A/N: hey guys! I'm sorry if you thought this was another chapter, it's not. It's actually a response to a particularly nasty reviewer who doesn't have an account so this is this only way that I can respond to you.

Yes you, you know who you are. Who the hell gives you the right to basically shit all over my work? I'm a firm believer in the thought that if you can't say something nice or give constructive criticism then you just shouldn't say anything at all.

The fact that you took time out of your day to post something like that just shows how petty and pathetic you really are. You don't like my story? Then don't fucking read it! In fact don't read any of my work! I don't need people like you reading my stuff. I have a lot of lovely followers of all my work and I've never had reviews like the ones you posted.

'Revenge' was my first fanfiction…FANfiction, not professional author fiction. It's by no means perfect and sure there's a lot of stuff I would have change about it, but calling me 'unoriginal' and my Edward 'weak' and 'pathetic' is just plain nasty. Grow the fuck up!

So I hope it made you feel a little bit better about yourself that you can needlessly pick on people and their work, and make them feel bad about themselves. From where I'm from that's known as bullying and I'm not going to stand for it.

I'm sorry to all you guys out there that didn't need to be dragged into this. I just couldn't not reply to this reviewer. I hope you understand that I would never have posted something like this had those reviews not been so mean and hurtful. I'm sorry you had to be a part of this.