Chapter One

*Buzz* *buzz* *buzz*

I sat up and rubbed my eyes as my head pounded due to last nights activities. I reached for my blackberry not bothering to look at the caller ID and answered the call.

"Hello?" I croaked.

"Slag" was all that was screamed down the phone at me and then the line went dead. Shocked, I layed back down with my phone in my hand scrolling through the received calls, the number was set to private. Not bothering anymore I rolled over groggily to go back to sleep, I wasn't quite ready to get up yet as I rolled over I was met with a mass of brown curls, I screamed and rolled back over falling out the bed and landed on the floor with a thump it was then at that point I realised I only had on my red underwear. Trying to think about why I was in this situation my head pounded as I frantically looked through my memories of last night to find that I couldn't remember anything after my 7th drink in which at that point I was sat with Lola just after I'd found out my boyfriend of 9 months had broken up with me. Still confused I stood up to find the boy looking at me but I would have noticed this boy anywhere it was the last person I wanted to be in this situation with it was none other than the famous Harry Styles. Hatred filled my voice as I closed one eye trying to block some light as my head carried on pounding.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I spat at him.

"I think we erm….you know" he replied and then looked down at his bare body then to my exposed body just covered in certain places by red skimpy underwear. I stormed out the room confused, my head continued to hurt as I once again ran through what happened last night but there was no recall of me even bumping into Harry.

"Where are you going?" he called after me. I ignored him as I staggered into the kitchen and emptied the contents of the drawer to try and find some paracetomel. Luckily I was in my penthouse apartment, I'm fortunate as my dads pretty rich so even though I'm only 16 he bought this apartment for me and pays all the bills all I have to do is keep it clean which was a good enough deal for me as I jumped at the opportunity.

I was still leant against the counter throwing tonnes of water down my throat when Harry emerged from the bedroom with some boxers on. Thank god! He sat on the barstool and stared at me as my hand was holding my forehead and I fumbled for more paracetomel.

"Well this is quite a reunion, Kay" He laughed. That was his nick name for me even though my name was Kate. I turned around and shot him daggers and he abruptly stopped laughing and ran his hand through his soft brunette hair. I opened my mouth about to start yelling when my phone sounded looking at the caller ID I smiled as I realised it was Louis, I was still really good friends with the other one direction guys, in fact Louis and I were super close.

"Hey you"

"Hey to you too, you sexy momma, just wondering do you want to meet me and Hanna later for a drink?" That word again drink, I am never going to drink again after this.

"Yeah, I'd love to but I think I'll be sticking with soft drinks today" we both laughed "The usual yeah?"

"Yeah see you at 6" he replied.

"See you then!" I chuckled, just as I was about to hang up I heard Louis call my name again.


"Have you any idea where Harry is?" he asked. Shit.

"Er no why?" I asked panicky, I could tell by his muffled laugh that he knew I was lying.

"Well you too looked very hot and steamy last night in the corner and then we didn't see either of you again and Harry hasn't come home yet" Shit. I'll ask him about it later, I need to get my story straight first, and I don't even remember meeting up with them guys. I thought quizzing myself.

"Oh right well no sorry I don't know, I'll see you at 6, bye!" and I hung up, breathing a sigh of relief I threw my phone onto the counter. I looked and Harry was still looking at me, his eyebrow furrowing.

"It was Louis asking where you were, I told him I didn't know" I answered his silent question. I could read this guy like a book.

Chapter 2

I remembered the night we fell out a few months ago, the 1st live show had just passed and we planned to go out to dinner, knowing each other from secondary school he still made time for me. As I had slipped into my dress I got a call, I could remember that telephone conversation like it had happened about 10 minutes ago however I didn't know that this would be our last civil conversation.

"Hey Curly locks, can't wait for our dinner plans, I'm nearly ready" I said happily. I heard him sigh as he paused and then coughed hysterically.

"I'm sorry Kay, I can't make it tonight, and I've got such a sore throat" He croaked.

"Oh its okay, I'll stay in and watch a film or something or I'll go out with Jamie (my boyfriend)"

"Yeah, yeah have fun" he replied "I'll speak to you later, bye" and he had hung up before I could even say bye. I removed the phone from my ear and looked at the phone strangely. He seemed a bit offish I thought and then I reassured myself and thought he's probably a bit bummed he cant come out and we haven't seen each other much since I'd moved to London and switched schools and he'd been busy with the X-Factor. I told myself I'd pop round to the X-Factor house tomorrow to see if he was okay. I had remembered I still had reservations at the restaurant we were going to I didn't want to waste it as the waiting list there was huge so I invited Jamie. As we'd walked hand in hand down the bustling street and ogled at the gorgeous clothes in the passing shops we turned a corner laughing and there was Harry with some girl. His face was locked to hers as he his roaming hands settled on her perfectly rounded ass. She had poker straight blonde hair and limbs that went on forever, she thrust her chest at him and his hands went roaming again. I stood there shocked I couldn't move. She was gorgeous but my throat had gone dry and my eyes welled up as anger covered me like a thick blanket. He had blown me off for this….SLUT! I started to stomp over there but Jamie grabbed my waist.

"Leave it Kate, don't cause a scene"

"A scene? I'll do what I like" as I broke free from his grasp. I walked over there and tapped his shoulder and he turned around the girl glared at me as I looked at her arm flung around his neck.

"Hey look can't you see I'm busy" he started obviously not recognising me, and then recognisition washed over his face. "Ka-a-y…Kate, er what are you doing here?" he stammered, I threw my arm back and with all the force I could I slapped him, he fell back slightly holding his reddened check as I walked off and left him there calling my name as tears streamed down my face Jamie tried to pull me into hug but I pushed him away and ran off down the street. After that Harry had tried to talk to me but I didn't want any of it and we haven't really spoken since. It sounds drastic but we had been best friends since year 7, spent all our time together, I'd never think twice about blowing him off especially for a guy, in fact I'd never had a long term relationship due to mine and Harrys friendship, jealously usually killed the relationship in the end. He obviously didn't value our friendship in the same way. My face the picture of despair and pain I was brought back to reality. I looked over to the living area and I could almost see my self that night drowned in cushions sobbing into my hands as I stained my dark blue dress, I could almost hear the loud knocks coming from the front door as Jamie shouted "let me in" but I just sat alone in the darkness and sobbed as sleep finally won and I drifted off.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked looking at the emotion plastered on my face.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine" a tear rolled down my cheek, turned around and walked to the shiny red kettle in the corner of the kitchen hoping he hadn't seen the tear that I had quickly wiped away.