NaruSaku and Hinata's Revenge
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Summary: Hinata planned to confess her long suppressed feeling toward Naruto, only to found that he and Sakura were already dating. Being a secretly obsessive girl she was, Hinata vowed to break Naruto and Sakura up, by any means. NaruSaku Yandere!Hinata very OOC

A/N: This is an idea that flashed in my head while writing for the next chapter of 'Thousand Soul Phrases' and rewrite of 'A Different Path'. I found the idea of writing an extremely obsessive and bitchy Hinata—like Sakura when she was a fan girl of that bastard of a living being called Sasugay in the earlier of the series—was very, VERY, tempting. I have to keep my mouth shut for not drooling over my room and drowning it. My apologies to Hinata's fans out there, I don't have any grudges to her (Unlike a certain duckbutt-haired Uchiha which was already in the top of my 'Most-Hated-Things-in-the World' list, followed by Sosuke Aizen, Sakaki, and Kururugi Suzaku) and I actually a fan of her and used to be supporter of NaruHina pairing before I turned over to an avid, rabid, and obsessive fan boy of NaruSaku—I lost count for how many pictures and doujins of NaruSaku stored in an exclusive 500GB hard drive just to tell you. She's a great character and cute with nice racks, but she wasn't as hot, sexy, and kickass as Sakura in my point of view—I prefer a tomboy and dominating girl for a girlfriend anyway. Only a few writers out there dared to write a bitchy/extremely obsessive Hinata (Salutations to you, Wilkins75 and EroSlackerMicha) and some of them left their work unfinished…it has so many potential…Should I post the challenge for writing a bitchy/extremely obsessive Hinata? Maybe I should…Enough of my rants! Once again, I apologize to anyone that offended by my newest work. This is only and purely for laugh and humor—if you found it funny.


Chapter 1: The Shock! The Revelation! The Vow!

Today was just another in Konoha where the sun shone brightly over the village, the villagers were bustling with their activities, and ninjas were coming and leaving the village as they went for missions. On the main street of the village a certain blue haired and lavender eyed girl was walking and skipping for once in a while with a happy expression—no signs of nervousness or stuttering—on her face and her hand laced on her back. Those who had known for a long time will found her behavior for now will found it REALLY unusual and unnerving even.

'Today is the day…I will tell him how much I loved him…I WILL make you mine…'

That was the thought running inside of Hyuuga Hinata's head. The feelings that she kept bottled for years toward a certain boy named Uzumaki Naruto were now overwhelmed her. When he had returned from his two and half years of training with Jiraiya, he had become a FUCKING handsome young man from a cute boy she had fallen with. Just imagining him right now with his foxy grin etched in his face made her body extremely heated. She already lost the count on how many of her bed sheets she had to destroy and her 'toys' she had to hide away to keep her image as a demure girl. Where she will put her face if someone caught her while pleasuring herself with the images of Naruto doing X-rated things to her? Thought so…

But it didn't mean that her plans will go smoothly because there were hindrances in her conquest of love. One, they hardly meet with each other because of the missions. Two, a pink haired bitch (to her anyway) named Haruno Sakura. Just thinking about her made her blood boil and she wanted demolish something with her Juken. Back then when that asshole and presumably gay of a duckbutt was here, that skank belittled, mocked, beaten up her poor Naruto-kun. Now that he was gone and her Naruto-kun returned from his training trip, she became closer and nicer to her Naruto-kun. How dare she use her Naruto-kun as a tool to get that bastard back! That whore thought she can discard her Naruto-kun like a useless scrap? Not on her watch!

'I will show to you, Naruto-kun…I will show you how much I loved you…and then you will realize that you've been used by that bitch all along…'

Steeling her already diamond-hard resolve, she strode forward on the ground road of Konoha. Sadly, she even never ever realized that she was going Yandere…

The Hyuuga heiress was looking around for her Naruto-kun on his usual hanging around spots, like the Ichiraku ramen stood, the training grounds, or even his private spot on the top of Yondaime's head on the Hokage Monument Mountain. That was weird; she usually could tell where her Naruto-kun was as she knew EVERY place possible he used to spend his time or even when he was out for missions with her Naruto-sense—which was very creepy if anyone ever learned about it, but she ignored that. Shaking her head, she kept on looking for her blonde object of "affection" (read: obsession) for next several hours until suddenly her Naruto-sense were tingling, albeit weakly, and telling her where her Naruto-kun is.

"Wait for me, my Naruto-kun!" With that completely out-of-character yell, Hinata left in the speed that even Gai or Lee would be proud of and left them ranting about youth while casting that horribly awful unbreakable Genjutsu.

She then arrived at the heart of Konoha and hid herself behind a pole like a good stal—er, lover she was once she briefly spotted that mop of blonde hair and the color of orange from his jumpsuit. She then looked at her object of "affection" (remember, read: obsession) and her smile disappeared into a look of utter shock.

There was Naruto…and Sakura…walking together hand in hand…with the pink haired girl was leaning her head in his left shoulder…and they both have the happiest and the most content look on their faces…

'What the hell?'

The look of utter shock in her face was so priceless. She could swear that her jaw would hit the ground as Sakura turned to Naruto and planted a light kiss on his whiskered cheek. Naruto looked at Sakura whom was smiling a little.

"What was that for, Sakura-chan?"

"For giving me a beautiful date like that, Naruto-kun."

"Hey, don't forget that our date isn't finished yet, remember? Let's get something to eat before we continued our date and I promise it won't be ramen" Naruto said with a chuckle.

Sakura giggled happily as she snuggled closer to Naruto, much to his broadening smile as they walked away to somewhere, leaving Hinata shell shocked behind the pole where she was hiding all the time.

The bluenette's head was full of question. What the fucking hell was that? Since when that bitch and HER Naruto-kun started to dating? Why in the name of Kyuubi's furry nine-tails SHE didn't know or even heard about THIS? With that in mind, Hinata tracked to the biggest source of information in Konoha AKA the Gossip Queen AKA Yamanaka Ino.

Ino was bored out of her mind. She didn't have any mission today and no one had visited her family flower shop. So here she was, sitting in the cashier counter while reading a magazine she bought yesterday. The chiming sound in the front door alerted her for a customer had entered her family flower shop.

"Welcome to the Ya—Hinata? What are you doing here?" she greeted before abruptly stopped as she recognized the familiar face of the Hyuuga heiress.

"H-Hello, I-Ino-san. A-Am I Interrupting you?" Hinata greeted as she used her usual shy stuttering girl persona in public.

"Of course not, I was bored anyway. Take a seat, Hinata," the blonde girl said as she thought to herself. 'What does she want? I wonder…'

"W-Well, I-I saw N-Naruto-kun and…S-S-Sakura-san were walking t-t-together, h-h-hand in h-hand. I-I also h-heard t-the word 'date'. What does that mean?" she asked, not realizing she was slipping from her usual outer personality to her more secret personality, the extremely obsessive girl to her crush.

Ino raised her eyebrow on the heiress' question and noticed her personality slip. 'That is surprising to be heard from Naruto's number one stalker. And what's with that personality slip?' "You mean you don't know? Naruto and Sakura are already dating for two months now."

…There was silence in Yamanaka residence until…


Ino covered her ears as Hinata yelled on the top of her lung to prevent her ear drum busted.

'I never knew Hinata could shout that hard…she even added the language…whoever thought of that?'

Meanwhile, Naruto and Sakura was having 'fun' on their date when they suddenly stopped and looking toward where the yell was coming from.

"What was that? I thought Hinata was yelling and cursing earlier," said Naruto.

"I don't know about that and I don't care," Sakura shrugged before she looked at Naruto with a sly smile. "So…where were we?"

"I believe we were right…here."

Let's leave Naruto and Sakura having 'fun' on their date and let's look on Hinata, shall we?

Back at Yamanaka residence, Hinata was perfectly imitated fish out of water as she her mouth was gaping and closing. She didn't believe what she had heard earlier. Her Naruto-kun. That pink haired bitch. Were dating?

"What the…fuck? How in blazing hell I never heard about my Naruto-kun was dating with that…that girl?"

Ino looked at Hinata incredulously. "How do you didn't know they were dating for two months? Everyone in Konoha was practically talking about them everywhere!" The blonde then showed a page of her magazine to the heiress. "Look here, Naruto and Sakura was placed in the first place for 'the most romantic couple in Konoha' for two months straight!"

Ino swore Hinata's eyes were about to bust out of their sockets when she heard that and her breath was hitched while she bit back curse, but failed big time.

"Fuck no!"

"Were you living inside a cave all this time? And since when you curse?"

Hinata only glared at her, making the blonde flinched and sat straighter on her chair. The Hyuuga heiress then stood up as she walked to the door.

"Thank you for your information, Ino-san. If you will excuse me, I have something else to do…"

As Hinata left the flower shop, Ino could only watch her with a calculating look on her face. 'This isn't good…Hinata is jealous and she also seemed to be very obsessive of Naruto…I better tell the KKA about this.'

With a quick call to her mother, Ino then left to the Hokage Tower.

Hinata practically stomped the ground with each of her steps while leaking of murderous KI, scaring the villagers shitless as she passed by. There was a look of possessiveness, jealousy, fury, rage, etc. on her lavender eyes.

'How dare that bitch takes what is rightfully mine…Naruto-kun…I will make her pay, yes I will. I will break them up and claim Naruto-kun as mine. Naruto-kun…is always mine!' As she finished her thoughts, Hinata let out a dark and bitter chuckle before it blew up into a full evil laugh that would made Orochimaru and Madara begged on their knees to ask her to teach that laugh to them. The villagers all around her all scooted away from the Yandere heiress.

"Why are you laughing like that, Hinata?"

The blue haired girl turned around to see her teammate Kiba with his ninken partner Akamaru. A lamp turned on inside her head.

"Ah, Kiba-kun. Just the person I needed. You don't mind to spar with me, do you? After all I need to release some steam," she asked to the dog boy sweetly. In fact it was way too sweet that sent the shiver of fear to everyone in vicinity.

Save for the poor Kiba as he was totally smitten with her. In fact he was happy Hinata had asked him to spar with her. "Of course! I would love to, Hinata! Let's go!"

'May you rest in peace, boy,' all senior male thought as one in general.

Akamaru followed his master with whimpers that could be translated as, "I should start looking for a new master…"

While Hinata was about to massacre the poor unsuspecting Kiba, let's take a look on our lovely couple shall we?

Sakura leaned to her boyfriend's chest and sighed contentedly. She was happy. Very, VERY happy so it became a big understatement. Never in her wildest dream would she find herself like this with Naruto out of all people. But now here she was, together with him and naked as a newborn, only his bed sheet covered their body while their clothes were scattered carelessly on the floor, long forgotten. Sakura didn't give a damn about anyone or anything right now because she had him with her. She looked at the sapphire blue eyes of her lover that shared the same glow of happiness with her own emerald green, if not much stronger. His strong arms circled her lithe frame and pulled her closer to him. Sakura didn't even resist. She was too happy to resist him.

"Aishiteru, Sakura-chan," Naruto said as he kissed her pink hair.

"Aishiteru, Naruto-kun," Sakura replied as she snuggled to his chest and fell to a blissful slumber.


A/N:…So, how was it? Good? Bad? Please tell me what do you think. Like I said earlier in the beginning, I don't have any grudges with Hinata and I write this only for a good laugh and my own musings while writing the next chapter of 'Thousand Soul Phrases' and the rewrite of 'A Different Path'. It wasn't too long for each chapter, just about the same with my original 'A Different Path', if not shorter.

If you don't know what a Yandere is, it means someone who was devoted to someone else like a crush or a boyfriend and that devotion pushes that person into doing something destructive in nature. A Yandere could actually kill someone for the sake of that devotion. The example of a Yandere is Katsura Kotonoha from the anime 'School Days'. Who thought an eroge could turn into that kind of anime? The opposite of Yandere is Tsundere. Tsundere means someone who initially cold, hostile and violent to someone but as the time goes on, the Tsundere will become caring and protective to that person, even going as far as loving that person. Tsundere will always making reasons when they acted nice to their object of affection, along with a blushing face. I think the example of Tsundere will be fitting perfectly for Sakura, really I'm not joking. So if I thought Sakura as a Tsundere, then I think Hinata will be a Yandere in—in this story, at least.

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