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Chapter Song- Deftones- Change

Edward P.O.V

"Feed My darling," I cooed, to the bloodied infant I had just pulled from the decaying carcass. Her beautiful, pale, warm skin was covered in torn pieces of flesh and entrails that she had chewed through, to release her from the bloody hell she had been trapped in for 2 months.
She looked at me adoringly as I brushed my nose against hers. That would be the last sentiment she would receive from me for the rest of her life. She would a solider first, and a daughter second. I took a moment to assess her, and she was beautiful, just as all her sisters were. She had my eyes, well, the eyes I once had when I was human. They were a brilliant shade of green that suited her well. Her hair was full of bloody and small pieces of human tissue; but I could tell she had inherited her vessels flaxen hair. It had always disturbed me when my seed share the same traits as their first meals, but without them I wouldn't be able to pull my plans off.

I placed her a foot away from the body encouraging her to advance on her own. I would not coddle her. She would have to learn to survive quickly or I would be forced to end her. I had no tolerance for weakness, not even from my own child. I watched as my child, born nearly 10 minutes before, crawl towards her vessel. She struggled to crawl and I growled violently behind, urging her to move on, for her sake. Her tiny legs bent under her as she slowly made her way to the carcass. The closer she got to the scent of the blood, the stronger she became. Before I knew it, she had buried her face in the exit from which she chewed herself out and fed.

I listened to her vapid, muddy, thoughts which were consumed with her meal. Much to my pleasure, and like her sisters before her, she didn't even consider who or what the piece of shit was she was feeding on. She would learn, like the rest of them did, that their vessels, were just that, a vessel. They had no name, no face, and no personality. They were chosen for a purpose, and I reaped my fruit from their womb, when their service was done. A gasp escaped me when I smelled the faint smell of burning flesh. I focused my eyes on her and saw thin streams of smoke coming from a part of the flesh where she had gripped on to. I waited for her to move her little fist and as she did, I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face, as I saw the burn marks on the flesh. My seed had the gift of a goddess. "Keres," I mentally named her. Her simple touch, could create chaos. Pride swelled within at the sight of the weapon that I had created with my loin. As I watched continued to watch her, enthralled by her gift of heated touch, I waited for any sign of weakness, but she pleased me again as flashes of my face began to run through her mind. She thought of me as her protector. Which I was, but she was so much more to me than just a daughter. She was soon to be apart of something bigger than just her sisters and I. She would be apart of the domination…

7 Years Later….
A woman strolled through her tiny town, in Scotland. She's smiling, she's healthy, and seems like she hasn't gotten a care in the world. Her raven hair floats on the wind as she skips about town with a cheery expression on her face; and expression I want to cut off with tip my nails. The urge to see her brown eyes sunken in and grey in her skull, is almost too much for me to hold in, as my hand crushed the branch of a tree I had use to cover my presence. I had chosen this vessel and had been watching her for weeks now. I had taken her twice a night in the past week and there weren't any traces of estrogen or testosterone in her hormones. There was no faint smell of amniotic fluid emitted from her body. She didn't have that faint glow to her useless body, that most human women seem to require through pregnancy, Although my seed hadn't taken root, she still held the evidence of my nightly presence. Sex with a human, even under a spell, is difficult. The urge the purge harder, squeeze something, and feed is so strong that one wrong move, or one second of a distraction could kill them, and any plans I might've had. She was one of the lucky few, who only ended up with my marks and not a early tombstone. From her shoulders on down to her hips, under her ribs, I remember each blue and black mark well. However this served me no satisfaction. It wasn't my marks that had put me off. It was the missing swell of her stomach that was supposed to have sealed her death.

It has been three months and yet, her heart is beating. Her life is still intact. I sneered at her as I watched her rub the flat plain of her stomach, that I had emptied my seed into...she had failed to carry my child and because of this, her life would be slowly drained.

12:00am That same night….
I cocked my head to the side as I watched her sleep. I ran my finger along side of the smooth brown skin of her stomach. She was fully exposed to me. She was a beauty. In fact, she was the most beautiful human girl in this village.

I inspected her closely as I saw she started to stir. My song filled the room as I positioned my body on top on hers. The song of a siren. The lyrics of a monster. The beauty of a God. Everything about me draws them in.

"Ut vos somnus Volo vos irretitus. Volo vos cruciatus in vestri mens. Audio mihi ut EGO sono , Vestri vereor es subter supter meus pennae. Intereo in vestri mens. Intereo in vestri phasmatis , Vestri vas est mei. Mei unus. Quis operor vos vereor? Quis operor vos vereor? Ostendo mihi. Ostendo mihi. Patefacio sursum vestri mens ut poena , ut ego nutritor super vestri mens. Sentio is pro is ero vestri permaneo anhelo , subter supter mihi vos vadum intereo,"

"Mmm," she whimpered, as my pressed against her face.

"NO!" she cried.

"Yes," I hissed, as her fears were revealed in my head.

"Give them to me," I snarled, as I nipped her pulse point.

"S..stop…help…mmm," she sobbed, as she realized she was trapped in her slumber.
I sang a little louder as I straddled her body, letting the lyrics of my spell consume her. She instantly started fighting to take deep breaths, when I leaned forward letting some of my weight rest on her chest. I whispered a little chant in her ear which ignited the nerves of fear from her pores. Her nightmares will spur me on.

"Intereo parum unus intereo. Vos es etiam irretitus , vestri vereor mos iuguolo vos. EGO mos iuguolo vos. EGO mos iuguolo vos."

"God, Please," she said, as her body shook in sobs.

She whimpered and struggled with her subconscious as she slept. I positioned myself at her entrance and slowly pushed in as the smell of her fear engulfed me.

" It's only you and me in this room sweetheart," I informed her, as my fangs plunged through my gums, eager to rest in the soft, moist, skin of her neck.

I grabbed her hips as I pounded into her. I could hear the slight tear of the soft tissue as I slammed into her, once, twice, three times, as the distinct smell of blood proved my theory right.

She wasn't strong enough after all….

"Your going to kill her…we need her."

I ignored the voice as I continued.

I smelt the blood rushing through the cuts I was creating on her sides as I gripped her.

I heard the distinct sound of cracking as I changed the angle of my groin. I wanted to kill her, but I wanted her to feel the pain as she rode out her nightmare. Even though she was enslaved in her own mind, the pain of my doing was evident on her face. I was coming close to being satisfied as she was coming closer to her death.


"She's too weak to bear. She will be used to quench your appetite," I growled out.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and used a minimal amount of strength, as I broke both of them eliciting a bloodcurdling scream. I wondered whether I wanted her to watch her own death, or die with the last memory of her nightmare.


My children…..So impatient…

Instinctively I ripped her arm from her body, and my children's bloodlust over-took at the scent of her blood.

Instincts took over and I ripped the muscles and skin from her neck. Her blood spewed on my face, as I felt the monster within me release. I buried my mouth on the torn tissue and flesh as young sped into the tiny home, making due with her limbs, as I claimed her neck.

It took all the strength I had to stop. I had to leave my children sustenance. Over-coming my bloodlust, I speed to the other side of the small room and watch my children in their frenzy. I could distinctively hear their teeth tearing down to her bone in search of more blood. Her screaming had not lasted long.

Her life was a waste of creation. Fleshy bodies of blood with a brain. We had a saying in my world. Humans should be harvested not born.

In this world I am what is considered a demon, a vampire, or your modern day incubus per se. Humans were nothing more to me than food and vessels that carried my young. They never lived past the second month after coming into contact with me. I've taught my Off spring that attachments to such pieces of shit was a weakness that would lead to their deaths by my own hands. Humans were sustenance and nothing more than walking meat sticks; mindless drones whose thought's never strayed from sex or money. They were vile. They were classless and I used them for what they were best for…..Breeding.

"Come," I commanded, as my daughters rushed to my side.

As I stepped out of the shack, and into the night, the children took only a split second to dumped the pieces of the body in the nearest river. We covered our tracks well, we had to. Our kinds lived in the shadows and as long as it was kept that way we'd have our peace from the royal coven.

" The royal coven," I sneered, as I spat the remnants of my previous meal and venom on the ground. I was never one to follow or one to be ruled by another. Years ago I had even left my coven, despised the fear they had of the royals. I hated the power they had over our species, once they collected those with gifts to join their ranks.

After a sneak attack on my coven, led by Alec and Jane, I was finally fed up. I went on my own search, to find gifted and oppressed vampires just as I was. I wanted us to band together, to join in an army to end the Volturi reign, but on a night when I saw a comrade team up with a group of hybrids to take on a few rivals from a nearby town, my plans changed drastically. The hybrids were vicious and victorious, I couldn't believe their immense strength, seeing as they were half human. Oddly enough, they were even gifted. After that night, I had decided to take a chance to create my own hybrids. I wanted trust, loyalty, and COMPLETE devotion. The best perk, they were of my very own flesh.

I never let anyone in on my plans. I couldn't. I wanted this power to myself and my children….

Over the years, and many deaths later, my daughters were born, and trained for battle. Every single day, was aimed at achieving perfection, and victory was coming closer to us by the hour. They were definitely going to make daddy proud. The ten of us could conquer the world. But there was set back. My prey only carried my daughters. Their vessels were too weak to bear the strength of sons, and unfortunately I craved a son like I craved blood. I wanted a protégé', an heir if you call it that. No human woman in my line of sight, would be safe until my want was fulfilled.

I've waited 112 long years to overthrow the Italian Royals and my army was almost complete. I just needed the addition of one.

A change was coming to this world. There will be a new order. I will rule and beside me, so will my son.

I would make sure his mother died honorably…as honorable as a farmer would let his cattle die.

This world belonged to me and with my heir, we would destroy those who opposed us, enslaved those who surrender and work those in limbo to their deaths.

"Come cambions…we have much to accomplish…"

"Yes father," they stated as we sped out of the town, and on to our next destination

I felt my body come alive with the excitement of the pending fight. There would be no failure. We had the upper hand, we were unpredictable fighters. My daughter's are wild, untamed, uninhibited warriors with raw unfiltered power. No army could survive them. They were natural born killers. They have no sense of fear and obey my orders only. To them, my word is GOD. No matter what the order, they will serve. When we reach Volterra, No body is to be left standing or breathing, unfortunately, that will be the last day Aro wears his head on his shoulders….

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Daughter in this chapter:

Keres-Keres-spirit of violent or cruel death