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Thursday afternoon

The team had had little to do for the last week and were thoroughly sick of paperwork. Gibbs had taken a rare few days off. Tony looked up with a glint in his eye and a thoughtful look. Ziva caught his expression and muttered "I don't like the look of that look"

"what look?" McGee

"Tony has his 'I've just thought of something' look"

Tony stood and grinned at both of them "Come on probies, we need Abby for this one"

Abby jumped for joy when the three agents came into the lab. "we got a case?" she asked hopefully.

"nope, I have something better than a case" Tony was grinning widely and clearly couldn't keep his plan to himself any longer.

Abby clapped her hands in glee "do tell oh master of the prank"

"Well I was thinking that Palmer has gotten off lightly since he joined and I think it's about time we rectified that"

He went on, elaborating his idea and turning it into a workable plan.

Ziva nodded with approval, and Abby couldn't contain her excitement, running round the lab lifting things they might need.

McGee was hesitant "When Gibbs finds out, he will not be happy"

"how will he ever find out? What could possibly go wrong?" Tony walked over to McGee "Come on probie, you can't be a pussy your whole life"

The others joined in with calls of "You know you want to Timmy" and "Come on McGee"

Sighing, knowing he had no way out, McGee nodded "ok, I'm in"

Thursday Evening

Abby spent the evening making sure her apartment was just right, checking over and over that everything was in place, eventually satisfied she went to bed smiling.

Friday Morning

Palmer was in the autopsy room with Ducky going over some old case notes – it had been a slow week for them too.

Abby came bounding in as effervescent as always "hey Ducky, hey Jimmy"


"Hello yourself young Abigail" were the replies

"Jimmy, there are a few of us meeting at my place tonight, wanna come?"

"Uh….sure, what time?"

"straight after work, I'll come get you when I'm ready to go"

"cool, see you later"

As she bounded out again Ducky turned a smile in Palmers direction "I told you that eventually they would accept you"

"you did Dr Mallard, you did" Jimmy agreed smiling himself.

Abby raced up to the bull pen, "it's all set, he agreed to come without even a flicker of hesitation"

Ziva and Tony both looked delighted, McGee tried to join in but he was filled with a sense of foreboding.

Late Friday Afternoon / Evening

When they were sure they had stayed late enough to avoid any surprise visits from Gibbs, Tony, Ziva and Tim left the office and went to Abby's place stopping only to stock up on alcohol and snacks.

When they were in place, Tony called Abby to let her know the fun could begin.

She waited another 15 mins before putting on her coat and collecting Palmer.

Abby gibbered nonsense the whole way back to her apartment, Jimmy half listened, a bemused look on his face as he gave trying to get a word in.

When the reached the apartment, Abby opened the door and ushered palmer in before her, then she slipped in and locked the door.

Palmer was standing facing Tony and Ziva. "Hey guys" he waved.

Tony and Ziva both grinned and Abby pushed him further into the room, standing behind him the whole time.

Suddenly Abby grabbed his wrists and forced them behind his back quickly snapping the handcuffs closed.

"What?" Palmer looked around at the others with genuine fear in his eys bur before he could say more, Tony and Ziva stepped forward and tied both a blindfold and a gag around his face.

Tim sat still, a stricken look on his face, "McGee! Grab his legs!" Tony yelled.

Shaking his head Tim reluctantly got up and caught hold of palmers kicking feet. Ziva snapped another set of hand cuffs around his ankles. Tony and McGee lifted him and laid him in the coffin. Abby gently closed the lid on a struggling Palmer.

They all sat watching the coffin and the clock above it, the sounds of Palmer's struggle were more than McGee could take and he left the room.

Palmer fell silent with 3 mins left on the clock. As soon as the buzzer went McGee sprinted back into the room, pulled open the lid and ripped off the blindfold and gag. He became very still for a second before screaming "Call an ambulance!"