11:07 P.M.

Ariadne has never been one for superstitions; only dreams can win her over. Nevertheless, she thinks about something she did as a teenager and decides she'll try it again tonight.

11:08 P.M.

Ariadne thinks back to her first wish as a teenager- she blew on a dandelion and hoped with all her heart that her dream would come true.

It didn't.

11:09 P.M.

When Ariadne was a teenager, no boy in school gave her a second look. They couldn't see past her exterior, which wore glasses and had ponytails and was just never good enough.

She made a wish after being rejected yet again for prom.

She wished she could be pretty.

11:10 P.M.

Now Ariadne's all grown up, and she's creating worlds; never mind that these worlds are only in her dreams. But she still wishes for one thing, even though her first and second wishes did come true eventually- she escaped her hell and became a beautiful woman.

But Ariadne gets lonely sometimes. So tonight, she'll wish again.

Maybe it'll work.

11:11 P.M.

Ariadne looks over at the clock, and then shuts her eyes. She wishes with all her heart, and hopes to God her wish will come true. No one but her ghosts heard her as she whispered:

"I wish Arthur saw me as more than the architect,"

And her ghosts know exactly what she means.

11:12 P.M.

Ariadne's phone lights up and starts to buzz. She looks at the caller I.D., and is internally delighted to see that it's Arthur. She picks up, and says a quiet "Hello".

And she and Arthur talk for the rest of the night, even though he says that he only wanted to check up on her and see how her plans for their latest job were coming.

And guess what? Her wish came true.