Revenge is the sweetest thing.

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Chapter 1: welcome home.


"Bella, honey, if you want to actually get to Forks, you're gonna have to get up" My mother was sat at the edge of my bed, I was really going to miss her. She was my rock. I never would have made it to where I am today if she hadn't been here. I owed her everything, and yet here I was leaving her behind.

I groaned and rolled over to face her.

"remind me why I'm doing this again?" sleep thick in my throat. After a restless nights sleep, all I wanted to do, was go back to sleep, the thought of sitting on a plane, even a private one, for a couple of hours, was making me physically sick. Or was it the nerves? The gut-renching nerves that haunted me still to this day.

"that's what I keep asking. Honey you know you can stay..." her voice filled with hope. She didn't want me to go and leave her, but I needed to do this.

I took a deep breath and sat up. "mom I need to do this. I need closure. I need to look them in the eyes and let them know that they don't effect my any more. Let them know I don't sit in bed crying about it"

"them" which I commonly call them, are the Cullen's and the Hales. The three Cullen siblings and the Hale twins made my life hell, until I was 16 and demanded I move with my mother to New York. Although I don't tell anyone, I still have the dreams. The dreams where their there, laughing and joking. At my expense obviously. See, the Cullen's and the Hales are a group of kids, in my home-town, Forks, Washington. To say they bullied me would be an understatement. I put up with it until I was 16, then the pulled what I call the "prom-prank" on me and then I admitted defeat and asked to move in with my Mom, leaving my Dad behind.

"I know baby, and I'm so proud of you. It'll be fine, I promise" she smiled sadly before leaving my room for me to get up and dressed.

In a strange way, I feel as though what they did shaped me to who I am today. If I hadn't left Forks, I would never have gotten, what Victoria calls "discovered". I was in a small boutique with my mother, shopping, just having a girly day. When Victoria introduced herself, she told me I had a unique look and wanted to represent me, by being my manager. She though I would be great in the modelling business. I was taken a-back by her bluntness at first, and was about to decline her offer. ut seeing the pride in my mothers eyes I knew I had to take this chance. Victoria was not wrong when she said I was right for this business. Once I'd done my first run-way, just for a small designer, more and more started asking for me to model their clothes. Then the big designers started requesting me. I'm talking Gucci, Prada, chanel etc. You name it I've been asked to model for them. Then just a few months ago, Victoria's secret requested I model there underwear, but they also asked that I have a contract of a year, where I only model for them. I obviously agreed, it was an amazing opportunity. And boy did they expose me. It wasn't just runways, like I was use to, it was posters as well. Which I found really strange. Flicking through a magazine and then seeing myself, half naked, in my underwear. It was kinda like that dream people have. But instead of being in school, I was on bus-stops and sides of buildings.

I never planned to go back to Forks. But when Victoria told me, that Victoria's secret wanted to do a beach photo shoot... in La Push. I found it very strange. I mean, who would want to have their advertisement's of underwear, on a cold, rainy beach? But they insisted saying it went perfectly with the "vibe" they were going for. They wanted me and James, who was a male model, to pose together on the beach. The theme they were going for was vampire and prey, so it would be a lot of him biting my neck, I believe. I've known James for the two years I've been doing this. The press make it sound as though we're dating, but he's more like my big brother. We have a strictly platonic relationship.

So why am I moving back there? Well, when I told Charlie, my Dad, I was coming back, he assumed for good. To finish my senior year. He sounded so happy, that I didn't have the heart to tell him. So I'm sucking it up, and doing this for my Dad. I know how lonely he's been since I left. I can manage a year. i hope.

So now I've grown out of my frizzy hair, now it naturally curls down my back. Once I decided to grow it a bit longer all the frizz stopped too. Weird hair I know. I swapped my glasses for contacts, although I still do wear them around the house, but their not nerdy or geeky. I mean how could designer be? I grew some curves and then was voted sexiest women 2009. which really boosted my confidence. So now i'm moving home ready to face my demons...and freeze my ass off on a beach. Who said modelling was all glamorous?

I figure that if I can stick up for myself, in front of the worlds most stuck up models, and let me tell you, those bitches can be crazy! I can certainly stick up for my self in front of the Cullen's. Let them bring it, I'm ready. I'm not scared of them and I'm defiantly not afraid to speak my mind.

It not that I think myself sexy or particularly beautiful, its that I'm told constantly. So my plan, channel my inner model, those Forks kids want a show? I'll give 'em show. And I'll put the Cullen's in their place while I'm at it.

Saying good bye to my mother was heart-rending. I loved her so much, and promised to visit as much as possible and call her every opportunity I get. With that, I swallowed the lump in my throat and got on the plane. Victoria had arranged a private jet for me and James so we could travel together. He was staying at Seattle's finest, for 4 days whilst we do the shoot and them going home. Me? I'm stick here for the year. We made small talk, but I wasn't really in the mood for chat. Soon enough I fell asleep and was awoken just before we landed.

Walking through the airport was unbelievable. The paparazzi I was use to, but seeing faces I knew, people who had ignored me throughout school, never helping when I got picked on, laughing along with the rest of them, as I stood there in my shame whilst the "prom-plan" had all become clear. Now they were screaming my name? Now I'm someone, now I've done something with my life I'm worth it? I'm accepted by them? I don't wait their acceptance. If being accepted means being like them, I'd rather be a loner loser. I wanted to scream. Tell them what they could do with their pathetic attempt of greeting me. But because I was there were camera's and film crews with all attention pointed at me, I put on my best smile, waved at everyone. I think I even blew some kisses. Damn I should go into acting.

I saw my Dad immediately. Stood in his old comfy jeans and red checked shirt, with his cap ontop of his curly brown mop. I couldn't help the huge smile that spread across my face. I hadn't realised how much I missed him. Without even thinking about it, I threw my arms around him into a giant hug.

"hey Bells" he mumbled awkwardly. I couldn't help a small laugh at how he still hasn't changed. I knew he didn't like the attention that was being portrayed onto us. I could still hear people yelling my name and camera's clicking. So I released my Dad and we walked over to get my luggage.

Personally I didn't think two suitcases was a lot. Being a model I had to travel with a lot of clothes, but obviously my Dad didn't get that. He just stated laughing at me. Oh well, I'll wear it all. Hello, It's a year Dad! Get a clue! I mentally yelled when he continued to laugh. But seriously I need all my underwear, going out there only wearing it, I kinda use it as a comfort when I'm in awkward or strange and scary situations. I feel better if I have sexy underwear on. Sort of like my safety blanket.

When we arrived at my childhood home, the first thing I noticed was my baby. My m6 convertible which I'd pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time I'd seen it in person, and I must say, its sexy as hell. Shiny black metallic paint, shining in the rare-for-Forks-sunlight. Looks like it runs like a dream.

I shuffler upstairs with my suitcases. It was now 9:30 pm and I had school in the morning. So I decided that I would unpack my things then just go to sleep. Tomorrow sure is gonna be a long day. So without even eating, once I'd gotten everything sorted into a way I liked them, I change into a tank-top and shorts and crawled into bed, and tried to sleep soundly. How wrong could I be...

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