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But now on to the end of "Is there a way to start over"







Snape sat holding his head in his hands leaning on the desk before him. In front of him stood a glass of firewhiskey, yet untouched, but he wanted it so desperately, he was not sure if he would be able to resist.

The room was dark, the last candle had burned out a while ago but he had not noticed.
Just a few hours ago everything had seemed fine but then it all exploded. He could not help but to think of what had happened.
A young woman screaming at him. The curly hair that he knew so well crackling from the natural magic that seemed to ooze out of her. Things had flown around the room and crashed against the walls. Her shrill voice still echoed in his head.
"I hate you and never want to see you again! How can you, who I trusted the most of all betray me like this? I hope you burn in hell!"

Snape sighed and looked back at the filled glass.

A hand was gently put on his shoulder and a soothing voice softly spoke.

"Severus, is there a reason why the room looks like a pack of mountain trolls have run through it?"

Snape did not even look up at her.

"She will never speak to me again, I have lost her, and this time for good. It feels like my heart has been ripped out of my chest."

"Well, it is good then that I am here to put it back in." Hermione said. "What have you done to her this time?"

Snape looked miserable.

"I don´t know what happened. One moment it seemed like she was my little princess who adored her father and always came to me in the evening to have me read her a story. And the next she is a teenager who..." Snape choked up a bit."Who wants to start dating."

Hermione did her best to not let the smile on her lips be heard in her voice. "I see the problem, can I guess that your reaction to that was not especially good?"

Snape turned around in his chair and looked at his wife. "I was already hyperventilating after she told me she wanted to go out on a date. When she told me with whom I might have overreacted a tad." Snape looked abashed.

Hermione stroked his hair that had started to get silver streaks in them. "Love, she is sixteen now, we can not hide her away from half of the population. She is beautiful and lively, and had it not been for you she would have had dates every weekend from when the turned thirteen. You have scared the living daylights out of every boy even coming within speaking distance of her. I think that is says a lot about young Kevan that he actually had the guts to ask her out. He is still your student after all. Dare I ask what you said to our daughter?"

"I might have managed to hold my mouth at that time, but..." Snape did not seem to know how to proceed, and actually looked a little ashamed, something that rarely happened.

"Severus, sweetheart, what did you do?" Hermione walked around the desk so that she could face her husband.

"After asking Flitwick what class that son of a slug Kevan Grier was in I might have walked over there and asked to speak with him."

Hermione shook her head. "I assume I should translate that into that you stalked over to the classroom in a huff and dragged the boy outside."

Snape hesitated slightly. "That might be an accurate description of events."

"And then?" Hermione asked.

"I told him what I would do with him if he ever looked at my daughter again, and that just for imagining that he might be good enough for her I would curse his genepool to make sure all of his descendants were to become morons and squibs. My language might have been a bit more colorful as well."

Hermione tried but in the end could not help but to burst out laughing. "Love, one thing never disappoints over all of the years that we have been married, you always make sure to make the biggest debacle at the times when it would have been best for you just to remain silent and accept the situation. I think it took Minerva a few years to really getting over your blowout over the fact that she retired and appointed you her successor. I know you only react this way when it is about people you really care about. And we can be counted on one hand. But you know it only gets you into trouble." Hermione went around the desk and sat down on it in front of her husband. "So my love, what do we do to fix this?"


One week later.


Maia Snape was nervously smoothing down her dress. The clock seemed not to move at all.

Her father was pacing back and fourth outside her bedroom door. She had planned to change before the date up in her dorm in the Rawenclaw tower, but her mother had hinted that if things would go as smooth as it could, Kevan would have to be as oldfashioned as possible and meet her parents before they went out. It was Hogsmeade day and apparently Kevan had the whole day planned. But the clock would just not move.

Finally there was a knock on the outer door to the quarters and Maia took a deep breath and a last look in the mirror before she walked out into the livingroom.

There she saw her father staring at the young Gryffindor standing in the doorway. Kevan seemed to have lost all of his blood to his feet because he looked pale like parchment. But he took two steps forward and put out his hand towards his Principal. Hermione who stood behind Snape pushed him forward and after a short and rather hard handshake Hermione came forward and greeted the young man.

Maia exhaled and started to walk towards Kevan but then stopped infront of her father. She stood up on her toes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and whispered. "Thank you dad" before she dashed out the door with her date.

As soon as the teenagers had left Hermione took out her wand and waved it at Snape and uttered "Finite incantatem".

Snape looked sternly at Hermione and spoke slowly. "Was it necessary to cast Silencio on me?"

Hermione just smiled and put her hand on Snapes cheek. "I am sorry, but it was for the greater good. Maia sees you as her hero again and we really did not want to jeopardize that, who know what might have jumped out of your mouth otherwise. I have something that will cheer you up though."

Snape looked suspiciously at his wife. "And what might that be?"

Hermione looked impish and took her husband by the hand. "We will have all day to ourselves and most of the staff will be in Hogsmeade since you sent them off to chaperone. And don´t think I did not hear you telling Filius to stay next to Maia and Kevan at all times. But since the castle is as good as empty I think we should continue our quest to make love in every classroom."

Hermione had hardly finished the last sentance when Snape lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder, walked out of the headmasters quarters and headed towards the charms classroom with a huge grin on his face.



The end







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