Chapter title: Who are you Really?
Chapter Song: Who are you really: Mikky Ekko

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As we looked around, our eyes scanned the shadowy corners of the station, watching for any signs of 'Manson' type crazy in the store.

Only the voices of the boys rose above into the space, drifting over to us in the form of a security blanket.
Though they were there, it still didn't quell my fears. I still felt as if if something were out here. Something we needed protection from.
It is the same feeling you get when you walk outside at night; that same paranoia, those same goosebumps, and those same instincts where your body hisses for you to get the fuck out of dodge.
A cold chill burned through my spine, setting off a case of shivers, something was wrong and I could feel it. I swallowed the bubbling fear and shook off the chills as kept my side as close to Leah as possible, using her presence as a faux comfort. Had it been a different situation, nothing would've frighten me if Leah were there. That's how it has always been with us.

You would think adding another female in a group with only one would ignite tension between the two, but it didn't, never has. She's been there for me since day one. We got in a lot of trouble together as teens and most of the time, it was never her fault. Just because your father is a cop doesn't mean you always follow the law or you're perfect. If that quote was in the Oxford, three of my mug shots would be stapled next to it. But in all honesty, Leah stuck by me through thick and thin no matter how bad a situation was. And this time... This time...was no different. We could've walked into a pit of hissing, blood thirsty sociopaths and she wouldn't haven questioned a damn thing. Except, " When do we jump in bitch?"

"Bella!" she whispered as I jumped, not expecting to hear her voice. I furrowed my brows, gazing around me, left ,right, up, and down. My eyes swiveled to every possible lurking place, wondering if she was still here somewhere; out of sight, tucked into a hole like a conniving snake, ready to strike, fangs first.
My body was as alight as a cold wash of fear prickled the fine hairs on the back of my neck. I brought my hand up, just to warm it, sooth it, but the low pressure of wariness pushed down on my body, rooting me to a spot. I was still on the edge of my nerves when I realized I had stopped about five feet away from the counter. I didn't realize she had been pulling me forward. A thick wall of instinctive warning fell to the floor, right in front of me, blocking my path almost as solid as a brick wall. My body literally did not want to move anymore. I knew...Somehow I knew there was something back there behind the counter andI couldn't bring myself to move any further.

"I don't have the strength to see this by myself Bells. We need to check it out, there may be someone back there, hurt. We can't just leave. I can't have that "What If" on my conscious, Bells."
I nodded my head, letting her know I understood, although, my knees had locked and my stare burned through the solid mauve colored counter all the way to the hidden floor on the other side. Visions of pools of blood, headless bodies and scar-face model killings burned into my brain.

"We have to check," she pleaded.

I looked towards Leah, seeing her swallow hard and the feeling brewing within my gut, didn't make me feel any better.

Witnessing Leah rattled didn't comfort me. All it did was spike my worry to a new level as we approached the five and a half steps to the counter.
My breathing labored, and my chest caved in deeply, as I placed my hands on top of the ad covered surface, eyeing the cigarettes, energy products and multi-colored package vitamin and energy supplements nervously.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Leah peak over onto the other side of the counter slowly, leaning on the tips of her toes, as if braced for a dead run. Her body angled,stiffened and shuttered but she didn't say a word. Looking away for a moment, I checked over the spans of the counter,noticing that nothing was out of place, falling, or destroyed. Everything was in tip top, swipe your finger until it squeaked clean. If a place was robbed there would've been some kind of-

"NOTHING!" Leah bellowed.

"Awwww Goddamnit! Fuck Leah!" I screamed, jumping back from the counter, forcefully threading my fingers into my hair and scalp, using my free hand to throw a small bottle of Energy plus at her. "You scared the piss out me!"

" Shit, I'm sorry. I...I didn't mean too, I w...was just happy to see that there wasn't anybody here," she said, leaning her torso against the counter, propping herself up on her elbows. "There's nothing here. That crazy countrified bitch you saw, is gone. Come back here to take a look if you don't believe me. Nothing is out of place. I'm almost positive that whoever works here is just on break. You know they don't lock doors in smaller towns."

I pursed my lips at the absurdity. " Listen to what your saying Leah, employees not locking the business when they leave? In what lifetime? Is that the only explanation that you could come up with?"

"Yeah it is, And that's the only explanation there is. What the fuck are we Bella? Cs fucking I? Scooby dooby doo? Let's get to the hotel and get the hell away from this shit, and help Embry with those fucking bite marks."

She gestured toward the car, pushing herself off the counter a little rougher than needed. Before she could move, Jake ran up to us out of breath.

"We got Em in Bells' car. You okay B?" he asked, jerking his chin at me, narrowing his eyes as he searched me in a once over for injuries.

"I'm fine, Jake. It's just...well...You know what. Just forget it. How's Embry?" I asked, wrapping my arm lightly around his waist, silently groaning at the feel of his heavy arm, resting on my strained neck, curling around my shoulder.

"He's in pain, but we can buy a goddamn first aid kit a few towns over. I want to get as far away from this hick ass town as possible." And right on cue, he stomach made it's presence known.

"Hey Jake!" Leah called, moving quickly to the right of the counter grabbing a bag of the new pizza Doritos that recently came out. "Just leave the money on the counter."

As soon as her hand picked up the bag, it felt as if time slowed, and I was on the outside watching in...

Has there ever been a time in your life where you wonder if you had done something differently, said something differently, or just plain wished you'd left a situation when you planned? Have you ever wondered if your life would've stayed the same if you just stayed in bed? Well in a series of small events...every last one of those thoughts popped into my head.

…Leah somehow slipped on the floor, crushing the bag of chips in her bare hand, popping the bag in her grasp as the flew in a flurry over the counter and floor.

Why didn't I stay home?

…The pop of the bag echoed, startling me and sent Jake to her rescue.

Maybe I should've sleep in a little later.

...My arm swung out in shock hitting and knocking over the plastic canisters of Laffy Taffy and Now and Laters.

I shouldn't have argued with ben.

…Jake bending down to help her up.

Maybe it was to soon for a trip.

…Leah refusing.

I should've listened to Charlie.

...The dip of blood covering Jake's fingers when he braced himself against the counter.

We should've left.

...My scream.

Why didn't we just leave?

… Jake's fear as his hand shook.


...The moment when he backed up so hard he dropped her shoulder with his free hand causing her to turn the wrong way too quickly, as the force of the impact knocked her into the counter so hard, packets, candy, cell phone cards flew to the floor...

Her sharp scream caused me to move.

"Leah!" I yelled.

"Get this off me! Get this me! Please someone get this off me! Bella! no no no no. No no no no. Help!" Leah cried. I could here gurgled grunts, and the struggle deep withing her throat and cries. Jake stood stock still as I barged pass him, " What fuck is wrong with you help-" I slipped into the blood next to her shoulder, hitting the side of my head against the floor. On impact my eyes slammed shut and my brain swirled with the blunt pain, as my ears fulled with the dull sound of ringing metal. I reached my hand out shakily, touching something moist and spongy.

"Oh my fucking God," Jake whispered, as a sharp tug, gripped the front of my shirt with a low growl.

Opening my eyes, my vision cleared but my ears still rang from the fall. Leah was tangled with someone thick and bloodied, layingon top of her chest. The skin had black lacerations, with specks of leaking puss oozing out of the cracks as blueish veins plagued underneath his torn flesh. Teeth marks littered his torso, torn deeply into the skin, shredded as if an animal had intently gone after the sheer bone. Leah pummeled the man with one fist, punching it into his skull as splashes of his entrails and blood speckled her face.
Jake moved fast, digging his fingers into the man's neck and shoulders, pulling as it's grip tightened on Leah. With each forceful tug from Jake, the man pulled a fighting Leah up with him, roaring as he jerked his head, angling it closer to her neck.

His half scalped head titled to the side when I gasped,turning towards me revealing a skinned face. Clouded eyes stared out from a muscle and boned face, to my horror mucus, drained from his nose cavities. Not a single piece of flesh marred his face, except for the languid tongue flicking from between his shattered teeth. He kept his eyes on me crawling up Leah's body as he open his mouth wide, turning his head over his shoulder towards Jake, elongating his jaw revealing long white-

In one swift kick, Seth caught him under the chin with the toe of his boot, crushing those long canines,into the bottom row with a sickening, dull crunch. He rolled off Leah with a hiss, allowing her and Jake to scramble away from his grasp. I jumped to my feet disoriented, but I didn't let it deter my goal. I wanted out of the nightmare and was right on Leah and Jake's ass.

"Get me out of here. Get me out of here!" Leah yelled at Jake in a panic, limping as she tried to run with him half dragging her.


I stopped dead in my tracks as the growl behind me rose.

"She touched you didn't she cherie?" I swallowed, frozen in my spot, hearing his voice directly in between my ears. He laughed roughly, gurgling with the fluid lodged in his throat.

"You're dead girl . You're a dead!" He roared ,as my skin electrified, feeling his presence suddenly behind me. I took off running but his pointed, sharp nailed fingers curled around my neck holding me in place, lifting me slowly until only the tip of my toes touched the tile.

" I'm going to get a piece of you before he can."

"What the..."


"Holy shit."

"Get the fuck off of her."

" Get in the car!" I yelled. " Get in the gotdamned car!"

"Her blood is mine now. I caught her. I know who she is. I'm going to crawl into your skin," he rasped into my ear.

A low growl resounded behind me and the force against my throat and body was removed so harshly. that my body spun around from the embrace, only to witness a flood of dark hair, a slender body, and nails as long as a fore arm, digging and groaning into the flesh and neck of my captor, shaking him as a dog would it's last meal. I backed away shocked, literally not thinking, completely blank, as the screams of my friends were covered over the loud roar of an engine.

A body collided into me and I looked up just in time as Jake scooped me up into his arms running full speed to the cars.

"I have to get you in the got damn car! What the fuck are y'all doing!" he yelled, at the same time a familiar head peeked out of the drivers seat of the navy blue cammarro. My head bobbled in Jake's arms, my mouth forming into a scream. That girl...That same girl... with the unevenly spiked hair, revved the engine and pressed the gas, stirring a cloud of dust as she taunted us.

"Give me a good chase darling. Welcome to hell."

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