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Chapter One: A Weakened Soul

Harry slowly caressed his still flat stomach. He was two weeks pregnant, it was wonderful news for two lovers but to him it was a sad one. He couldn't tell it to his love since he knew that his lover hated children, his lover was content in him and didn't want someone else not even a child. With a heavy heart he forced himself to apparate out of his new home and out of his lover's life. He appeared in front of Madam Pomfrey's cottage. The kindly old woman became his personal healer and she was the only one who knew that he was pregnant with the Dark Lord's child. He knocked timidly on the door and Madam Pomfrey's face peeked at the small gap of the door.

"Harry what are you doing here, it's not safe to stay outside in this horrible weather. Come inside it's not good for you and your baby." She scolded him in her maternal voice as she fully opened the door and pushed him inside.

He always comes to this cottage every time, if he was upset or had a row with his perpetually irate Dark Lord. The atmosphere was homey unlike the Dark Lord's huge mansion which was always cold and always held an austere atmosphere. He felt really comfortable in the old witch's presence and she was the only one who was left from his old life, he can tell many of his secrets to her because Madam Pomfrey always think for his happiness and well-being.

"Can I stay here until I deliver the baby and I will leave this world for good to settle at the Muggle World?" Harry said to her quietly as tears began to well up in his eyes.

"Oh, Harry." The old witch suddenly gathered him up in her thin bony arms and embraced him tightly like a mother would do to comfort her child. "It's okay for you to stay in here and besides I will be the one to deliver your little angel."

"Thank you, Madam Pomfrey for everything." He muttered in her shoulders as she still squeezes him tight.

Harry stayed with Madam Pomfrey until the time he gave birth to his beautiful daughter; Olga Lily Potter. He couldn't bear the thought of giving her his other father's surname since it will only bring back memories of his force separation with his lover. During those months however he wanted to go back to his love but found himself unable to do so because he was filled with certainties that Tom would kill him once he found out he was with child. He left Madam Pomfrey when his daughter reached her first birthday; he promised to his adoptive mother that he will always send letters about his life in the muggle world.

He will take care of his daughter and he will do anything whatever it takes to be the greatest parent she had; he knew that he will ask about his other parent and he will just tell her that her mother died in a terrible accident. He will live for his daughter and he won't allow anyone even his former love to take her away from his arms. He will die for his cherub and bestowed his magic to protect his Olga.