So this is my first HP story/one-shot.. sooo.. pwease be nice :)?

Rating: T

Pairing: Draco/Hermione

During : Chamber of Secrets when Hermione is in the hospital wing.

Please ignore the spelling mistakes. OpenOffice doesnt have spellcheck (._.')


Draco walked through the double door, searching around the room and narrowing his eyes when he saw her. He sneered at her, and only a couple seconds later, realized that she looked as if she was shocked.

Curiously, he walked over to the single bed and saw that the mudblood was completely frozen, incapacitated .

He smirked, knowing that this was the perfect occasion to do it. He reached for his wand and took it out of his pocket, raising it and ready to strike a curse. A childhood memory stoped him.

His father stood up from the dining table sharply, pulling out his wand, and quickly shouted a curse on his beloved wife. Narccissa flew across the room, completely bewildered and hurt. Lucius , after he realized what he had done, quickly scrambled over to his weak wife.

''I'm sorry.'' He stated simply, later on reminding her to never keep stuff from him again.

Draco sat at the table, not eating but watching the way his father treated his mother.

Draco licked his lips, not knowing why he hasn't said anything. Instead, his wand trailed it's way down her cheek and onto her neck. He trailed her collarbone, meanwhile, his hand reached out , desperately trying to sooth the bulge between her eyebrows. He pulled away sharply, wondering why the hell he even touched that filthy, rotten mudblood.

He walked out of the hospital room and ran a hand through his hair.


The grand hall doors opened and in pounced Granger, all smiley and happy. He saw her chatting to headless Nicholas before his eyes caught a movement. He looked at Potter and Weasel as they both stood up. Granger smiled again and ran straight into Potter's arms.

Oh Joy. Mudblood's back.

The hand's under the table tightened and he scoweled as he saw Granger's eyes close.

Fucking Potter.


Hope I did alright? :)