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"Normal Talking"


"Kyuubi Talking"

"Kyuubi Thinking"


Naruto is exhausted. Not physically, but mentally. It had been another "great" day with Team 7. That would be Kakashi telling Naruto and Sakura to do chakra control exercises while he takes Sasuke elsewhere. Sakura would then hit Naruto, then go to watch the Uchiha.

"I bet he is secretly teaching the teme all sorts of techniques. It's always about him. I should leave this village."

"No you shouldn't. Konoha is a great place to live. The ninja are honorable and everyone is friendly."

Naruto shakes his head. Where did that thought come from? He suddenly finds it very hard to think.

"My head, what's-"

Naruto staggers, but then straightens up.

"What was I thinking about? Oh that's right, I was thinking about getting stronger so I can help defend Konoha."

Naruto walks on.

Meanwhile, inside Naruto's mind, a certain demon sighs.

"How could they do this to him?"

A tear drips from the Kyuubi's eye.

"If only he could remember me."

Back outside, Naruto walks home. However he doesn't notice the two figures in the alleyway.

"Is that him?"


"Do we approach him?"

"We wait until he reaches his house. We will speak to him there."

The two figures move out of the alley and follow Naruto down the street.

Naruto collapses onto his bed. He is ready to fall asleep when he hears a knock at his door. He gets up, and opens the door.

"Can I help y-"

Naruto's eyes widen.

"Hello, Naruto. Can we come in? We have something important to discuss with you."

Naruto can't believe it. Orochimaru of the Sannin and someone in a black cloak with red clouds are standing in the doorway.

Vanex: I know it's a short prologue, but I had to stop it there. It was the perfect moment to stop. See you all next time!