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Dear Kurosaki-kun,

Love of my life,
It is with a heavy heart that I leave you, but i fear that if I do not sacrifice myself for you, many evil things may befall you...

Despite all my reluctance to leave, it is to my sweetest desire that you are kept alive. Therefore I had no choice but to go to Huenco Mundo, where the world will encircle l'Aizen sama! Please forgive me for abandoning you behind with Rukia... You must have felt so alone and afraid without me and my love. Oh! My tears... how I wish I was full of gall and took her life, and saved you from her evil clutches!

I gazed upon the much hated witch Rukia who stole your heart from me and was prepared to end her cursed life. I saw a dagger before mine eyes and I wanted to clutch it badly, however so badly. But, her violet eyes burned into my soul when she saw me approach, and I dropped the dagger of death. I dropped to my knees and wept. I cried with so much woe, so much sorrow at having failed in my mission, and my heart throbbed and ached for what you had to suffer because of her. Because of my cowardice. Because of ME. My plans had come to naught because I was too soft, too full of the milk of human kindness! And it is this folly that has landed you in the state that you are in, under the spell of that witch. If only I could make up for this dreadful deed... I would do anything in the world to prove my affections for you! It would not matter even if I had to kill, and that blood would stain my hands, that the world comes to an end, for the only thing that matters to me in this world, Ichigo, is YOU.
Fair is fair and foul is foul. I hail you, my sweet dearest, but even my love cannot overwhelm Rukia's heinous spells over you. I cry for you, my prince but it seems that there is naught that I can do to save your heart and soul. For now.

I bid you farewell! While you go and save our dear hometown Karakura town, I shall sit here and wait for you and pray for you and your love.

I fear for you, Kurosaki-kun (and Karakura Town too, but nothing means as much to me as you, of course), please return swiftly so that I may, once more, be locked in your warm and loving embrace.

Goodbye. Kurosaki-kun!

With all my love,
Inoue Orihime

Ichigo's reply:

I think I'm hallucinating. Perhaps I didn't sleep enough... *stares at his dark eye circles*

Author's Note:

We were learning Macbeth in school when we wrote this, so there's a bit of *coughs* influence from the Scottish Play

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