Zack stared at his brother, waiting for the man to give him a response. Cody looked at his twin, new tears forming in his eyes. He dropped his gaze to the bed sheets, avoiding any further eye contact with his twin.

"It's amazing, I wasn't even here and I still caused you pain"

Cody spoke in a low whisper, but Zack still heard the pain in his voice.

"Cody… It … It wasn't your fault. It was my own stupid self."

"How did it happen?"

Zack contemplated telling the truth but in the end decided it would be best, he didn't want to risk Cody finding out what really happened on his own. That would just cause more unnecessary pain. He was sick of seeing Cody upset; He wanted happiness returned to his eyes, not more tears.

"Well… when you disappeared we searched for you for days and when we couldn't find you they decided to leave Italy anyway, I was furious! I yelled and screamed but they ignored it! They kept telling me you were a grown man, that you could take care of yourself but I didn't want you to have to take care of yourself"

Zack dropped his gaze from his Brother before he continued.

"I wanted to take care of you, I didn't want to be alone. I didn't want YOU to be alone. So I jumped off the ship."

A gasp escaped Cody's lips as he heard those words.

"You jumped into the ocean to come after me?"

Zack Smiled and laughed lightly.

"Don't be too impressed; we had just barely left the dock. We were barely half a mile from the shore."

"That doesn't change the fact that that you jumped ship to continue looking for me, I had no idea you cared so much."

"Cody, the bond I have with you is unbreakable. Not only are you my only brother but you are my twin! And to add to that you … You are the man I love."


Zack sat up, his face a few mere inches away from Cody's. He wrapped his arms around his brother, holding tightly, not wanting to ever let go.
"I love you to Zack, so much."

Cody spoke into the crook of his twin's neck, returning the embrace.

"Cody, I need to tell you the rest of the story."

Zack's arms loosened around the younger man. His tone had dropped and it looked as if remembering the story was bringing tears to his eyes. Cody pulled back and looked Zack in the eyes. He looked frightened. As His twin he could tell when something was seriously wrong. And he had never had that feeling as strong as he did now.

"I don't think I want to know-"

"I have to tell you Cody, You see when I said I had never been with another man-"

Zack took in a sharp breath. And looked at Cody, he was tearing up and seemed to be scared for the next words.

"It wasn't necessarily true, when I reached shore after jumping I continued to look for you. I searched for almost two weeks but I had no food, nowhere to sleep, my body began shutting down. I remember one day I was in a small inn trying to offer my help for some food and a place to rest for a few hours but they didn't except. I was dirty and probably didn't smell very good, they just kicked me out. A few hours later I was sitting in the side of the street, just watching, hoping I would find you but I was suddenly knocked out, all I remember was sitting and seeing a dark shadow from behind me, a sharp pain on the back of my head then nothing."

Cody was even more frightened now. He could tell by the pain in his brother's voices where this was going.
"Stop Zack I don't want to hear this anymore-"

"No Cody. You have to know, I wouldn't feel right if I never told you. I need you to listen to me …I need you to!"

The tears welling up in Zack's eyes slowly began to fall.
"Ok, I'll listen, I need to be strong, and I can tell you need to get this off your chest."

Zack cleared his throat from the watery lump and continued, fighting his tears harder than ever.

"When I woke up I was in a room I didn't recognize, it was semi dark but a faint light from a window kept the room lit. The window was high up so I figured I was in a basement or an attic. I started freaking out; I didn't know where I was or what was going on. I noticed that I was in different clothes as well; it appeared as if I had been cleaned up, but I didn't remember anything. I looked around the room finally finding a door in the darkest corner of the room. I yanked at it but it was locked I yelled and yelled but there was only silence on the other side. I got so scared I huddled up in the corner and all I could do was cry. I cried for the nightmare to end I cried for you but neither came. I don't know how long I had been in the room but soon I heard a voice. It said "Come on now, don't cry you are going to ruin that beautiful face of yours" It was a man's voice, I looked up he was wearing nothing but jeans and was looking at me with these eyes, eyes that sent chills down my spine. I managed to ask him who he was all he said was to call him Bradley."

Zack's eyes were wide in horror as he recalled what he had to tell his baby brother next. It scared him to think of his brother reaction. He didn't want Cody to hate him.

"I don't think I should tell you the rest. It's to … to …Sick."

"No Zack you need to tell me I need to know what happened to you? I can't let you shoulder this pain alone. Now tell me."

Zack closed his eyes and took a deep breath, preparing himself to relive his worst nightmare.

"He walked closer to me a sly grin on his face as he did so. I scooted back as far as I could into my corner. But it wasn't good enough; he lunged for me, grabbing my wrists and pinning them to the wall. I screamed but he just laughed at me. He said that no one would come. He said he hit the jackpot with me, a stray kitten that had lost his family. He told me I was talking in my sleep, yelling for you. I struggled to get away from him but I was so weak. I could barely make his hands budge. He slammed them into the wall when I tried to struggle again. He yelled at me told me to shut the fuck up. He was sick of my whining. I cried out as I felt bones break in my fingers were they had struck the wall. He gave another smug grin before calling out for some people called Jaq and Venz. Two more large men walked in similar grins on their faces. They came closer and one of them had rope, they stripped me of my jeans and bound my legs and arms. I screamed but I was stopped by a blunt object hitting me in the stomach. The other man that had come in carried a bat he swung it hard, told me that if I made any more noise I would be hit again. The two beat and tied me while the one called Bradley just merely watched and gave that grin almost laughing the entire time. Soon I was in so much pain I thought they would finally relent but then Bradley finally stepped in. "It's my turn" he said. The other two men backed away and he came closer. My vision was blurred by blood and tears so I had no idea what was going on until… until..."

The tears came from Zack's eyes full force. He cried aloud and put his face in his hands, attempting to hide his shame. Familiar warmth soon came over him, he felt Cody's arms wrap around him and pull him into his lap.

"It's ok Zack, I'm here, I won't let you hurt anymore"

"All I felt were his hands, they ran over my body, all the while he made comments like, what a thin gorgeous body I had and how much he would enjoy it. I got so scared! I yelled out again only to be met with the bat as promised. He continued touching me his fingers finally coming to my boxers. He yanked them down and began feeling me. I could feel his filthy hands running up and down getting his pleasure from my defilement. I cried but he didn't stop if anything it egged him on, he said he liked it when his little kittens objected, when they cried for help. His hands finally found their way to my backside, they continued on their journey but the most horrible thing was when I heard the Zipper of his jeans, he did it so slow enjoying the torment it brought me. The Pain was incredible I cried out only to be met with the bat but the pain that engulfed my lower end outdid anything the bat could do, I continued screaming he continued swinging and Bradley continued thrusting. My pain and screams making him go faster and the most horrible part, he laughed the entire time, he assaulted my body, running his fingers over my stomach and hips, pulling and pushing till he reached his break. Eventually I gave up fighting and just let him do it, he was relentless. I felt my spirit and soul crush with every thrust he forced inside. I just gave up, I felt no point in fighting anymore after he had finished he flipped me over, he glared at me, "No fight left huh?" he spat his words I just stared at him my body in so much pain that I could barely move. The last words I heard were "Do with him what you want" and the man named Bradley left. Not even a second glance toward me. I was so angry but my feelings were quickly pushed away as the familiar pain in my lower back returned, again and again, again and again. It went on for hours and eventually I blacked out. I woke up the next day bloody bruised and broken, Soul and body. I tried to yell out but all that came out was a hoarse noise that sent glass into my throat. I managed to get a glance around; there was blood and other fluids all around me. I was covered in it, it was hell Cody! It was hell! But things only got worse, I fell back into darkness and awoke to a loud crack I opened my eyes only to realize it was my ribs that I heard. The man with the bat and the other man had returned, I tried yelling out again but still nothing came but that harsh noise. One of the men gave a snide laugh before speaking, he said not to worry, that they were completely through with me. That's when the other man leaned down and I felt something cold and sharp press to my shoulder blade. I remember a lot of blood after that and everything going dark. I woke up in a hospital a week later; I was wrapped up in bandages from head to toe and was in excruciating pain. I later found out that I was sliced open. And that I was found just in time in a ditch. "

"Zack… I … I … I can't believe this could happen to you. Why did this happen to you? It's not fair! Why is it that all I can do is bring you pain? It's just not fair!"

Zack looked up from his brother chest and gazed into his teared eyes. He felt horrible, he had forced Cody to listen to this story hoping that it would clear the air completely between them, he was wrong; all it did was fog it up even more. He listened to the light sobs coming from his twin and frowned, he was angry, he had made Cody cry again.

"Cody, Please stop crying, this is not your pain to bare. I told you what happened so I could show you how much I trust you, I wanted you to have all the facts and then decide if you still loved me… I didn't want you upset, I guess when you told me to stop I should have. I am sorry."

"If I had never left, your Skin would still be smooth, your body would still be innocent. I hate those men for what they took from you, for what they took from me. I wanted to be the first to hold you close, to kiss your gentle lips and to claim your body. And they stole that from me"

Zack looked at his brother, eyes wide. Zack hadn't expected to hear words like that come from his brother's mouth, such strong dominant words spilling from his lips. "Claim"? The thought of his brother actually doing so, sent a blood rush to his head and groin. He felt a subtle pink blush cross his cheeks. Whenever Zack had fantasized about having sex with his twin, he had always been the dominant one, but the thought of the role reversal had a new wave of excitement rushing over his body. Zack reached up and cupped Cody's cheek.

"Cody, I want you to stop crying. It makes me upsets me to see your beautiful face so sad. "

Cody looked into Zack's eyes staring up at him.

"That was kind of narcissistic don't ya think?"

The twins laughed.

Cody wrapped his arms around Zack and leaned his head down on his brother shoulder.

"I suppose it was narcissistic but it's true. I don't want to see my little brother upset, and over me no less."

"What do you mean over you? If anything that's more of a reason to be upset. I just can't believe you were hurt I mean all our lives, as the younger and frailer twin I was always being protected by "My big brother" and the one time I could have proven my capability to protect you I wasn't there. I missed my chance to show how much I actually cared for you."

"You didn't miss your chance, you are proving it right now. The fact that you are so upset over this and that you are crying over something that happened to me proves so much more than just the fact that you care. It proves how much you … you ... love … me.

Cody took in a sharp breath, and raised his head to look into Zack's eyes again.

"Well … I'm glad. I … I do love you Zack, So much! I am glad you told me what happened. It makes me realize how strong you are. The fact that you could openly tell me that story and still be in one piece just astounds me. I love you Zack and I promise that from now till the end of time I will protect you and make sure nothing like that ever happens to you again."

A smile spread over Zack's face.

"So does that mean you will be with me till the end of time?"

Cody let out a gentle laugh.

"Yes, if that is what you want."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

Cody leaned in towards Zack's face, and claimed his lips. The kiss was filled with the promise of the words just exchanged. Cody traced his tongue along Zack's bottom lip and begged for entry. The twin abided, letting his brother slide his tongue inside. Zack moaned as Cody's tongue prodded at the most sensitive of areas, sliding along the points of maximum pleasure. Zack sat up and put more pressure into the kiss. He slid his hands along Cody's back and up to his shoulders; he gripped his brother and led him down onto his back before breaking the kiss and nuzzling into the crook of his twins neck. Zack grazed his lips against the warm flesh and nibbled at it. He inhaled the sweet masculine scent that was Cody as he licked at the skin between his chin and collar bone. Cody moaned as he felt warm kisses along his shoulder and down his bicep.

"Mmm, Zack, that feels wonderful."

Zack let out a light laugh and continued on down the younger man's body. Placing innocent kisses and playful licks as he traveled from his biceps and down along his abs. Zack let out little growls as his appetite picked up and the lust for more of the gorgeous body beneath him grew more feral. He reached Cody's waist and moved his mouth to the zipper keeping his brothers erection hidden. He bit it and slowly pulled it down. He moved his hands to the button and unsnapped it. Pants fully undone all that stood between Zack and his brother's member was the light blue boxer shorts. Zack quickly pulled the tight pants from his twin's body and flung them to the floor. He returned to the large bulge in Cody's Boxers and hooked his fingers over the waistband but before pulling those off he began to tease the bulge, licking at it from the other side of the blue fabric. Cody yelled out, the pleasure causing his member to let out spurts of pre-cum. Zack licked at the wet stain on his twin's underwear, the taste of his brother making his own hard-on pulsate.

"Zack! Stop teasing me! It … it hurts…"

Cody covered his face with his arm, hiding his embarrassment. Zack let a laugh escape his throat and lifted his head from his brother's crotch to his face. He pulled Cody's arm from his eyes and leaned down. He placed a gentle kiss on his twin's lips and looked into his eyes.

"Don't be embarrassed, I will pleasure you the right way. But you got to do the same thing for me Codes."

A blush consumed Cody's face at the direct tone of his older brother's voice.

"H… How…?"

Zack knelt over the younger boy and smiled. He turned his body all the way around till he faced Cody's legs .Leaning down and gave another playful lick to the bulge.

"Do for me what I do for you."

Zack lifted his lower half up and moved into the perfect position. His crotch was a few inches away from Cody's face, and Cody's from his. Zack finally pulled away the last bit of fabric from the wet member and leaned in. He teased at the tip; listing to Cody's gasps and moans from behind him. After a few more playful licks he engulfed it fully, taking the entire length into his mouth. He bobbed his head and concentrated on the way his tongue ran over the swollen organ. Zack let out a small yelp as he felt wetness and warmth take hold of his own hard member. He removed his mouth from Cody to look back. The young blond had pulled away Zack's pants and underwear and was now moving his mouth up and down his shaft. Zack now in a state of euphoria from his brother's touch replaced his mouth on the wet length between his twin's legs but found his previous action harder do to the almost constant moans erupting from his lungs.


Cody's mouth traveled over Zack's length, the powerful suction giving Zack that familiar tingle deep inside himself. He had felt this feeling before and was well aware of what it meant. The feeling engulfed his body, the chills settling in the organ being catered to.

"Ah! C…Cody! … I'm … I'm cum- Ngh! Ahh…"

Before he could get the word out his body released sending his white results deep into Cody's mouth. Cody attempted to swallow but there was too much, and some seeped out of the corner of his mouth.

"Mmm, Zacky, you taste incredible."

Zack didn't reply, instead he returned his lips to Cody's twitching member. With his own body now temporarily under control he could finish what he started, pleasuring his baby brother. He licked his way up and down his hard shaft. Finally engulfing the entire length, he began bobbing his head, and quickly. He was aiming to give Cody just as powerful an orgasm as he just had himself, and would not settle for any less.

Cody gripped at the sheets is fingernails almost ripping holes in the soft fabric. He moaned loudly, almost yelling Zack's name with each prolonged suck. Cody was getting close and he felt the shivers beginning to consume his body. He bucked his hips driving himself even deeper into Zack's mouth. That last bit of pressure set him off. His seed coated the inside of his brother's throat. Zack swallowed it down and was gasping for breath when he finally removed his brother's cock from his lips.

Zack plopped onto the bed next to his brother. Now lying on his back he closed his eyes and exhaled.

"Wow, that was amazing, I have never had such an amazing feeling, thanks Codes"

Cody blushed and sat up to look at his brother. He noticed the way his chest rose and fell as he breathed; this slow but steady movement was making his body tingle. He felt his member tighten as it returned to its erect state and begged for touch.

"Heh heh, Zacky…"

Cody leaned over his brothers body his forehead just inches from Zack's. When the older boy opened his eyes he was caught off guard by the crushing pressure from the forceful kiss that was thrust upon him. Zack didn't fight in in the least, he was pushing into the kiss, the taste of that beautiful man urging him to go farther and farther. He lifted his hand and tangled it into the younger Blonds hair; he bit at the boys lip, waiting for permission to enter.

"Ah, Zack!"

He moaned into the kiss yelling Zack's name as he felt his carnal need for more take control. He wanted the feeling of his brother filling him; he took in a sharp breath at the thought of his brother's body pounding into him.

"Z…Zack … I want you… Ngh … down there."

Zack's eyes widened at the request. But soon he was smiling. He was delighted; he was finally going to please his brother the way he had wanted to for so long. Zack kissed Cody's kiss swollen mouth once more before lifting his fingers to trace the bottom lip of his twin. He slowly slid his fingers into the wet depths and let out a deep groan as He felt the moist tongue flick over his digits. He led Cody back down on the bed and lifted one of the boy's legs onto his shoulder. He looked into Cody's eyes as he slid the wet fingers out of his mouth and down to his tight hole. He poked at the entrance drawing sweet gentle noises from his brother. He finally slid the fingers into the heat of Cody's body.
Cody screamed out, the intrusion sending pain and overwhelming pleasure through his body. Zack stroked Cody's insides, sliding his wet fingers in and out of the young boy. Cody moaned at the feel of the man's fingers scissoring his hole, stretching him in preparation.

"Z…Zack … now, I need you now!"

The older twin leaned down placing a kiss on Cody's lips.

"You sure?"

Zack leaned his forehead to his brothers as he spoke. The longing on Cody's face answering the Question he just asked, and when Cody spoke, the tone of his voice confirming it all the more.

"Ya … I …I think so…"

Zack pulled out of the moist heat and positioned himself at the entrance, poking at it with his head. He pushed in slowly and felt Cody clench around the foreign length.

"You alright Codes?"

He nodded, and Zack pushed the rest of his hard member into the soft depths of his writhing body. Cody yelled out the, pain and pleasure blending together. He looked at Zack and made a notion that said he was ready. With that Zack began moving his body, thrusting into the man in front of him. Forcing delightful moan's from his lungs. His breathing became ragged as the Blond man thrusting into him quickened his pace; hitting his most sensitive area each time he gave a powerful thrust inward.



The boys felt the overwhelming pleasure envelop their bodies, sending a rush through their sweaty bodies, Zack breathed heavily, his body growing tired from the effort he was putting into each thrust, devoted to giving his baby brother the orgasm of a lifetime. Soon his wish was granted; with one more forceful thrust he had his brother on edge. Cody's body shook the sheer power of the orgasm racking his brain. The white fluid erupted from his manhood, spurting across his chest, some making into his cheek. He yelled out, Zack's name leaving his lips in a beautiful moan.

With Cody now reaching his climax, the shaking of his body filled Zack to the brim, he gave another movement feeling his brother's body one last time before throwing his head back, he rode out the single most powerful orgasm of his life, his milky seed coating Cody's insides.


Zack, still in ecstasy of his incredible orgasm, Looked into his twin's eyes, for the first time in five years he could tell Cody was genuinely happy. Zack smiled and leaned down to kiss the man he loved so much. Their lips connected and they shared a heavenly kiss, the feeling of being so connected fixing their broken hearts.

"I love you Codes."

Cody blushed and pulled his lips away from the man on top of him.

"I love you to Zacky."

Zack let out a light laugh and finally pulled away from his brother, exiting his body in a slow steady movement. Once out he crawled over his brother's body, placing a playful kiss on the crook of Cody's neck before he fell to his side and wrapped his arms around the beautiful body that lie next to him. Cody put his head on his brother's chest and inhaled his sweet scent before letting his eyes close for a perfect end to his perfect night.

The next morning Zack was awoken by the sweet scent of breakfast. He sat up and looked around; because Cody wasn't there he figured that he was the source of the delicious scent snaking into his bedroom. He stood up and pulled on a pair of shorts before exiting his room and letting his nose guide him to the kitchen. He reached the archway leading into the room but stopped and smiled at the sight that blessed his eyes, there in front of the stove, stood his baby brother, a pair of shorts hung low on his hips and he swayed to the music that played on the headphones in his ears. Zack moved closer, the smile on his face growing as he stepped behind Cody; he wrapped his arms around the lean body and placed his head on his shoulder. He felt the man jump slightly before he turned around and pulled the headphones from his ears.

"Zack I was going to let you sleep till breakfast was done, I wanted to bring you breakfast in bed, you like waffles right? Or is there something else you would like? "

Zack laughed.
"I can think of something I would like more than waffles."

Cody frowned and looked into his big brothers smiling face.

"Oh, what would that be?"

No words left Zack's lips; instead he took a step closer to his brother and pushed his mouth to the other man's. He licked at the slight part in the soft lips and slid his tongue in, caressing the wet walls of Cody's mouth. Zack reached behind his brother's body and flipped the knobs on the stove to off, their lips never once parting each other's. Zack then parted their lips for a moment so he could speak.



Zack swooped Cody around, placing his lips on the other man's once again and led them back to the bedroom, Cody put no fight up whatsoever and the two Men burst into the bedroom, falling Cody on top onto the bed. The younger blond straddled his brother's hips and finally lifted his body into a sitting position.

"I hope you enjoy your breakfast Zacky."