A/N: Warning! Don't read if you haven't at least gotten to "Mugetsu" is revealed. Otherwise may contain spoilers for Bleach.

Takes place during 6th year.

This story was requested by Ciekawa Osoba who asked me if I wanted to do a story with Ichigo as the main character and some other specifications xD I accepted and look what the cat dragged in ^^

-The Proposal-

It was the first day of summer vacation. Once again Kurosaki Ichigo had purely refused to go on one of Asano Kiego's summer trips to hunt girls and enjoy their "springtime of youth" as he called it.

"Come on, Ichigo, Mizuiro," Kiego complained with fake tears in his eyes, "We're only young once! We have to enjoy the summer. Just think of all those girls just waiting for us to come and pick them up!" He got stars in his eyes and his two friends could only imagine what was going on in the mind of Asano Kiego. They looked at each other and shook their heads.

"I told you! I already have my whole vacation planned out!" The former shinigami substitute said, clearly annoyed by his friend's behavior in the middle of the street as they were walking home from school.

"But Ichigoo, you're no fun. You won't even tell me what you're going to do! What could possibly be more important than enjoying your youthfulness?"

Ichigo sighed, getting more and more annoyed. "I already told you; stuff." Actually he hadn't anything planned, he just didn't want to spend his summer vacation ruining his reputation.

Kiego gave him a suspicious look. "I bet you're going to visit Rukia-chan while Mizuiro and I are stuck back here," he accused.

"Actually," the third friend interrupted," I also have plans. "

"You too, MIzuiro!" Kiego cried," Why have all my friends left me? WHY!"

"Stop overreacting," Ichigo said, "it's not the end of the world."

"Says the guy who ditches his friends for a girl."

"I am not ditching you for a girl," the former shinigami substitue sighed, having now given up on his retarded comrade. "I didn't even say I was going to Soul Society. Besides I have lost my powers so I can't even go there anymore. Jeez would you just shut up already."

And that was the end of that discussion since Ichigo refused to speak any work other than goodbye after that.

"I'm home!" Ichigo kicked off his shoes and went into the kitchen where he halted. "Urahara-san?" he asked dumbfounded, "what are you doing here?"

"Ahh, Kurosaki-san," said Urahara Kisuke, who was sitting at the kitchen table in front of Kurosaki Isshin," I am merely discussing something with your father."

Ichigo looked at his father. "No wonder I wasn't assaulted as soon as I stepped in." He scratched his head and yawned. "Well if you don't need me I'll go upstairs and finish my summer homework."

"Homework!" His father exclaimed in disbelief and slammed a hand down in the table which caused him to whimper in pain. "It's summer! You should go out and have fun, you know. Enjoy your springtime of youth!"

"That's why I'll finish it early. That gives me plenty of time to enjoy my so called "springtime of youth" as you and Kiego seem to be so obsessed with."

"Huh?" Isshin's eyes widened. "Asano-san is a smart boy then. You should listen to him." He slammed his hand down in the table again with same result as before. "From now on I have decided you should spend more time with Asano-san!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes and left the room, obviously not in the mood for his father's rash behavior. The two older men looked at his back before giving each other knowing looks.

"He'd better make his homework now, Isshin-san," Urahara stated, "He'll have absolutely no time if he's going to catch up on five school years during one summer vacation."

The head of the Kurosaki family nodded. "I'm going to miss him though. A year is a long time."

The other learned back in his chair. "He hasn't even said yes yet. Hell, I haven't even given him the offer."

"I know he will accept." Isshin smiled and Urahara swore he could trace a bit of sadness in the other man's expression. "He has always taken the role of the protector, and this is simply another opportunity for him to fulfill that role."

There was a knock on the door to Ichigo's room while he was currently making his homework.

"Come in," he said and Urahara strode into the room, making sure to close the door behind him. Ichigo wasn't surprised; in fact he had been expecting the former captain of 12th division to pay him a visit before he left.

"Good evening Kurosaki-san."

"What do you want`" He wasted no time with politeness. If Urahara-san was here he always had something of importance to say.

"My my, why so harsh, Kurosaki-san?" Urahara had his fan out but wasn't currently using it. He was merely hiding the lower part of his face with it like he always did.

"Just tell me."

Urahara looked at him, his eyes shadowed by his hat. "What would you say, Kurosaki-san, to learn magic?"

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