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"Normal Talking"


"Demon Talking"

"Demon Thinking"

Chapter 7

Team 7 and Team Kushina stare each other down, waiting for someone to say or do something. Finally, Sakura manages to say something. "Naruto, where the hell have you've been?"

She stomps angrily towards him, her fist reared back. Team 7 all remember the times that she would hit him. So, it was a big surprise for all of the members of the Konoha team, when he easily catches her fist.

"You know, it's rude to attack someone out of the blue, Sakura."

"What the?"

Kyuubi pushes her back, causing her to trip and land on her butt. "I'm surprised that I would even encounter you guys here. I thought you needed a full squad to perform missions, but it doesn't seem that you have a replacement for me."

Sakura stands back up. "What are you talking about? We do have a replacement!"

"Then, where is he?"

"He's right over-" Sakura pauses when she realizes that Sai is no longer standing where she thought he was.

Sasuke finally says something. "Why, Naruto? Why did you leave? It wasn't like you to just suddenly turn traitor!"

"If you really must know, it's because you never knew the real me."

"What are you talking about?"

"There was a seal placed on the back of my neck. What it does is allow whoever is keyed in to manipulate the mind of whoever the seal is placed on, namely me. This seal was on me for years. I haven't had a single thought that was truly mine for a long time! When I was released, how do you think I was going to react?"

Sasuke is shocked. "A seal? That's ridiculous? Why would they put a seal on you?"

"Why don't you ask Kakashi?"

Sasuke turns to notice that Kakashi looks a little nervous. "What do you mean?"

"The person who was controlling my mind was the Third Hokage. Since Kakashi was assigned to be my sensei, he would have been made aware of the seal. But there is also another reason he knows about it, but I can't disclose that."

"He was the student of the Fourth Hokage and was part of the plot of capturing me. He knows everything."

Kakashi notices the last part of Naruto's statement. "Could he possibly know?"

Kyuubi suddenly feels a kunai placed against his neck. He looks to see Sai holding the kunai. "Naruto Uzumaki, you are ordered to surrender yourself for transport back to Konoha, to face punishment for your unauthorized departure."

Kyuubi laughs. "You honestly think that I'll surrender, just because you're pointing a kunai at me?"

Sai's eyes narrow, but he doesn't move. "You have no choice, Uzumaki."

Kyuubi laughs again, before shimmering out of existence along with his team.

Team 7 all stare wide-eyed. "What the?"

Kyuubi laughs, revealing that he and his team are standing on a roof some distance away. "You know Kakashi, I'm surprised you didn't have your Sharingan active, considering it was always possible that I might use a genjutsu."

Team 7 are all surprised at how easily they were fooled.

"Anyway, I think it's time for my team to depart. I'm sure we'll bump into each other again."

Team Kushina quickly turn and leave, heading as fast as they could to the hotel. Kushina is just leaving the hotel, when they meet up. "Oh, there you three are. Have you found Keitaro, yet?"

Kyuubi sighs. "No, we haven't. Instead, we bumped into the team from Konoha. It was my old team, now with a ROOT member in the team."

"You're sure?"

"Positive, I could see the signs of the ROOT brainwashing easily. They've seen me and know I'm here."

"We'll have to be careful from this point on. Right now it's late, so we should all get some sleep and resume our search in the morning."

Meanwhile, Team 7 has just returned to Tazuna's house. Sasuke confronts Kakashi.

"Kakashi, what was Naruto talking about? Is it true that you knew he had a seal?"

"It doesn't really matter, does it?"

"Of course it matters! Naruto's abandonment of Konoha made no sense before! Now, I'm finding out about seals. Did you know about Naruto's?"

"I can't reveal that, Sasuke. Drop this conversation and don't think about it or speak of it again. Is that understood?"

Sasuke glares angrily at Kakashi. "Yes, sensei."

Kakashi nods and walks away, leaving Sasuke standing outside, clenching his fists.

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