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"Normal Talking"


"Kyuubi Talking"

"Kyuubi Thinking"

Chapter 7

The Maelstrom laughs at the glowing panel. "There we go. Now we are back in business. With these repairs, my travels in space and time can continue."

"What about Ino?"

The Maelstrom looks at the hologram of his father. "That's the hard part. She might not want to leave with me. She does have responsibilities here."

The Doctor smiles. "You never know. There are people who would abandon their responsibilities to travel in the TARDIS. But there are also people who won't. I've met both kinds."

"Thanks, Dad. That makes me feel so much better."

"You've been a bit sarcastic lately. Probably a result of the regeneration."

"Sorry, Dad."

"Anyway, you also have to remember that she loves you. That might be enough for her to leave with you. I had a married couple in the TARDIS once. The wife was the one really into traveling with me. The husband wasn't into it as much, but wanted to stick with his wife. They both proved themselves to be very valuable companions, even though we went through some really rough times. Times that even tested the strength of their love for each other. I'll never forget them."

The Maelstrom nods at the Doctor, before walking out the doors. The Doctor smiles after his son and then moves to shut himself off. But before he gives the voice command, he notices that the sensors are picking up something. He looks at the scanner and his eyes widen.

"No, no. It can't be. Why are they here? They must have detected Naruto's presence! I've got to warn him! How can I do that if I'm a bloody hologram? Wait a minute. Dear, you can hear me. We need to send a warning to our son!"

Meanwhile, the Maelstrom is now at the Yamanaka flower shop, having come to talk to Ino.

"What's wrong, Maelstrom?"

"Ino, the repairs to the TARDIS are complete. I plan to fulfill the role left to me by my father."

Ino looks at him. "What about us?"

"I want you to come with me, Ino. I really want that. But you do have responsibilities here. Which is why I'm going to give you time to make the choice. I will leave in exactly one week. Either you come with me, or stay here. But the journey in time and space is one I have to go on."

"I understand." Ino moves away before looking back at him. "One week, right?"


"I'll seriously think about it. Know that, no matter which choice I make, I love you. Never forget that."

The Maelstrom smiles. "Never."

The two smile at each other for a few minutes before the Maelstrom feels something burning inside his pocket. He reaches into the pocket and pulls out a glowing TARDIS key. He then notices a sound echoing from the monument. The sound of a low sounding bell.

"Oh, no."

"What's wrong?"

"Something's wrong with Mom. I can hear the cloister bell!"

The two run all the way to the TARDIS. Upon arriving they are met by the hologram Doctor.

"Finally! Naruto, look at the scanner!"

The Maelstrom looks at the scanner.

What's going on?" asks Ino.

"There's a ship in orbit above the planet. The configuration matches a-" His eyes widen.

"A what?"

"A Dalek ship."

"What's are the Daleks?"

"Only the most dangerous lifeforms in the universe! Why are they here? Unless-"


"It's my fault. They probably detected the presence of a Time Lord on the planet and think it's my father. Which means that once I stop them, I have to leave this planet. Otherwise, I could draw others here."


"I'm sorry. I have no choice. Right now, I need to focus on stopping the Daleks from killing anyone."

He notices a blip moving away from the Dalek ship. "Looks like they're coming down in a shuttle. Based on their trajectory, they'll land just outside Konoha in just under an hour. We've got to evacuate the village!"

"Naruto, how dangerous are they?"

"Very dangerous. From everything I've heard, the only thing you can do is run and hope you don't get shot by them. It only takes one shot for you to die. Their shields can stop any projectile sent at them, including shuriken and kunai. Ninjutsu may work, but it has never been tested."

"What can I do to help?"

"Send the warning to the Hokage and get her to evacuate the village. I'll take care of the Daleks."

"You could get killed!"

"Of course. Any of us could also get killed on a regular ninja mission, too. Get going!"

Ino kisses the Maelstrom on the cheek, then leaves the TARDIS. The Maelstrom sits down on the floor and begins to meditate. He finds himself in the familiar sewer of his mindscape.

"It's been some time, Naruto. Or should I call you Maelstrom?"

Naruto looks up at the eyes of the Kyuubi, still trapped in the cage. "It doesn't matter. I'm right now trying to figure out a way to defeat the Daleks."

"I'm sure we'll think of something!"

The Maelstrom jumps at the voice and turns to see his previous incarnation leaning against the wall, grinning. He is wearing the familiar orange jumpsuit, except he's also wearing a red overcoat with black flames. (You guys should know damn well what coat this is. If not, go watch the Invasion of Pain Arc in Naruto Shippuden. There is a reason that he's wearing the coat. You won't find out in this particular story, though.)

"How's it going, new me?"

"How the hell are you here?"

"The Kyuubi explained it already. I'm nothing more than an echo of your former self. Anyway, let's get back to the present problem, the Daleks."

"Right. Of course. Any ideas on how I should beat them?"

Meanwhile, Ino is in the Hokage office, trying to convince the Hokage of the threat.

"Lady Hokage, please! We must evacuate the village!"

"Oh, I agree. The civilians will be evacuated. But the ninja will remain to defend Konoha."

"This is foolish! Our ninja have a very good chance of being destroyed, according to the Maelstrom! Just leave this to him!"

"Even if he will be one of the greatest heroes of all time, that hasn't happened, yet! He's still a genin! Leave this to the experienced ninja!"

"None of the ninja have any experience with this enemy! They will be killed!"

"What would you have me do? Have all the ninja run away? That would sully this village's reputation. I have to put the village first!"

Ino looks at her in disbelief, before sighing and turning to leave. "Naruto would be disappointed in you. You've become the Fifth Hokage of Konoha. But, you've lost Tsunade Senju in the process. I hope you're happy when all the ninja are dead."

Ino walks out of the office. Tsunade leans back in her chair and sighs.

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