Jacob my Jacob

Wind rushes by, wild fur standing straight

heat below fur, that covers my mate.

In the clearing below, a prey to chase

the scent in the air, the trail in my face.

Run with me now, before the prey can go

hunt with me now, before we lose the doe.

He crouches low, muscles tighten to spring

claws digging in, low growl he does sing.

Showing his teeth, his fangs sharp and strong

he glances my way, for almost too long.

The doe flies up, to flee from the field

He launches himself, no way he will yield.

The chase is on, the race begins

The cold mountain air, no effect in who wins.

Though we prefer lion, or bear, or boar

for the joy of the chase, meek offer more.

Charging neck and neck through the trees and the brush

the joy in our hearts, a throat we can crush.

I catch the doe, and bring her down

feed from her throat, then begin to clown.

"I won, I won." I smile and cheer

tearing at the belly, his intention clear.

I move and keep watch, over my love

standing on the hill, not far above.

When he feels sated, and ready to digest

he changes to clothes, sits by me to rest.

"We should get home," he whispers to me

I don't understand, "Why can't they see."

He frowns at me, the same old line

"In years my love, you're only nine."

"But Jacob my Jacob, you know what's true

I'm as old as I'll get, there's nothing new."

He turns his head, his sadness clear

A hug a kiss, no time to be near.

From far away, we hear the call

no time to play, we dare not stall.

Jacob my Jacob, when will they see

I love you, as much as you love me.

J. D. Wolf