Shy Gentleman

Message Of Melissa.

Saturday morning, grey clouds cover the sky. I just got myself a cup of coffee and sit down in the luxury red chair.

I rub my hand along the velvet armrest. With my other hand I hold the hot cup and decide to take a sip. The bitter, hot liquid does me well.

I'm glad I finally have a day off. I think I've spend 5 days in my office, without getting any sleep! Though, if you include the times I fell asleep on my desk while having nightmares about great disasters and betrayers I think I've slept about 8 hours.

While finishing my drink I watch the skyline of the Corridor, the most modern and organized district of Pacific City. We, the Shai-Gen, rule here. We protect our beloved citizens like they're our own children. We do good work.

I lick my lips, slowly.

I want the city to stay the way it is right now. Clean, peaceful, no riots or anarchists. I feel like a king here in my skycraper, an enormous apartment with plenty of bookcases, a whole sea of space, comfortable furniture, a wall of glass to show me the great view and the best security system you could ever imagine.

Everything I need is between these walls. Knowledge, safety, comfort and beauty. There's even more. I have a huge piano where I can practice my musical skills on, paintings from grandmasters such as Van Gogh and a Full HD Flatscreen television.

I strech my neck satisfied, closing my eyes, pleased with the fact I own everything I need.

A clear, tinkling sound. The doorbell of my living area. There's only one person who can enter the upper gallery without getting shot by my security guards, Melissa Fang-Yin!

I hurry through the large living room. I realize this place is actually huge.

I open the oak door, full of excitement.


I kiss the beautiful Asian woman on both of her cheeks. She smiles her most charming smile.

''Vitally Rzeznik!''

Her voice entchants me, every time I hear her.

''Come in, Melissa.''

The lovely lady steps in and I quickly close the door. You never know who's watching.

The woman giggles. ''Still in the peignoir, mister Rzeznik?''

I blush and I look down. I'm still wearing my satin red bathrobe!

''Melissa, I just woke up, about an hour ago. I was very tired, since the Agency killed those amateurish Gang Bosses we of the security department have to work overtime.''

Fang-Yin nods, slightly amused.

''Wearing anything underneath it, mister Rzeznik?''

My blush turns even darker and I pull the bathrobe closer.

''I don't think that is relevant!''

The woman raises her eyebrows. She winks and sais: ''Enough teasing you for today. I'm here 'cause I have a message for you.''

I chuckle.

''Alright. So you are not here to enjoy my company?''

I must admit I feel a little bitter. It's ages ago since I last saw Melissa and I just wanted to drink a cup of coffee together without talking about business.

''Unfortunately not'' she sais as if it really pains her to say. ''I really enjoy your company, Vitally, I dó. But we are not just friends, we are collegues!''

''Okay. So why don't we just sit down on these designer chairs'' I growl, still a little offended.

We sit at the dining table and Melissa shows me some sort of document.


She hands it over.

It's too much to read all of it right now so I quickly read my way through the frontpage. It's a dossier about the Agency's activities in the Corridor.

''This is a little concerning'' I suppose.

''Not just 'a little' concerning. And this ain't everything.''

She gives me another bunch of stapled together papers with a familiar face on the front. I shiver.

''But... this is doctor Baltazar Czermenco!'' I sputter. ''He...''

''He just past away. The Agent killed him.''

''He did what?''

''You heard me. He's going to take down all of us.''

I look at the papers with a shocked expression on my face. ''This can't be true.''

''His funeral is Tuesday, but you better stay in your office. I have to go.''

She gives me a gentle kiss on my forehead. A fuzzy feeling fills up every corner of my body. I want to kiss her back but she's already at the door.

''Take a well rest today, Rzeznik. You're going to spend a hell of a time in your office again.''

I walk towards her to open the door but she gestures me to sit down.

''I can let myself out. Bye!''

She walks through the door without saying anything else. I can hear her fading footsteps.

I swallow my dissapointment away when the door closes and the woman disappears. I could've kissed her!

I have a look at the clock. Half past eleven already! I decide to get dressed.

When I brush my teeth in front of the gigantic mirror I see there's some red lipstick sticking near my eyebrow.

The rest of the day I have a pleased an enarmored smile on my face and when I go to bed I dream of Melissa.