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I sat down and started writing the scene where John finds out about Sam's visions, but with a little more drama. The story was just my take on what happened in Salvation, but started to grow and deserved to be given a chance to develop. I feel that after the first couple chapters it breaks away from the show. Any similarities are just the ones I couldn't avoid as it did in essence start as an episode tag. I never intended for this story to be this long or for it ever to see the light of day, but here it is, it is finished so updates will be regular, probably weekly if I can get each chapter beta'd in time. I jumped the gun on this chapter so it's not beta'd and any mistakes are my own. :) I hope you enjoy my first multi-chapter Supernatural story. :)

Side note; Title has nothing to do with faith in god it's supposed to be faith in a person, only title I could think of :)

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''Your completely obsessed! All you care about is catching that demon,'' Sam accused as he stood in the middle of their motel room, his anger fuelled half by anger at his father and half by his annoyance at the headache that had been building for the last day.

''That demon killed your mother Sam, you should want to find it too,'' John shouted, falling into their age old argument, this time because Sam felt that he had put Dean in danger during a hunt.

They had been in town checking out leads connected to yellow eyes and had caught wind of a haunting in the area. It was a routine salt and burn, but John had ordered Dean to stay in the house to keep the ghost busy while he and Sam dug him up. The ghost had thrown Dean through a wall, knocking him out. They found him soon after and except for a headache of his own he was fine. But Sam was angry at their father for not letting him stay with Dean.

''I do, it killed Jess. But not at the expense of Dean or you getting killed,'' Sam said, his headache getting worse by the minute.

''Would you two just stop it for a minute, we all want to find the bloody demon. There's no point in fighting over it,'' Dean said, looking first at his father and then his brother. While he saw the anger in both, he also saw pain in Sam's eyes. 'Shit, not now, Dad's already mad,' He thought as he realised what was going to happen.

''Dean, stay the hell out of this,'' John yelled at his eldest.

"Sam?" Dean asked hesitantly, ignoring John.

"He's only...Argh,'' Sam got out before the pain in his head became white hot. He let out a strangled cry as he fell to his knees.

''Sam?'' John said in surprise as he moved towards him. But Dean had already closed the gap that separated him from his brother.

"What the hell is wrong with him?'' John asked, concern lacing his voice as he watched Dean comfort his brother the best he could.

Dean didn't answer him; one because he didn't know what the hell they were going to tell him and two because he's main priority right now was Sam. He held his brother up with one arm, while his other hand was at the nape of his neck, comforting him. Sam gripped Dean's arms in an iron grip. Before John could demand to be told what was happening, Sam opened his pain filled eyes with a moan, the light sending knives through his skull.

''What did you see, man?'' Dean asked gently squeezing Sam's shoulder.

Sam closed his eyes again and answered quietly, knowing that his father now knew or would soon know his secret, "A woman in a nursery, she was being killed just like mom. Dean, it's the demon again,'' He added as he once again opened his eyes to look at his brother.

"What the hell are you talking about? How do you know that?'' John asked almost shouting.

Sam flinched as the loud noise cut through him, looking up at his dad. But he couldn't answer him. How could he explain this without his dad thinking he was a freak or worse a demon. He glanced at Dean and found him still kneeling beside him, ready to back him up should he need it, so he confessed, "I have visions Dad, about things connected to the demon."

"What are you talking about? Dean?" John asked looking to his eldest for some glimmer of hope that what Sam had said was wrong, that this was some twisted joke.

"He's telling the truth Dad, they started about 6 months ago," Dean replied wearily, as he helped Sam to his feet.

"You're joking, you can't have Visions. No one in our family has ever had supernatural powers. We hunt the kind of people who have visions. Their evil beings, '' John said shocked at his sons revelation.

Dean watched as his brother visibly winced at what his father had just implied. He saw all the work he had done over the last few months, to convince Sam he wasn't evil, unravel in an instant and his blood began to boil.

''What did you just say? Dad, there's nothing evil about Sam. Sure he has visions, but that doesn't make him evil,'' Dean shouted turning on his father, while keeping one hand on Sam's arm in case he lost his balance again.

"Dean, it's not natural. The demon has to be controlling him. We have to do something,'' John tried to reason as he made a move to get past Dean and closer to Sam.

"Dad, the demon's not controlling Sam. We've been dealing with these visions for months now, while you hunted the demon. We've saved loads of people because of them."

"Why the hell didn't you tell me?" John asked.

"Tell you? How the hell could we tell you? You were nowhere to be found. You wouldn't even answer the damn phone. Sam called you when I was dying and you didn't even call to see if I was alive,'' Dean said looking incredulously at his father.

''Dean," Sam said surprised at how naturally he took on his brothers usual role as mediator instead of jumping back into the fight.

''No Sam, you've been right all along. I'm sick and tired of following his orders and I'm not going to listen to his crap anymore,'' Dean said simply.

''Dean, watch who you're talking to. You know I couldn't ring you, it was too dangerous,'' John reasoned.

''News flash Dad, we've been hunting the demon for months by ourselves, how is that less dangerous? You've even sent us on hunts yourself."

''You know we're stronger apart, we're each other's weakness and the demons know it.''

''But just because you're a thousand miles away doesn't mean a demon can't use you against us,'' Dean tried to reason," Sam and me have proved we're stronger together."

''I know that, it just seemed like the best thing to do. But we have more important things to talk about. Now whether or not you think it's strange that your brother is having visions, I do, which means we're not going to follow it. That's an order Dean. We are not playing into this Demons plans,'' John said with a tone of finality.

''Dad this is the closest thing we have to a lead. Sam's visions have never let us down yet. I'm following up on this. I'm not going to let another innocent family get ruined. Either you come with us or you stay. At the moment I couldn't care less which you do. Are you ready to go, bro?'' Dean asked directing the question in Sam's direction.

"I'm fine, let's go,'' Sam said still trying to get his head around this new defiant Dean.

"Dean, don't you dare walk out that door, it's a trap,'' John warned.

''Could be, if it is, I have Sam to watch my back,'' Dean said grabbing his bag and heading for the door.

Sam stood for a moment slightly shell shocked at the unexpected turn of events. The memory of another argument, another warning from his father, playing in his mind.

''Sam, stay please, you're going to get your brother killed,'' John said almost pleading now.

''Sam,'' Dean yelled from the Impala.

''I'm terrified that your right, but as our Dad don't you think you should help us whatever we decide to do. I'll see you around,'' Sam replied softly as he grabbed his own bag and left his shocked father to think over his words.

"Dean, are you sure about this?" Sam asked as he climbed into the impala.

"I've never been surer about anything in my life," Dean said vehemently.

"But why? I'm not an idiot Dean, I know whatever you say, these visions freak you out as much as me,'' Sam replied.

"They don't Sam, believe me after that time I walked in on you in the shower, nothing could freak me out ,'' Dean said with a dramatic shiver.

"Jerk,'' Sam said with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes, as he turned to look out the window.

"Bitch,'' Dean replied with a smile, but as soon as his baby brother wasn't looking his mask slipped. Just for a moment, but in that moment all of Dean's worries and concern could be plainly seen. Then with a sigh he put his strong big brother face back on and screeched out of the parking lot.

The Demon watched these events play out with a malevolent smirk, oh how true Dean's words had been, it didn't matter how far apart they were, He could use them against each other.

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