A/N: I'M SORRY IT'S BEEN SO LONG. I'm not dead, see? 2010 was just a weird year, hopefuly 2011 will be better. One of my resolutions is to write more. So, here's a little drabblish-type thing. Super random, kind of weird, and it's occured to me that I didn't actually use any characters' names. Ah well. It's good to be back, even if I am a bit rusty. Oh, and despite the title, take your Freudian goggles off before you read it. My 3am proof-reading revealed to me that you could almost take this in a different way.

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Ego and Id

Sometimes he'd be lost in thought, and she'd call him back to earth just in time to catch the last fading glimmer of somebody else in his eyes. He'd say something, and she'd catch the words that came from some deeper part of his soul. They kept running into each other; her dominate consciousness and his subconscious, grazing each other's perceptions just long enough to make an impression that lasted much longer than their brief contact. It fascinated her, this part of him that had always been there and yet had never really been known to her.

It's just because she loves him, she thinks, that she's so interested in understanding the shadow behind his smile. She's always known him, understood him, and now she simply wants to know and understand this new manifestation of his being. And yet, she knew, deep down, that it wasn't that simple. She found herself trying more purposefully to catch his eye before his expression shifted, to silently commune with that unknown part of him before the boy she knew stood before her. And the scariest thing was that he was beginning to look back at her.

She was noticing him more and more. He was perhaps seeking her as actively as she was seeking him. She was drawn almost magnetically to him most in those moments of rare behavior when that small unknown took her in his arms. It wasn't so much the mystery, because she was beginning to understand that other part of him, but how overwhelmingly endearing she found that scarce entity.

Not even the guilt creeping into her soul could relinquish the pull she begrudgingly felt toward that fragment. She couldn't deny it: she was falling more and more in love with less and less of him.

Yet she felt them both still held in place by those undesirable orbits, still bonded together by chance meetings they should never have had.

When he, the real he, that is, asks her what's wrong, all she can do is give him a reassuring smile, because technically she isn't even doing anything wrong.

And that's what tears her apart the most: she knows this isn't going to end well.

It isn't going to end at all.


A/N: I swear I'm rusty. I got the idea after flipping through one of those random prompt generators. I got the phrase "our undesirable orbits" and thought it was a fascinating juxtaposition of words. Then this popped into my head.

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