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Zack shifted in his seat before finally standing up, he had been sitting in that chair for over 20 minutes waiting for the girl he was about to take to a club, to get ready.

"Jess! Hurry up; I'm almost 90 out here!"

Zack motioned for the door knob to her bedroom. The sight on the other side made him freeze. Jess sat half naked on her bed, her short skirt revealing tantalizing legs that crossed gently over one another.

"AH! Zack! What are you doing I told you to wait outside."

A frown consumed her face. Zack looked away and scratched at the back of his head.

"Uhm, oops sorry."

"Zack! Wait, why don't you come over here, I could use some help with my top. It zips in the back and I can't reach it"

Jess slipped the silk fabric over her shoulders and moved her long blond hair out of the way. Zack cleared his throat. He took a hesitant step toward the seductive woman. Swallowing hard he knelt on the bed behind her. He gripped the zipper and slid it upwards.

"There you go. Can we go now? The club is going to be packed by the time we get there"

Jess gave him a smirk before standing and placing her finely manicured hand on his shoulder.

"There is a change of plans, I have decided to take you to one of my favorite clubs and it doesn't open for ten more minutes."

Zack stared blankly at the woman standing in front of him. She just smiled and gripped his arm, tugging him out of her room and to the front door. She quickly opened the door and shoved him out. Swiftly following and locked the door to her dorm. For a twenty-one year old girl ranking first of her class, she loved to party this is what had convinced Zack to ask her out. He had to clear some thoughts from his mind and she seemed like the kind of girl that could give him some fun to accomplish this task.

"Uhm, O.k."

He managed a single breath before being shoved forward. He barely managed to remain standing as he fumbled his way down the stairs and out of her building. Being yanked and pushed all the way.

By the time they reached her club it was about midnight. It was a dark building with black walls and completed by a black silk drape covering the entrance. Zack sighed, he hadn't expected this beautiful blond to be Goth, but he still had to get his mind cleared and at least here he could laugh at people.

"You ready Zack? I Can guarantee you a good time! "

With that they were off, Zack once again being shoved. When he and jess reached the entrance, it came as a surprise that Jess and the large black man standing by the door were on a first name basis.

"Ah! Jess I didn't know you were working tonight!"

"Hey Jules! Actually, I'm not, I'm bringing a friend here tonight. Just a night out, he needs it bad! I can tell."

"Ha ha! Ya, I can to, looks like he seriously needs to come to terms with some little facts."

Jess laughed and she and Zack waltzed in but not before Zack received a grin and wink from the man jess had called Jules.

"Have a good time Sweetie!"

Zack's breath caught in his throat, never in his life had I man twice his size called him sweetie. It's not that he minded, it just caught him off guard. He was huge, and didn't seem ga… mmm... that way. Inside the club at last Zack made his way to the bar too much in a daze to notice anything but the provocative alcohol behind the bar.

"What can I get ya babe?"

Zack lifted his head to respond, his eyes widened at the sight that greeted him behind the bar. There stood at least a six foot man with long hair complete with purple and white streaks. He was dressed in tight leather jeans that hugged his muscled body. His eyes were painted with a light purple eye shadow and a thin line of eyeliner that made his long eyelashes dance in shadow.

"Uhm, can I get a martini, dry please?"

"Sure thing cutie!"

Zack smiled at the man and grabbed the drink as it was placed in front of him, he drank it down with one gulp and it was then, with the fire burning in his belly that he took a good look around. He followed the flow of people taking in the sight fully. The club was wall to wall guys, all muscular and shirtless with the exception of the queens floating around. The men danced to the music and held each other running each other's hands along the muscled bodies of one another. He glanced around and found Jess she was sitting it a couch in one of the corners of the bar, chatting with some of the sweaty shirtless guys and a couple of what looked like women but he couldn't be sure. But instead of being appalled by the sight he found it strangely erotic. The sweat dripping and glistening along their bodies sending tingles over his person and directly to his groin.

He looked back at his glass and took a deep breath gathering an explanation in his head of why he found these guys so provocative. He calmed down the growing tent in his pants before directing his sight to the dance floor once again. One man in particular gained his attention. He was surrounded by other guys all dancing and rubbing their bodies together. They all had beautiful builds, especially the one that had caught his gaze in the first place. The way this man moved seemed so familiar, the way his hips swayed as he danced and the way his chest rose and fell as he breathed. It was so … similar to …


Zack turned toward the voice that had called out next to him.

"Huh, No … I'm not-"

"Oh, oops sorry Honey, thought you were someone else. It's strange, you looked like you could be twins, but oh well, Sorry again Hot stuff."

The man gave a wink before turning away.

It had been years since he had heard that name, years that caused him pain regularly. He and his brother hadn't spoken since that day Cody had gone missing. He felt tears well up as his mind traveled back to the day he had found out about his brothers disappearance.

"Hey sweetie, you all right?"

Zack shook off the urge to cry and turned toward the voice. In front of him stood a thin brunette, his face was beautiful. A face fit for the muscled body he sported.

"Huh? Oh ya, I'm ok, just fighting with my emotions" Zack laughed and returned his gaze to the half naked man in front of him.

"I'm sorry, how bout I help you with that fight. Dance with me, you are just too scrumptious to leave alone."

The man grabbed at Zack's hands and led him to the dance floor. Zack didn't struggle but he didn't except it very well either. The man reached a clearing in the crowd and let go of His hands he began swaying his hips and pressed his body so Zack's. Soon the music and the feel of the man's body pressed to his own consumed him he began matching the movements of his partner. Moving his body to the music and letting the raw feeling take hold of his mind and body, soon the man began running his fingers over Zack's chest. Right before he moved to remove the shirt that hid Zack's glorious body from the world. Sweat trickled down his cheek and dripped to the floor. His entire body shimmered as the lights from the club danced on his wet skin.

"So you ever been in here before? I swear I have seen you here."

"No, my friend Jess dragged me Here, She works here I guess."

"Jess is here? She is one of the Bartenders here! She is amazing! How did you guys meet?"

Zack looked down and realized why Jess had brought him to this bar.

"I asked her out…"

The man in front of him laughed.

"You asked out a woman! My Gay-dar was going off miles away from you hun. That's why I pounced at the chance to be with you. But I can tell your heart is already in the possession of someone really special."

This made Zack tear up again. Thoughts of his brother filled his mind. The tears flowed from his eyes. The man he was with placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and smiled into the blonds blue green eyes.

"I think you need to rest hun, you need to find this someone and tell him how you feel. If you don't you will always feel lost in your thoughts. Constantly fighting them away and never coming to realization of how you feel about this person."

Zack faked a smile and began thinking over the man's words. If only he knew how long he had searched for the person that held his heart. What he would give just to have a word on if his brother was alive and safe or not. But even that was too much to ask. No one as dirty and as wrong as himself deserved closure, that peace of mind that would come if he knew where his twin was.

"You're right; I think I'm going to head home now, anyway thanks for the fun it helped a lot. And your words gave me some peace of mind. "

Zack hugged the man and let him place a gentle kiss on his cheek.

"Come back once you find him, I want to meet this man, it seems you and him have a unbreakable bond"

"You have no idea."

Zack smiled and walked away. He put his hands in his pockets and walked back toward the bar. He froze in his tracks as he noticed the man that had caught his eyes on the dance floor was leaning on the bar talking to the bartender. His eyes traced over the muscled back of the stranger, taking in every inch of his beautiful tawny skin. The man's blond hair was disheveled but it made him all the more tempting. Zack let out an angry growl as he realized this was exactly how he used to look at his brother. The sight would give him the same chills he was feeling right now. Cody was the only one that had … has ever made him feel this way and the fact that this stranger who's face he had not even seen was giving him the same feeling was making his blood boil. Zack stalked his way up to the bar and asked for another martini; once it was handed to him he shot it back. Letting the heat engulf him and somewhat calming his nerves. Zack wanted to get a look at this man's face to see if he was even worthy of being compared to his twin. Zack let out a light laugh before attempting to break the ice.

"It's amazing what you can find in Boston, had no idea there was such a great club here."

Zack kept his gaze averted to the counter until he heard the voice of the man he was desperate to see. Once he saw out the corner of his eye that the man had turned his gaze to him did he look over. His eyes flickered to the form of the blond next to him His eyes widened and immediately tears welled up. Emotions flooded him, but the ones that stood out the most were relief and anger.


The only response the man got was a deadly glare and a hard punch to the face. The people around Zack gasped as the Blond man fell to the ground, out cold.

"WHY! Why did you do that!"

Zack Leaned down and gripped the man's jeans, yanking him up and lifting him into his arms.

"Relax he is my brother, I didn't hit him that hard but he sure as hell deserved harder."

Everyone glared at Zack. But he didn't care, he just strode out of the bar Cody still K.O.'d in his arms.

Zack Fumbled with his keys before finally finding the right one and unlocking the door to his apartment. It was difficult to do with the dead weight still in his arms. He walked in and placed Cody on his bed. Assuming he would be out for a few more minutes he walked into his bathroom and took a quick shower. All the while he was in there all he could think of was the man on his bed, the man that he thought dead at times. He flipped through memories but one stood out from the rest, the conversation the boys had had the day Cody had disappeared.

"Cody… Did you mean what you did last night? The kiss you gave me?"

Cody stiffened at the question. He had acted upon hidden feelings for the first time last night and had somewhat confronted his twin about them. Zack had been joking around with him and had pushed him off his bed. Cody had charged his brother once he regained his footing and pinned him to the wall of his room on the S.S. Tipton. Zack had laughed and played along until Cody had forcibly taken his brothers lips in a kiss.

Cody turned toward his brother who was sitting in his bed. Zack had slept in his room last night due to the fact that his room was being cleaned for an ant infestation.


Zack Teared up. He had been hiding similar feelings for his twin, harboring them in his heart for fear of his brother's reaction. The fact that Cody could be so blunt to turn down the question hit him hard, a blow that hit his heart directly.

"How could you! Do have any idea how that kiss had made me feel? Any idea how Shocked I was when you did it?"

Zack screamed at his brother, words finally leaving him that had been weighing down on him all night. But soon Zack's voice dropped to a whisper and Cody stood frozen at the next words to leave his twins lips.

"How much I liked it?"

Cody kept his back to his twin not responding to a single word leaving his mouth, letting the full blow of the words take its toll on him.

"I love you more than I should, I always have. I have been beating myself up over this for years, the constant torment of the feelings destroying me… when you kissed me last night I was so happy, I thought my forbidden feelings were finally being accepted but to find out that this is all just a cruel joke to you, a fun game to toy with my feelings… it hurts, it hurts so much. But you don't care, you never have."

Tears erupted from Zack's eyes streaming his cheeks and falling to the ground. Zack wept but finally managed to pull himself together long enough for one final statement to leave his mouth before he walked out of the room and little did he know, walk out of his only brothers life.

"I hate the way you make me feel, the love for you I have. But most of all I hate you Cody."

He left the room before he could see his brother's reaction, if there was one.

Zack dried off, the thoughts of his last words burning through his very soul. He wrapped the towel around his waist before exiting the bathroom and moving to a pile of clothes flipping through them till he found some clean ones. He pulled on his boxers and jeans, and added a black t-shirt before walking to the bed. He hovered over Cody; the memories of his brother being so heartless brought tears to his eyes and a glare to his features. He stood there staring and his brothers body as he mumbled in an attempt to wake up. Finally his eyes flickered open. The sight of his brother glaring and crying over him caused him to jump in surprise.

"Zack, is that really you?"

"Who else would it be?"

Zack spat the words. Not even making an attempt to hide his anger. Cody sat up and moved to stand next to his brother. A look of sadness consuming his face and causing tears to well up in his own eyes. Zack just looked away, for fear of having that sad face cause forgiveness to early. Zack wanted to scream at his brother ask him so many questions but at the same time he wanted to hold him, embrace him and never let go, the fear of having him leave his life again ate at his heart he needed Cody to say he would stay but that would never happen.

"Zack I -"

He was cut off by Zack's first hard toned question

"Were did you go?"

The blunt question caught Cody off guard and it took him a while to find words to answer.

"Still as heatless as ever."

Zack spoke harshly, causing the tears in Cody's eyes to begin to fall. Zack kept his back turned to his twin. His tone was still Black as he continued to speak.

"I hate myself for how in love I am with you. The depth of it hasn't changed in five years. It infuriates me to think my love is being wasted on someone as cold as you. You really have never truly cared about me. After all you left me in a heartbroken state."

Cody wept, his brothers words sending splinters into is heart. He wanted to tell Zack so bad why he had left, why he had been so cold, so … dead towards his brothers love. He was scared, scared at the feelings he had, Scared for his brother most of all. Cody had felt a burden to his brother. He didn't want to tell his brother he loved him and he feel obligated as the older brother to comply with these feelings, to accept them when he truly thought them sick. But when Zack had out right admitted to sharing similar feelings for his twin he was left in a frozen state. A state of surprise but mostly delight at the fact that his brother felt the same but Zack had jumped to conclusions about his silence so fast that he didn't find words quick enough to tell him otherwise of the Spear like words that left his lips.

Cody stood still as the heart wrenching words continued to spill from Zack's mouth. Soon he began to shake, the overwhelming feelings finally taking hold before he dropped to his knees and covered his ears.

"STOP! JUST STOP! Please… stop …"

The watery shout that left Cody's mouth hit Zack hard. He turned to see his brother writhing on the ground his sobs causing his body to convulse.

"Zack … I didn't want to hurt you, I really didn't. I wanted nothing more than to have you in my arms."

"Then why did you leave!"

Cody stared at his brother with his tear filled eyes.

"I… I… I was scared… So scared! When you said you hated me, I began torturing myself. The rest of that day I was in tears. And as soon as we docked in Italy I fled the ship getting as far from you as I could. I figured it was what you would want. With me not there you were free to love other people. "

"What I wanted! Did you not hear a single word that left my mouth that day? I said I loved you and you acted as if it was nothing but a breeze."

"NO! That's not how I felt in the least! I was in shock. When those words left your mouth I was overjoyed, my mind at a loss for words. I didn't say anything because I didn't get the chance! You jumped to conclusions so fast."

"… You didn't even turn around when I said them, how else was I supposed to take your silence?"

The boys looked at one another. The words just said still lingering in the air between them.

"I know, and I am more sorry and heartbroken than you could ever believe."

Using the back of his hand, Zack wiped the tears from his eyes. Taking a deep breath to gain at least a little composure Zack knelt before his brother wrapping his arms around him and embracing him in a tight forgiving hug. Cody gasped as he felt the familiar arms of his brother tighten around his bare torso.


Cody pressed his forehead to the crook of Zack's neck. Inhaling the familiar scent he had missed so much. Wrapping his arms around the man in front of him sent shivers up his spine. It made more tears form in his eyes, tears of joy.

"Does this mean you forgive me?"

Cody spoke into his older brother's neck. And felt the vibrations as Zack spoke.

"I was never really mad, just heartbroken."

Cody felt his brothers embrace tighten, lifting his arms Cody returned the embrace. The twins held one another this continued for almost three hours the two men just holding one another, making up for all the years they should have been together.

"Cody… Have you … um… Have you slept with anyone … I mean…"

Cody dropped his arms from his brother. His gaze fell along with them, focusing on the floor to the right of his body.

"I couldn't do it; the only person I have ever wanted to sleep with was never with me, I chased him away."

"Cody … do you mean?"

"Yes, I do, but I'm almost positive I lost my chance years ago."

Zack lifted his hand to grip the blonds chin, redirecting his gaze to his own before placing a light kiss on his brother's lips.

"Your chance was never lost, not once did I even consider another body. Yours was the only one I wanted and I knew one day I would get the chance to claim it"

Cody blushed at his older twin's choice of words, the thought of him claiming his body sent a tingle straight to his groin causing a firm erection to start forming.

"Will… you kiss me again?"

A light laugh left Zack's mouth before it claimed his twin's lips once again. He licked at the slightly parted entrance before he slid his tongue in, causing a light moan to slither from Cody's throat. The two men gripped at each other, running their hands along each other's bodies. They soon stood up, their lips never once leaving each others, they fell onto the bed Cody landing on top and positioning himself on all fours hovering over his brothers body and moving to run his fingers over the older boys chest. Reaching the bottom he slid his hand under the fabric but instead of feeling smooth skin he felt a jagged raised area running from his hip to shoulder blade. Cody parted their lips tearing off Zack's shirt to reveal a Horrifying scar.

"What the hell happened!"

Zack stumbled over words, struggling for a way to explain his scar to his brother.

"After you left I … I had an … an accident"