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May 21st, 2011 – 10:17 AM – Local Princeton Mall

"I can't believe I agreed to this," Gregory House said, followed by a groan after that. "You do know that we're not even sure that—"

Cuddy quickly cut him off, not wanting to hear his pessimist thoughts, "We are not buying anything just yet. I just want to look at the cribs."

"Can't we just cram the babies into Rachel's crib once they're born?" he whined. That earned him a glare from his girlfriend, who then grabbed his left hand and pulled him towards Babies R Us, which was connected directly with Toys R Us. Cuddy quickly dragged him towards the crib section, but before they reached that section, House tugged his hand away from hers. She halted and turned her head to him, looking at him questioningly with one arched eyebrow.

"While you're looking at the cribs, can I go over there?" he said pleadingly, pointing towards Toys R Us. Right, she had forgotten who House was. He's a six year old boy trapped in a middle aged man body and right now he was being a six year old boy who was forced to accompany his mother shopping. Cuddy looked up at him and sighed.

"Fine," she said, finally caving in. "But you have to behave."

Without waiting another second for Cuddy to say another word, House quickly scurried off, or more like limped away as fast as his right leg allowed him, towards Toys R Us, which was full of more colorful and much more interesting toys than Babies R Us. Cuddy shook her head slightly. Having House as a life partner was considered insane by a lot of people and she did consider that too. But she just could not help it. She loved the man even though having three children with him would mean having one extra child.

There would be too many items on list of considerations regarding having a relationship with House, especially when it included having children with him. He used to be a drug addict, a cripple and had a really amazing personality, but of course, that last one was just sarcasm. But he surprisingly got along with kids. Probably it was that inner six years old in him. He might be a little awkward around Rachel, but she knew that he was trying.

House had wandered off through the cool toys aisles, which contained toy musical instruments, Legos, puzzles and board games. He smirked to himself when he came across a small keyboard set. He was totally going to get Rachel one of those for her birthday later. He was sure Cuddy would approve and maybe he would get her a stuffed animal too. And Cuddy would end up hitting him on the arm for spoiling the little girl too much. Was he really? Fatherhood was scaring him a little. Rachel had been an okay kid, but then again, she was not his flesh and blood. What if he would feel differently regarding his own children? What kind of father would he be if he loved a child who wasn't even his, but couldn't love the children who were clearly his?

The doubt would never leave his thoughts and he tried to shoo those bad thoughts away. Cuddy was still very early in her pregnancy. Anything could happen. That's why he didn't want to expect too much. There were so many possibilities to happen in the future and the questions were always flooding his mind. What would he do if she actually loses the fetuses? Would it have any effect on their relationship? They were no regular couple. They never were and the first thing they anticipate would be the common reactions—common to most people, that is, because they were not common and common reactions were the last thing that they would do. So they should anticipate it if it were to happen.

House shook the thoughts out of his head and didn't even realize that his feet had brought him to the stuffed animal aisle. Stuffed animals, ranging in size, were placed on the shelves. He immediately spotted a giant stuffed elephant on the bottom shelf. He knew that Rachel would love it. She had begun showing her fascination with animals other than ducks several weeks prior after her mother and House brought her to the zoo. She then wouldn't stop talking about the elephant and how cute it was. House had been horrified, saying that it could kill a man with one stomp and that very comment had earned him a death glare from Cuddy.

He was just about to grab the stuffed elephant to look at the price tag when another hand grabbed the stuffed grey animal. He cursed inwardly and reached for the one next to it, but when he looked up briefly, he really wasn't expecting who the other person was. He was surprised to see the one and only Arlene Cuddy, Lisa Cuddy's shiksa mother. He quickly straightened up and tried very hard to avoid the woman's piercing gaze at him. She had that scary smile on her face which House found really intimidating. He gulped nervously before finally facing her and let out a weak hi at the older woman followed by a large fake smile.

"House," Arlene said, still wearing on the creepy smile. "Buying something for Rachel?"

"Uh… Yeah?" House replied hesitantly, making the older blonde woman narrow her eyes at him.

Oh, damn. He'd been caught. He was sure that Cuddy wouldn't want anyone to know about her pregnancy just yet. He didn't either. He didn't want to be pessimistic, but with Cuddy's age and previous experience, he didn't want to get his hopes up high. After a few moments of awkward silence, House decided that it was time to bolt off the scene.

"Um, I have to go. Nice to meet you again, Arlene," he said, giving her a nod and quickly limped off towards Babies R Us in search of his girlfriend. He spotted her at the clothes section, looking at boy's onesies. Oh, great, he thought. She wanted to have boys. He had always thought that if he ever had a child, it would be a little girl. With his not-so-unpleasant experience with his dad, House didn't want that to happen to his child if he had a son. But it was not like he could decide which gender he wanted. And he knew that Cuddy wanted a little boy because she already had a daughter. However, now that they knew that they were going to have two children, they could still hope for both son and daughter.

He quickly approached Cuddy with a panicked look on his face. Cuddy looked up at him and threw him a questioning look. "I just had an interesting encounter with your mom," he told her.

"My mom's here?" she asked incredulously. Her eyes widened with surprise and disbelief. She didn't know that her mother was even in town! She grabbed onto House's hand and started dragging him towards the store's exit. But before they could reach the door, they both froze as Cuddy's mom called her daughter's name. They both turned around slowly and offered the older lady fake smiles.

"Hi, Mom," Cuddy greeted her mother. Her tone was purposefully sweetened, making House almost roll his eyes. Arlene looked suspiciously at them before smiling creepily again. The smile might not scare Cuddy, but it sure as hell scared House. She then turned her gaze down to her daughter.

"Lisa, are you pregnant?" she asked straightforwardly. That made both House and Cuddy share a look with each other for a few moments before Cuddy opened her mouth to speak, but nothing actually came out, so she closed it again. And apparently Arlene decided that it was a confirmation that the younger woman was indeed pregnant.

"When were you going to tell me?" she questioned, sounding a little upset. Cuddy then walked up to her mother.

"Mom, no one knows yet," she told her mother, knowing that her mother was upset because she didn't tell her sooner. "House and I just decided not to tell anyone for now. I'm not keeping you in the dark."

But Arlene didn't react and it made Cuddy worried. She stared at her daughter for a few more moments before shifting her gaze to House. "Are you planning to tie the knots?"

"No," House answered truthfully. He knew it would just coax more negative reaction from the older woman. And he was proven right when Arlene scoffed.

"I can't believe you. Your girlfriend is pregnant with your child and you can't even man up to propose to her," she said. Every word was filled with cynicism.

"Mom," Cuddy warned her, but it wasn't enough to stop her criticism, but it just averted Arlene's cynicism towards her.

"And you—I thought your father and I had raised you well. And now you're going to have an illegitimate child with your non-Jewish boyfriend who doesn't even have the guts to marry you," she spat at her face. Cuddy looked down briefly at her feet as House looked worriedly at her. He knew she was trying very hard not to cry at those words. His grip on his cane tightened and tried very hard to not club Cuddy's mom on the head with his cane. Cuddy took a deep breath, shook her head slightly and looked up at her mother.

"Mom, why do you always have to ruin good moments? House and I are not ready to get married just yet and these babies weren't exactly planned. Even if House proposes to me right here, right now, I would not accept it. I don't want him to marry me just because we're going have children together," she explained, taking House's hand in hers as he just stood there staring at her now beaming face at Arlene's dumbfounded expression, a little surprised that she actually confronted her mother. "Yes, I said babies because we're having twins."

It was not that Cuddy had never confronted her mother before that, but this was bold. Well, Arlene was being too unreasonable. He was going to hit the woman with his cane if Cuddy had cried on the spot. But the woman could take down her own mother now that she had confronted her a few months prior. Arlene's tongue was still as sharp as ever, but the comments were really hurtful. House smiled proudly albeit inwardly at his girlfriend's courage. He then felt Cuddy pull him towards the exit, leaving Arlene standing there in shock.

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