicago – I agreed.