Team Players
By: Manna


"I'm telling you, the Caelin Crusaders will win the Super Bowl!"

"Hah!" Canas shook his head. "According to the statistics, the Ilia Pegasi will be winning this year!"

"It'd be nice if the Araphen Saints would win…just once."

Wallace snorted. "You two should stick to your Fantasy Football and leave the real football to us pros." He grinned at Renault and Bartre.

Renault sat tiredly on his couch, sinking practically up to his neck in the cushions and the tortilla chips. He was just glad there wasn't any salsa.

He hadn't invited anybody over. In fact, he had intended to watch the game by himself. But the other teachers and coaches had shown up as a declaration of friendship or…something he didn't quite understand. It didn't matter. On Monday he'd go back to teaching biology classes, Wallace would be in woodshop making sure overeager students like Sain didn't chop their fingers off, Lucius would be drilling classic literature into the heads of many kids, Canas…would be doing on Elimine knew what in the chemistry lab, and Bartre would be getting dodgeballs thrown at him.

He supposed he could live with it. They were all nice people, if a little crazy.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, and he tiredly went to get it while the commercial break ended.

Isadora smiled at him brightly. "Renault!" she said, holding out something for him. "I'm sorry I'm late. I wanted to be sure these were cool before I brought them."


Renault would not argue with brownies. "Come on in," he said.

"The Pherae Knights are going to lose this game," Canas said seriously, eyes glued on the television though he was speaking to Isadora.

"What'd you say?" Bartre asked, a fistful of chips in one hand and a beer in the other.

Isadora pushed Canas's shoulder. "Then why are they two touchdowns behind before halftime?" she asked him smugly.

Renault sighed and shifted his attention to the game. He wasn't about to admit that his favorite team was the Dread Isle Morphs; he would never hear the end of it. They always lost every game. Popular opinion was that the team members had no soul for the game, but Renault knew they'd do better with a better coach.

He reached for a brownie. "So long as someone takes the Ostia Overlords down this year, that's all that really matters."

No one disagreed.


Author Notes:

Just Renault and the bros watchin' the game.