So...I thought, new year, new story. And here it is! It's based off the Taylor Swift song 'Mary's Song (Oh My My My)'

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"Oh, look at her." Esme cooed at the little bundle in Renee's arms. "She's beautiful, Ren" Renee smiled up at her best friend in agreement, before casting her eyes down at her daughter once again.

"She sure is." Charlie agreed, staring lovingly at his daughter.

"Would you like to hold her?" Renee asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'd love to." Esme stated in return, holding her arms out expectantly. Renee placed the sleeping child into Esme's waiting arms – being careful not to wake her. Renee yawned loudly, showing her own exhaustion, but looked on with a smile.

"I can't believe I'm a mother" she laughed tiredly.

"And I can't believe I'm a father" Charlie added, shaking his head in amazement.

"It takes a while to get used to." Esme nodded, remembering how she felt when her twins, Edward and Alice, were born five months ago. She glanced up at the push-chair in the corner of the room and smiled at a sleeping Alice.

Esme looked back at the small little girl in her arms. She ran her finger over the dark hair atop her head.

"Have you named her yet?" she questioned, looking up to Charlie and Renee.

"Isabella." Charlie informed her with a nod.

"What a beautiful name" she praised. "It suits her" she added, looking at Isabella once more.

After Esme had finished holding the child, she passed her to Charlie who gladly took her.

"How is everyone doing?" Carlisle asked quietly as he entered the hospital room, holding a squirming young Edward in his arms.

"Oh, Carlisle, come and look at Isabella!" Esme whispered excitedly. Carlisle smiled at his wife and walked over to her, placing their son in her arms.

"He won't settle down." He commented, hoping his wife would succeed in calming down the small child. He turned to Charlie and Renee with a smile and a congratulations before inspecting the new-born in Charlie's arms.

"She's going to be a heart-breaker, Charlie." Carlisle grinned up at him. Everyone chuckled at the look on Charlie's face.

Esme struggled calming Edward down in the corner. She hushed him and ran her hand over his head, brushing her fingers through his small amount of bronze hair.

"Edward, meet your future wife." Esme cooed, bringing the little boy in her arms closer to Isabella. Edward's squirming suddenly stopped as he stared at the new baby. He looked her over curiously. Isabella's eyes opened, and she immediately stared back at him, her eyes wide with interest. Edward's small hand reached towards her as he smiled a gummy smile. Isabella gurgled in response.

Renee and Esme shared a smile.

"I hope you know that she's not going to date until she's at least thirty." Charlie grumbled, looking at Edward. Everyone in the room laughed quietly at Charlie's statement.

"He hopes." Renee giggled.

"She will if I have anything to do with it." Charlie nodded.

They talked for a while more before Esme turned to the double buggy in the corner. Alice was still soundly asleep, her small hand gripping her pink teddy bear tightly.

"I think it's time we go. Edward will be getting testy in a while if he doesn't get some sleep." Esme announced. "Anyway, you need some rest." She said, pointing at Renee. She turned back and placed Edward in his side of the double buggy. A frown immediately came upon his face. Esme grabbed his soother and put it in his mouth, trying to keep him from crying. She walked back over to Renee and gave her a tight hug.

"Congratulations, Ren." She whispered to Renee as she pulled away from her. "You did a brilliant job." She told her, kissing her cheek.

Charlie placed Bella in her cot before receiving a pat on the back from Carlisle.

"Take good care of that little girl." He teased. Charlie rolled his eyes.

"You know I will." He said, smiling at his friend.

After they'd said their goodbyes, Carlisle held the door open as Emse pushed the double buggy towards the exit. Edward and Bella's loud wails suddenly filled the room. Esme stopped pushing the pram and looked at Edward.

"Shh" she tried quieting him – but he'd already woken up Alice. Alice's eyes were wide as she looked around for the source of the noises, but thankfully she just sat looking shocked and didn't make any move to cry.

"What's wrong, son?" Carlisle cooed to Edward. Charlie did the same to Bella. Esme took Edward back out of the buggy and hugged him closely, trying to calm him.

"He dropped his soother." Renee said, pointing to the soother laying on the floor in the corner of the room. Esme looked relieved and walked over to retrieve it. As soon as she walked closer to Bella, Edward stopped his wails. Bella had quieted to a whimpering before stopping completely, her eyes set on Edward's.

Renee and Esme looked at each other and laughed quietly.

"I think they like each other." Esme laughed.

"Well, Good Luck with the dating thing Charlie." Carlisle chuckled, watching the interaction. Charlie only grumbled in response, glancing from his daughter to Edward and then back.

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