Title~ Friends & Lovers

Part 6/6: End of  Series

Author~ Cristal

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Rating~ PG13

Disclaimer~ All characters belong to the WWFE: the only thing I own are the compromising situations I may put them in. ;)

Spoilers~ Nadda (unless you count my personal conspiracy theories(which I don't either). ^^

Summary~ Self-doubt's surface and the tag-team match (that I probably described badly. :P)for Lita!

Christian lay quietly, his fingers running gently down her side, over her ribcage, down her waist and up over her hip. His intent blue eyes watched her as she slept so peacefully, his thoughts wandering. His fingers continued to trail back up her side smoothly. His thoughts turned to their very new relationship…he was surprised she even agreed to stay with him last night. She could easily get any man she wandered, regardless of age, color or anything else. Why would you choose him?

He wasn't that special really…not in comparison with others. But she still chose him…there were so many others…especially where they worked. So many women would kill to be in Lita's shoes: she had pick of any man that would make any woman jealous. He sighed lightly as he pulled back slightly, watching as she slept. Her hand rested comfortably on his waist, her face incredibly peaceful, and her lips relaxed into a gentle pout. Her beautiful face had no makeup; it scrubbed away last night, revealing her beauty to him and only him.

She frowned slightly and he wondered if she was dreaming. He hoped it wasn't bad: what if she regretted last night? Good lord, he hoped not: that would just completely break his heart. But…what if she thought it was a mistake: what would she do? Better yet, what would he do? He wasn't sure he could face her if she regretted anything…he frowned as he continued to think. His thoughts eased as her hand tightened around his waist, pulling herself closer to his warmth, smiling slightly as she found him.

Lita was so afraid that he had considered last night a horrible decision…that he would be gone when she awoke. Taken off in the middle of the night, unwilling to face her in the morning. Afraid of what he had done. Not wanting to see her. She wasn't sure what she would do if he had changed his mind this morning…considering everything they shared a mistake: and that word made her stomach turn. She didn't want him to think it was a mistake…

Christian frowned as he saw the tear leak from her closed eyes. He wrapped her tightly in his arms, wanting to comfort her, but unsure how to. "Lita? Lita? Are you okay sweetie?"

She debated opening her eyes…wondering if this was a dream…wondering if she opened her eyes and he wouldn't be there. She steeled herself, opening her eyes, meeting a set of concerned blue eyes looking back. "Uh…hi." Well that sounded stupid. Good plan Lita. Scare him off with your stupidity…

He smiled. "Hi. Or, good morning might be better." The humor left his eyes as he wiped away the tear trailing along her cheek. "What's wrong Lita?" She sighed, not meeting his gaze as she collected her thoughts. He took this as his worst fear come to life. "Lita…please don't tell me you thought this was a mistake…please…"

Her head shot up as she met his eyes, her mouth slightly agape. "…what?"

He swallowed, looking down at her seriously. "If you tell me anything, fine, but just don't tell me this was a mistake. I don't think I could take it if you did…"

Her warm hazel gaze watched in awe as he continued to avoid her gaze. She gently pulled his chin up, her thumb running over his cheek soothingly. "I was so afraid you were going to say the same thing…that this was a mistake…that you had changed your mind…"

Christian grabbed her hand, hugging her closer to him. "Never…I just want you happy…and happy to be with me. That's all I want…to make you happy. I just want that chance from you Lita…"

"You already have made me happy!"

He smiled slightly as he sat up, resting against the headboard, before pulling her body against his. "Well good: that's what I want Lita."

She nodded, wrapping her arms around his waist, liking the feel of his warm skin. "Christian? This…this wasn't just a one night thing to you…right?"

He hated how unsure she sounded. Like she expected him to tell her of course it was and leave forever. He ran a hand down her hair, kissing the top of her head. "Not at all. You have no fear sweetie."

She relaxed once more with a sigh. "Good." She paused before looking back up at him. His blonde hair was loose back behind him, fanning out slightly around his face: she had pulled it from the ponytail last night…he reminded her of an angel with the blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. "So…what do we do now?"

"Whatever we want. If you're willing to give an actual relationship with me a try, I'd be honored."

She smiled brightly as she turned to face him. "Really?! Oh, that'd be so wonderful!! Thank you so much!!"

He couldn't help but laugh at her enthusiasm, still surprised she chose him… "Great. Now…do we tell our coworkers?"

"Well," she paused, a frown crossing her face. "I want to but…I mean, if you don't I'll under-"

He cut her off with a quick kiss. "Good idea. I just wanted to make sure its okay for me to brag about my wonderful, newly found girlfriend."

She laughed with a blush. "Uh, thanks! I think." He just smiled at her as she calmed down slightly. "So…want to go to breakfast? I'm starved and we have to be at the arena in a couple of hours."

"Excellent idea Miss Lita. I'd love to."

That evening, Lita nervously paced in the locker room. She paced in the room before sighing and pacing out to the hallway. She walked over to the table set up and grabbed a glass of apple juice, sipping as she continued to pace. She turned and almost slammed into the nearest body before she was caught. Jeff smiled at her. "Hey Lita." He paused, ever observant. "You all right?"

            "NO! No Jeff, I'm not…"

            He stepped back slightly, putting a bit of distance between she and himself. "Well…what's wrong? Maybe I can help?"

            She stopped, looking over at him. "Why was this match made?"

            "Lita I didn't ask for those stipulations on this match, okay? You know I wouldn't do that to you. If Matt didn't demand the match and get it before I knew, I wouldn't have agreed to it."

            She met his honest, intent green eyes before sighing as he pulled her into a hug. "I know Jeff…I'm just worried, I guess."


            She was silent a moment before shrugging slightly. "I guess because this isn't a match with a set ending. The creative staff left it up to whoever gets it. I mean it's not that I don't like you guys, I do, but I…I-"

            "Want to stay with Edge and Christian?"

            "Yes…I do. I think it'd be best, but everything's in the air right now, so there's no telling who I'll be managing by the end of the night Jeff…"

            "I know. I'm not going to throw the match: I do want to win. And I know Matt wants to win. Edge wants to win too. But I think Christian wants to win more than anyone else there. And it's all because of you my dear. You have that man wrapped around your little finger."

            Lita blushed as he let go, grinning at her. She pouted slightly. "I do not Jeff…"

            He shrugged with a grin. "So. Speaking of which, have fun last night?"

            She couldn't help the picturesque smile cross her lips as she thought about him. "Yes…I did, thanks."

            He hugged her with a smirk. "I knew there was a reason you looked so dreamy all today Li…I know he'll take care of you though."

            She nodded with a final dreamy look before shaking her head. "He made me feel so wonderful Jeff. Made me feel like a normal woman instead of WWF diva."

            "I bet he did! And it's a good thing, because if he wouldn't have, I sure as hell was going to offer!!"

            Both turned at the voice, seeing a grinning Edge as he wrapped an arm around the redhead's shoulders. "I wondered- okay, no I didn't, but Christian's been spacey and in lala land all day. Which, trust me, is a good thing. And it's so cuuute too!"

            Jeff started laughing as Lita blushed warmly. "Edge…don't-"

            "I mean, the man has been daydreaming about you constantly! It's really kinda funny though when he used your name in the same sentence as no clothes."

            "I bet that was! Lots of pretty pictures with that one!" Jeff added as Lita blushed even more warmly, hiding her face in Edge's jacket.

            Edge nodded. "True, very true." He turned to Jeff. "You guys ready for the match?"

            Jeff nodded. "I feel like we are. Don't expect an easy win."

            "I never do with you two." Edge arched an eyebrow before turning towards Lita. "Are you walking down with either team? Because, I mean, as the official rep for E&C, you don't have to if you don't want."

            "And as the unofficial rep for the Hardy Boyz, I agree, its up to you. We won't be insulted either way."

            "You mean you won't be insulted either way?" Jeff shrugged at her question. She shook her head. "Sorry Jeff…I think I'm going out with Christian and Edge."

            He smiled at her with a shrug. "That's cool Li. Well, I need to find Matt. The match is coming up shortly, so, I'll see y'all later."

            Both nodded as Edge started pulling Lita down the hallway with him. She looked up. "So, where were you guys?"

            "Christian demanded thinking time, so I left him in a quiet room. I however, never need thinking time."

            "That's probably because you never use your brain Blondie."

            "I do too!" he replied before grinning. "Just not that often." She just laughed.

            Lita stood quietly behind the curtain, wondering what she had done to deserve Matt's harsh treatment. She felt a hand slid easily along her lower back, soothing frayed nerves. "Don't forget to breathe…that's kind of important to staying conscious…"

            She managed a weak smile at him. "Thanks, I know Christian."

            The Hardy's music went off and flipped to Edge and Christian's entrance music. She followed both as they went out to the top of the ramp with matching grins, hearing the announcements of the match. "And their opponents being accompanied to the ring by Lita, hailing from Toronto, Canada, Edge and Christian!" They all went down, playing up to a rambunctious crowd. The ring announcer continued. "This is a single pinfall match with a special stipulation: winning team of this match receives Lita's services as manager!!"

            Lita pouted slightly before looking up, seeing Edge and Christian deciding who would roll first. Edge smiled as Christian lost the toss and backed up and over to the apron. She met Matt's eyes briefly as he stepped to the apron as well, leaving Jeff to start off with Edge. Matt just looked flat-out pissed. Her attention returned to the ring as Jeff and Edge locked up briefly before Edge pulled Jeff down into a headlock. Jeff quickly pushed Edge off and into the ropes, meeting him with a heel kick.

            Edge barely managed to get his hands up to take the brunt, but Jeff wasn't playing around. He quickly followed with a leg sweep, watching as Edge hit the canvas once more. Lita heard a growl from Edge as Jeff yanked him up, twisting his arm before tagging in to Matt. Matt came in, all business as usual. He kicked at Edge before Jeff left the ring to their corner before Irish whipping Edge into a corner. Lita bit her lip in sympathy as Edge connected harshly with the unforgiving turnbuckle. He turned, momentarily breathless meeting Matt's hard brown gaze.

            Matt was immediately up on the second turnbuckle, pinning Edge in the corner as he hammered away several times in succession. Edge finally managed to push Matt and launch him to the center of the ring. Instead of tagging out though, he went over to a still slightly ragged Matt Hardy and proceeded to pull him up, putting him into position for a Blonde Twist of Fate. Matt managed to push Edge out and flung him over the top rope. Lita was immediately over at his side, checking on him. He pushed her back, just as Matt came bouncing off the top rope and onto him in a high cross body.

            Both were spilled out on the floor a moment as Lita just stepped back. Christian went to the floor, helping up Edge who was completely dazed. He mumbled something before Edge just pushed him back slightly, hauling up Matt and pushing him into the ring before climbing in. Matt grit his teeth as Edge lifted himself to the third rope, towering over the ring before trying to take Matt down with another cross body. Matt managed to move getting a kick high enough to tag Edge in the mouth.

            Matt sneered as he stood over Edge, facing Christian. He gave a perfect impression of the Rock's 'Just Bring It', his hands moving in mock towards Christian. Christian's pale gaze grew dark as he watched, Lita moving over next to him, frowning at Matt who ignored her. Matt pulled up Edge, sending him into the corner Christian was at. He tagged in to Christian who swept into the ring, shoving Matt back several paces. "What's wrong Hardy?! Feel like I took something?!"

            "You son of a bitch! You took a member of my team!"

            Christian pointed back towards Lita. "Why don't you ask what Lita wants: if she still wants to be a part of that team!"

            Matt shrugged. "Doesn't matter now. She's already chosen as far as I'm concerned."

            Christian paused before grabbing Matt's arm and swinging him into the ropes. As he bounced back, Christian caught him under the chin with an elbow. He swung out, aiming a spinning kick at Matt's face, catching his right side, doing Rob Van Dam proud. Matt fell to the canvas, cradling his now aching jaw, looking over to his corner where Jeff stood silently, his chin resting on the top rope as he just watched. Matt reached over, tagging in Jeff who jumped between the ropes, whipping Christian into the opposite corner. Matt slid to a stop, falling to his hands and knees and Jeff ran, leaping and hitting his 'Poetry in Motion', leaving Christian reeling from the blow.

            Lita paced at the corner of the ring, wanting to help, but not wanting to endanger her friendship with Jeff or Matt…although Matt was acting badly anyway. But she didn't want Christian to get the shit kicked out of him either. No! No justifying interfering…can't do that fairly…justifying getting into the ring was wrong…wasn't it? Of course it was!! Unless she had a good reason…NO! Wrong answer…she shook her head, watching as Jeff was throwing Christian into the ropes, laying into him. Jeff pulled Christian up and reluctantly tagged in Matt. Matt laid into his opponent, pulling into the Twist of Fate, leaving Christian laid out in the ring.

            Matt tagged back in to Jeff who immediately went up to the top turnbuckle, looking for the Swanton. Matt had a sneering smile on his face before movement from the corner caught his eye. The official was distracted with Edge and Lita was perched on the opposite top turnbuckle, looking intently at him. He tried to move, but unfortunately she jumped, landing the 'Litacanrana' on him, he landing on his head.

            She sprung to her feet, glaring at him as she pointed. "You don't want a third member to the team?! FINE! You no longer have a third, starting NOW Matt!!"

            She slid out of the ring as Matt stared in shock at her. As soon as she was out of the ring, Edge jumped to the floor, trying to watch Christian and make sure Lita was all right. "Li?"

            She frowned as she saw his lip bleeding where he got split open before pushing him back to the ring apron. "I'm fine. Just win this damn match Edge!"

            He nodded, hopping back up to the turnbuckle, seeing Jeff try for the Swanton, but missing it as Christian barely inched out of the way. Christian lay panting in the ring, not sure if he wanted more to get to Edge or kick Matt's punk ass. The latter option won out as Matt tagged back in and stepped over, swinging Christian out to the ropes once more, looking to level him with a clothesline. Christian ducked, hit the opposite rope and yanked down on Matt, pulling him into a harsh swinging neck breaker.

            He hesitated, glancing over at Jeff who was back up, albeit unsteadily in the corner. Christian wasn't sure but he was almost positive Jeff gave him the slightest of nods. Christian jumped to the third turnbuckle and flipped back and out, landing a perfect moonsault on Matt. Despite the screaming fans, despite his best friend, despite Jeff Hardy's apparent support and despite his ribs now screaming mercilessly at his every movement, he slid over, dropping an arm over a still Matt. The count was slow, seemingly taking eternity. But when the third count finally landed, he was elated.

            Edge jumped into the ring happily, his ever-present grin back as he carefully helped Christian to his feet. He felt a second person helping him and looked over to his left, seeing Jeff nodding slightly. "Good job Christian."

            "Thanks." He whispered in reply, slight pain felt for the effort. He looked around quickly. "Where's Lita?"

            Edge shrugged, pointing over to Lita who was looking at Matt who was just coming to. She walked over with a sad smile, very carefully hugging Christian who smiled at her. "Well…I think most of that went well."

            "I agree. But I got a pissed brother to attend to. If you all don't mind…" Jeff proceeded to walk over and help up his brother who was spitting mad.

            Edge and Lita helped Christian out of the ring and all three walked carefully up the ramp to applause as the result announcement was made. "And your winners for tonight, the team now managed by Lita, Edge and Christian!"

            Lita couldn't help but smile as they cleared the curtain and she stepped slightly away from Christian. "When in the hell did you learn to do a moonsault?"

            He shrugged before wincing at the pain causing movement. "Been awhile since I used it: doesn't mean I didn't know how."

            She shrugged before stepped in front of both blondes. She pointed at Christian. "You need to see the EMT." She whirled on Edge who automatically held both hands up in peace. "And you need to too!! Look at your lip Edge! You're busting up your million dollar smile!!"

            He grinned at her, the effect slightly marred by dark red blood. "Thanks Red. Didn't know you cared so much about my smile. And besides, I don't need to see anyone: I'll get it myself."

            "Fine. Ignore your manager then!" he just laughed as she rolled her eyes with a smile.

She turned back to Christian who just gave her an affectionate smile. "So, how about I take you out to dinner for celebration."

"Is that a request or a demand?" she grinned.

He smirked as they walked slowly down the hallway. "Ordinarily I'd say demand, toss you over my shoulder and stomp back to the cave, but I don't think I could manage it right now."

Her bright giggling reached his ears as she turned back to him, carefully tucking her arm around his waist, feeling his hand slip around her shoulders. "Okay! Just for that really funny comment, sure! I'd love dinner!" he nodded as she glanced sideways at him. "So…what will we do later?"

He have her a sweet smile, hugging her closer. "Hey, it's a brand new world Lita. Seize the day you know."

The End of Friends & Lovers

            Author's Rambles~ Well, that's it! End of this series!! I hope everyone that read it, liked the series. It was fun to write: hope you had fun reading it (Chris Jericho and Edge as Comic-Relief anyone?). ;) And thanks to everyone who was kind enough to review the different chapters: you have no idea how much I appreciate it!! Thanks for reading guys and hope you enjoyed!! ^^