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"Normal Talking"


"Kyuubi Talking"

"Kyuubi Thinking"


Kakashi quickly travels through the woods.

"Come on, don't let me be too late!"

He reaches the edge of the Valley of the End.

"Where are you, Sasuke and Naruto?"

He quickly scans the valley, looking for any sign of either shinobi.


He can see Sasuke smashed into the wall of the valley, unconscious. He continues to look for any sign of Naruto. Suddenly, he hears a splash and sees Naruto, pulling himself out of the water. Even from where he was standing, he could tell it was bad. Naruto's clothes are torn and he is bleeding massively.

Naruto notices him.

"Kakashi-sensei, help me."

Kakashi can see the pleading look in Naruto's eyes, but moves instead to grab Sasuke.

"Sorry Naruto, but I don't think you'll make it back to Konoha alive. Good riddance though. You weren't that great of a shinobi anyway. Your victories against Kiba, Neji, and Sasuke were pure luck. Dead lasts are nothing more than dead lasts and can never be superior to elites like Sasuke and me. Besides, this is justice for the death of my sensei demon boy. Now if you'll excuse me I have to take my only good student back home. Have fun dying."

Kakashi jumps away with the unconscious Sasuke. Naruto stares after him in disbelief, then sadness and anger.

"How could he leave me to die? Of course, he is just like all the others! Kyuubi aside, it's always about the Uchiha! Even when he goes traitor, they all worship him! No one cares what happens to me!"

Naruto starts coughing.

"Kit, I can't repair the wound! The electricity from the Chidori is continuing to damage your body as I repair it!"

Naruto starts laughing.

"I guess I'll have to do it then. Shame though, I am going to miss me."

"He will always be a part of you, no matter how much you change. An echo of him, will be here in your mindscape whenever you visit."

Naruto manages to get to his feet. He can feel energy flowing inside him. He looks at his right hand and sees it glowing for a few seconds. He can't help, but think back over his life. He remembers his childhood, his time with his so called "team", and the girl he is secretly dating. The energy is beginning to overwhelm him.

"I'm wrong. There are people who do care about me."

"Well, this is it. The end of Naruto Uzumaki as everyone knows him, and the beginning of something new."

He can feel the energy completely overwhelm him as he spreads his arms. As the golden-orange energy shoots out from his hands and head, his injuries heal. Naruto Uzumaki undergoes his first regeneration.

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