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Dean turned away from the boxes he had been searching to face Bobby. But what he saw made the little colour he had regained drain out of his face. He saw not Bobby's warm brown eyes but cold yellow ones.


"Yes Dean, it's surprisingly hard to get you alone, I'll just have to make the most of it," Yellow eyes said maliciously as he sent Dean flying into the nearest wall.

Sam was upstairs reliving his vision, trying to find some clue as to how he could stop it or when it was going to happen. But something knocked him distracted him, a noise, an engine stopping.

"BOBBY!" it was John's voice.

'Where the hell are the other two?' He thought as he grabbed the colt and moved towards the door.

"...This time I'm going to finish you off," Yellow eyes threatened.

"Anyone ever told you how much you love the sound of your own voi..." Dean didn't get to finish the sentence because the pain from their last encounter had returned full force and it was all he could do not to scream.

Sam listened from inside the sitting room door as the front door was opened wide.

"Bobby! Where the hell are you?"

As John approached his hiding place, Sam swung around the frame, the colt aimed at John's heart.

"Whoa! Sam its dad, it's not in me!"

"You expect me to believe you! I have visions remember, I knew you were coming."

"Get some holy water. I'm me, just put down the gun. We don't have much time."


"What the hell!" Sam exclaimed at Deans pain filled cry.

"Sam, come on, something's wrong with Dean. Yellow eyes wasn't finished with you, that's why he took me again. He wanted to make you believe that I was possessed. He must have gotten here already."

"But why would he leave you?" Sam stood torn between helping his brother and ensuring that he did not let a demon catch him unawares. His decision was made for him when another cry filled the air.

"Come on!" Sam shouted throwing the colt at his father and grabbing a shot gun. He ran to the basement, his father hot on his heels.

"Dean!" He shouted at his brother as he reached the bottom of the stairs, aiming his gun at Azazel.

"Oh Sam, I thought you would have learned that rock salt just won't cut it with the big boys."

"No, but this might, "John interjected aiming the colt at Bobby.

"Well now, you're not going to shoot Bobby are you, he's like a brother to you, a father to your boys."

John stood there finger on the trigger as he looked at his only real friend, then he glanced at Sam, then Dean who was staring back with those same defiant eyes. There really was no decision.

"I'm sorry Bobby..."

"Oh sorry, too slow John!" With that Sam and John were thrown against the wall alongside Dean.

"What now, you son of a bitch?"

"Oh now we have some fun John! Here we are again the three mighty Winchesters, fallen. I mean Dean here isn't doing so well." He taunted grabbing Dean's jaw painfully," I think I'll finish him off and then have Sammy here kill you. How'd you like that John? Sammy boy all grown up and ready to kill Daddy!"

"It's not going to happen!" Sam insisted.

"Maybe not yet, but eventually you'll do whatever I want. But never mind, more fun for me."

Sam looked on helplessly as both his father and Dean's face once again contorted in pain. John knew what he had to do. Dean had already been injured without this, if he did nothing they were both going to die, he just hoped they could forgive him.

"Azazel stop," He said so calmly that Azazel actually complied, curiously.

"Yes John?" he asked as Dean's face fell to his chest blood dripping from his lips.

"I want a deal"

"John, what could you possibly have that I would want? You've already handed me the Colt and your family on a silver platter."

"My soul."

"Dad, what the hell? You can't, Dean..."

"Shut up Sam, the grown-ups are talking" Azazel said taking away Sam's ability to speak, "You were saying John."

"I'll give you my soul if you promise to heal Dean and leave Bobby's body."

"How can I refuse, how would you like to do this?"

"Not here, upstairs. I'd prefer they didn't see this."

"Spoil sport, "But Azazel dropped John to the ground and as he walked past Sam he said "I'm sorry" before climbing the stairs leaving a stunned Sam behind unable to scream his protest.

The minutes felt like hours as he waited, never leaving the realisation of what regaining movement would mean. It was not possible, his dad was not going out like this, but as he looked at Dean's still form he knew that this was the only way, Sam was not even sure he had been conscious when their father had...Just then he fell to the ground. Forgetting his father for a second, he rushed over to Dean, who had fallen on his side.

"Dean? Dean!" he shouted as he rolled his brother over, "You okay?"

"Wha... I'm fine...wait what the hell happened? Why am I fine?" As Dean became more aware he looked around him," Where's Dad?"

"Your shoulders completely healed," Sam stated unnecessarily, shocked.

Dean was fine, Sam could see that. He's clothes were drenched in his blood but he had never looked healthier, but Sam knew as soon as they opened the basement door, his brother would never be the same.

"Sammy?" Dean asked in a scared voice, as tears ran down his brother's face.

"He's gone Dean. Dad's dead."

Sam would never forget that day, as much as he wished he could. He knew Dean had already known it deep down, when he had told him that their father was gone. No way they could have walked away unharmed otherwise. But he had not accepted it until they had found him, Bobby unconscious beside him. Sam had fought through the tears that threatened to overwhelm him as he felt for a pulse, while Dean had sat down and stared, looking like the child he had never been allowed to be.

When Bobby had woken up and gotten over the shock of what had happened, he had moved John into the guest room with Sam's help. Dean did not move until Bobby found two letters on his desk, one for Sam and one for Dean. Dean had then rushed over. He had always had his father to tell him what to do and now he felt he was floating through limbo with no guide and no clue where to go next. This small piece of paper might hold a master plan of what he was supposed to do now, one last piece of advice, guidance something of their father.

Sam's letter held a quick apology for the life he had been forced into and for the way he had reacted to his visions, wishes of what their relationship may have been like, it did not make the reality easier to live with but it helped Sam.

Dean's letter was different, it contained something that would change both their lives forever and slowly kill something inside him;


I am sorry for having to lay this burden on your shoulders, but I don't have a choice. I need you to watch Sam. Azazel has a master plan Dean and it involves your brother. I need you to protect him but if you can't... I need you to kill him Dean. You have to or everyone we've saved over the years will be lost.

I'm sorry son,


Later Sam, barely keeping his voice steady as their father burned on the pyre in front of them, had asked Dean what had been written in the letter. Dean simply replied by approaching the pyre and throwing it into the flames.

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